Ready, Fire, Aimâ¦

Sure seems like this is the current approach to the challenges facing us.  Unfortunately, it’s not a new phenomenon and it doesn’t look like it is running out of steam as I hoped it would.  Politically, both parties are guilty and the public is up in arms.  Will the “tea parties” scheduled for next Wednesday have a lasting impact?  Something has to change, and change soon!, or we have just begun to see the problems our lack of forethought on economic policies over the past century will cause.  With the intention of helping those that fall through the cracks, we have taken a clause out of the Constitution (i.e. “promote the general welfare”) and used it to provide a safety net.  Grand idea but I don’t think we looked at the likely outcome, surely not from a human motivational standpoint.  As a result, that safety net is becoming a suffocating trap.

Here’s a statistic INTENDED to scare the crap out of you (hopefully, I can scare you into action): our entire Gross Domestic Product (typically defined as the total value of all final goods and services produced in a particular economy or the dollar value of all goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a given year) is roughly $14 Trillion.  Not bad!  Until you consider that our current unfunded liabilities is argued to be between $60 and $100 Trillion.  Unfunded liabilities are those things the government has promised to others but has not yet paid and, because of the way our country’s fiscal process works, there is NO money set aside to pay these…  We have people counting on this money – whether that be through Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid.  Where are we going to get the money?  And what impact will this have on the production of goods and services in this country?  Add in the impact of the Baby Boomers retiring and I can’t surmise a good outcome…unless we take reasoned, responsible actions soon.  Please, I implore you, get involved!

Currently on “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!”, I am so concerned about how this impacts the country (today and in years to come) I am devoting almost an entire segment to what our listeners long ago termed “Pasch’s Posse”: where we look at things from a perspective that will help you make better decisions.  All the topics we deal with come from inputs I’ve received from listeners – pesky issues that keep popping up and are tough to deal with.  These issues have an easy answer and a right answer.  They require more thought than many are currently willing to give.  They require us to realize just because we WANT things to be a certain way, doesn’t make what we want, come true.  Next week (Apr 18th), we will devote virtually the entire show to the topic as we debate the Employee Free Choice Act.  I have good guests coming on, who represent multiple sides of this issue.  I highly recommend you join the discussion – call in during the show with your questions or inputs: 814-272-9700.

But I also wonder if we have lost sight of a key responsibility: are we developing our kids to take this mantle of responsibility at the appropriate time?  Some offer answers such as, “kids are lazy.  They are so different from when WE were young.  They have no interest in hard work and discipline.”  Well, I disagree.  Have you seen the YouTube clip on the Kings Firecrackers?  If you think ALL kids are lazy and undisciplined, go watch this clip and then ask yourself what’s the difference between the kids in the video and our impression of “kids these days”?  What part do you play in this?

The reality: You are a leader and our kids need good leaders.  At Ki Visions, my leader development company, we help good people become great business leaders by helping them unlock and engage the entrepreneurial spirit.  Are you ready to become one of the responsible adults leading the country back to a path of greatness?  Listen to the show or contact us at  We have the answers…

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