As Americans, by nature, we are optimisticâ¦

And that optimism is the framework of the message your Coaches (Tim Rogers, Paul Nichols, and me – Ken Pasch) presented to the Small Business Development Center Breakfast Business Bites session on Monday of this week.  The entrepreneurs with whom we shared our message needed little help in this vein for they were very enthusiastic and contributed greatly to the outcome of our discussion. 

It is because of people like these that I continue to be optimistic that we can…we will find our way through the current chaos.  The question you should ask: when we come through this, will I be better prepared to benefit?  Does this sound selfish to you?  The reality is: with an Abundance Mindset, you must do that which best achieves your purpose and because you have that Abundance Mindset those who benefit will extend well beyond your immediate circle.  Grow Forward © to this mindset and the entire world will be better off.  So, are you prepared?

Our coaching for the Breakfast Business Bites group centered on HOW to succeed in times like these and yes, there is much we can do.  Want to benefit from our thoughts?  Tune in on Saturday and then call in with your questions (814-272-9700).

This week on “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!” we will continue to work with a number of questions sent to me by inquisitive listeners.  One key segment I have “resurrected” is ‘Pasch’s Posse’.  There are a number of “pesky” issues out there which cause us difficulty in forming an opinion because of the apparent need to be schooled in the specific science surrounding the issue.  I will continue to show you how to form an opinion based upon reality as opposed to emotion regardless of your level of understanding of scientific process.  I will use this segment to ensure we all share in determining the best solution to the issues of our day by helping you learn to take the time to think through each of these issues.  As long-time listeners know, I am a political Independent.  There are many reasons for this choice but a prime reason centers on my belief that if I swear fealty to one of the major parties, I might then feel compelled to follow their “guidance” on how to think about various issues.  I refuse to surrender my belief in the continued progression of this country as the leader of the free world to some misguided, likely temporary political position. 

Armed with a better ability to think and reason, we will then continue to explore vital issues such as:

1.      How to better position yourself for better times ahead

2.      As the boss, how to generate growth oriented ideas from the staff

3.      Why raising capital, even in a downturn is vital to your success

4.      And how to reassure your employees that better times are ahead by confiding in them – but you must wear your “game face” that shows an air of confidence and optimism

Together, we will find better times ahead but it takes all of us…

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