Life â“ all peaches and cream? Not!

The more I work, the more I find people who really want to make a difference in the world.  As I try to determine what is holding them back, what obstacles are in their way, I usually find one or two items that they have imposed upon themselves.  It’s my job, my quest, to help good people find these barriers, unlock their potential, and change the world.

One common theme is a pervasive belief that life is meant to be easy, that trials and tribulations are an anomaly, and (the biggie) that other people have it WAY easier than I do!

We could explore why there are trials and tribulations placed in our respective paths for the rest of our days.  The likely outcome?  We would not come up with the reason they block our way.  I am not an ascetic who takes time to ponder the imponderable and so I do my best to deal in reality – the way the world is and the current condition of the human mind.  I have come to the conclusion: life is full of pitfalls.  We each need to learn to recognize those that have so chosen to impact us and then look at the opportunities these pitfalls present.

Some are wondering, “Did he just offer that all these things that drive me nuts are opportunities?”

Yes, I did.

There are lessons to be learned in everything we do and encounter.  Some of the more formidable experiences are those that challenge us to our core.  Those that might keep us awake at night wondering how we will ever make it through the next day.  There is a way, there is a reason you are being challenged.  My advice?  Accept your challenge.  Find your nemesis, conquer it.  It will allow you to Unlock Your Potential and change the world for the better.  We need you.  We are counting on you to do your part.

Although it has no basis in reality, the movie “Batman Begins” offers a look at a fictional character and how he overcame his fear which allowed him to accept and fulfill his role.  In fact, what he most feared became his nom de guerre.  Can you overcome your challenges?

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