Which comes first: the thought or the purpose?

I love solving puzzles – some of the best start as riddles. 

My business thrives because I am able to help people realize the folly of their old habits.  We then teach them better ways to get things done.  Our research shows, some people are stuck in ‘yesterday’, others are continuously dreaming about tomorrow and too many are so focused on accomplishing their “to-do” list, they miss the bigger picture.  At Ki Visions, we help good people become great leaders by helping them adopt the Growing Forward mindset.  To Grow Forward, you must learn from yesterday, look to tomorrow but…be successful today!  Sometimes, that will require looking up from your to-do list and develop your to-be list.

A ‘to-be’ list?  What the heck is that?!

I frequently use my radio show, Unlock Your Potential, to talk about helping you determine what you want to be.  This seemingly personal goal translates quite well into my company’s prime focus of helping business leaders grow their respective businesses.  Many organizations flounder or fail because they have not yet figured out what they want to be and whom they want to serve.  Whether I am evaluating a resume or a mission statement, I see similar results.  People, including those running organizations, try to present the broadest possible image in the belief that this will help them find someone, anyone, to buy their message.  It’s what I call the ‘shotgun approach’ (a little hunting analogy for you on this beautiful fall day...).  A pellet in a shotgun shell has very little chance of actually hitting a bona fide target but when you send out dozens, you are likely to hit something.  The ‘rifle approach’, on the other hand, has only one projectile but that projectile is likely more powerful in its concentration and when ‘fired’ by a true marksperson (is that the politically correct term?) hits the intended target and brings home the bacon (I read a book on blogging that says you are allowed to mix metaphors in a blog…).   

Which of these approaches do you use?  Give me a call during the show or send me a note.  I can help you develop your “to-be” list, Grow Forward, and grow your business beyond your current dreams.

Join me this and every Saturday morning at 10AM for "Unlock Your Full  Potential… Today!”, the radio talk show that helps you learn to lead by example…we focus on Leadership and Motivation in the Workplace.   Our unique show allows you to call in and address any/all workplace issues – confidentially – we even have a segment named Speaking Confidentially – when you call, don’t name names, instead let’s work on and resolve the issues or deal with questions you have.  Unlock Your Full Potential…Today! is part of Coaches Corner, Saturday Morning Street Smarts, on Newstalk Radio, WBLF, 970 AM and FM Talk 103.7, WEEO.  Call in or send an Instant Message during the show: 814-272-9700 is the “On Air Live” studio number (or call toll free: 877-602-6109) & WBLF970 is our IM address; send me an email anytime: ; or simply respond to this blog!

At Ki Visions, we help good people become great leaders by helping them unlock and engage the entrepreneurial spirit.  R
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Ken Pasch, CHE, CLdrC

Your Leader/Business Growth Coach