Yes we are in the home stretch of the NHL season and I love them Caps!  That should endear me to all the Flyers and Penguins fans out there!  Anyway, they looked horrible in the 1st period last night but as I try to tell all the people I coach, play the whole game before you decide who wins and who loses.  The ending to last night’s Game 7 come from behind win, in both games and goals, which now gives them the chance to prove their mettle against your beloved Penguins, is proof of this philosophy.  You gotta believe!

But, no, today’s title has nothing to do with professional sports.  It is about another game of sorts: Business and life.  SCORE is a group many have heard of but many more should partake of the wonderful service they offer. SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration and works locally with the PSU Small Business Development Center.

Ned Book, of greater fame in our area than simply his affiliation with SCORE, has graciously accepted to be our guest and offer our listeners real-time advice on how to prosper in these economic times.  It should be a phenomenal discussion.  History shows that the way out of economic malaise starts with the ideas harbored but not yet employed by entrepreneurs looking for a chance to show their stuff.  THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES!  While many stalwarts (e.g. GM, Lehman Brothers, etc.) struggle to make it through the next pay period, young upstarts find a way to make life that much better.  I offer one of State College’s own as proof.  Did you see the cover story on State College Magazine recently?  Matt Brezina is taking the electronic world by storm.  “He’s just a kid!” some will remark.  That’s right but he had a dream and he decided to make it a reality.  You have the ideas…you simply need a little push to help be part of the solution to our current condition.  Join the show this Saturday, get in on the discussion.  Together, we can make the current economic situation a memory.

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