Do you know âœThe Secretâ?

I am so excited about the show this week.  We have a special guest who has become a very important person in my life.  Suffering from back pain ever since I played High School sports has not been fun.  A couple years ago, after a less than enjoyable opportunity to shovel the snow away from our mailbox, I was in no shape to argue and my wonderful wife loaded me in the car and gave me no choice but to visit Dr. Matthew Hertert, DC.  He practices his phenomenal art in Boalsburg.  In one treatment, the pain had subsided from “I’m going to scream” to “this ain’t so bad”.  I am now, more than 2 years later, virtually pain-free.  Thank you Dr. Matthew!  And I offer this not as a precursor to the show but for all of you out there who may have wondered if there is anyone who can relieve your suffering without medication – call 466-2000.  You too can live a much happier life as do I.

Anyway, Dr. Matthew has many talents and interests.  The one we will explore this week is his knowledge of “The Secret”.  Although it is not new, Rhonda Byrne recently compiled an easy to read, more difficult to employ encapsulation of this secret that has been known to kings and queens for millennia.  You too can share in this gift.  Dr. Matthew, being a healer, will help us better understand “The Secret” from the perspective of our health.  I will add my thoughts in terms of using “The Secret” to help us accomplish our purpose in life.  Obviously, my focus is on unlocking our full potential and engaging the entrepreneurial spirit.

Join us for a lively discussion on the topic.  It should be fun, informative, and maybe…life changing!

I was going to offer a “Happy Earth Day” to all of you but I refrain because I am concerned.  We celebrate certain things because of when they happened: Happy Birthday to you whenever that day occurs.  I have a problem with Earth Day.  Promoting the day may cause people to believe that we only need participate in an Earth Day activity or have a bumper sticker on our car and the rest of the year can be spent any way we choose.  We should all commit – daily - to serving as good stewards of the resources which have been entrusted to us.  The resources of this Earth are meant to be used…but…used wisely and judiciously.  Please, do NOT believe a once a year celebration “covers” you.   Put the car keys away and walk when you can.  Recycle.  Clean up your own mess for heaven’s sake.  And most importantly respect this gift, this place we all call home. 

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Ken Pasch, CHE, CLC

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