What in the world is the Disgruntled Sellers Disconnect? â¦.

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....And why should you care?  Well, you shouldn’t really care if you are not selling your house but you should pay attention to the index if you are selling or buying a home in the local market.  

Every week on Top Gun Tim’s Real Estate show on 970 AM WBLF I discuss this phenomenon (not unique to Centre County) and update the index.   The interesting thing about the disconnect is how the Realtor always gets the brunt of it, along with the sellers spouse, dog, hamster and goldfish. 

The funny thing is that after the seller blames the Realtor they immediately change companies and then adjust the price and terms to EXACTLY what you told them they should do for months while they were administering your daily beatings.  You gotta be kidding me!  I waste my time jumping through hoops with an unrealistic sales price and then they change Realtors and follow my advice.  I guess I'm the stupid one.  

I tell them what to expect and receive an on-going dose of “SELLERS EXPERTISE.”  You know how that sounds, I paid X for the property and I’m not selling it for Y.  I put two years of my life into the house and $50,000 so I’m not selling it for Y.  My neighbors house sold for X so I should get 400% more money because my house is 800% better and even you, Mr. Realtor should know that.    My response is always that the seller can NOT defeat the market and as always I’m correct about it.  But the sellers continue to administer the beating until the DISGRUNTLED SELLERS DISCONNECT reaches such a fever pitch that they change Realtors and immediately change the price and terms to what you told them the whole time.  

In my experience I would have to say good riddance and pity the next Realtor even though they got the disgruntled seller to list for the real price.    I’m getting good at spotting the disgruntled sellers and have actually refused three listings this year.  Oh, yea, I’ve heard the stories from the unlucky Realtors that have signed the Disgruntled sellers to listing contract and I sit back with a big smile and a lot less stress.  

Next up will be a discussion on why buyers should pay attention to the Disgruntled Home Sellers Disconnect.   You can call the Coaches Corner Hot Line at 814-272-9700 to discuss any real estate issue of choice.