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Hello Blog-Land!  I do hope you are all well and dreaming. 

Recently, we have had an incredible number of inputs and questions asking, “Ken, what do you do for a living?”  This leads me to believe we have many new listeners who have not heard me explain my leader development philosophy and the model I developed for my business, Ki Visions, Inc. I will do so today and on the show this Saturday. 

Ki Visions was formed with the belief that people in the workplace prosper best when led by great leaders and so we set out on a quest to develop those leaders.  As an avid aviator, I believe in mission planning and having a good framework to work from and so I created our 7-part “Living With the Consequences” leader development series.  The title came from the first two leaders in my life: Mom (Happy almost Mother’s Day, Mom!) and Dad.  They gave me significant freedom to make my own decisions as long as I realized, “You can make any decision you want as long as you live with the consequences.” 

The series is intended to help good people become great leaders and enjoy delightful consequences.  But 7 parts is a lot of proprietary material and so to encapsulate that, I help people understand what we do at Ki Visions through our trademarked CPEG process.  All the Certified Leader Coaches at Ki Visions work on optimizing the use of human resources which directly impacts the use of other resources.  The C in CPEG is one of those things folks in most organizations say can be and should be improved – Communication.  The thing I find interesting - most people think the key to fixing the communication problem is helping people learn to Listen.  We know better…there is a much bigger problem.  I can’t give away all our trade secrets but listening is a symptom.  Doctors sometimes treat the symptoms of our medical problems but that only makes us feel better for a little while, it doesn’t solve the problem.  The Ki Visions team can make communicating – with your employees, customers, clients, vendors, etc – a strength for you.

2. The next thing we focus on is Productivity: the old inputs vs. outputs dynamic.  This is easy to measure and determine if our businesses are on the right path.  What’s not easy is dealing with the human factors involved in the equation.  Humans bring resources to the operation and those resources can be, must be managed efficiently and used effectively but what’s the one thing in our organizations that can’t be managed?   You manage resources, you lead people.  Another aspect of this is ensuring you have the right people on the plane (I know most people say “right people on the BUS”.  1. I’m definitely not “most people” and 2. Being an avid aviator, I like the plane analogy much better!)

3. The third CPEG item – Engagement.  What we are striving for works well for all relation oriented dealings of the business world but we concentrate on two of the more important ones.  First: from our employees we do much better if they believe they have Ownership in the organization.  Would your employees recommend your company to a friend (i.e. as a place to work)?  They will if they are engaged.  We need to engage employees.

Second, from customers we need to develop and nurture their Loyalty.  Would your clients recommend your company to other potential clients?   We can’t just sell our clients; we need to engage our clients who will ultimately serve as our billboards

4. The fourth seems natural but it goes against most people’s constitution: Growth.  Some might wonder why growth goes against the natural makeup of people.   State College is a great example of a luke-warm bed of this activity.  So many willingly accept an “okay” existence and do not strive to be great.  First, this results in a huge waste of potential.  Second, people then wonder why companies go out of business.  It is easy to get caught in the trap.   

Some of the typical problems all the Certified Leader Coaches at Ki Visions can resolve include:

1. Helping you develop your Verbal Logo, Elevator sales pitch, and getting everyone on the “Same page”.

2. Turnover – should this be directed by you or your employees?

3. How do you manage incentives: both financial and non-financial?

4. Do you have the right people on the plane?

5. Have you established viable Organization goals?

6. Have you combined both Departmental “fit” and individual roles in those goals?

7. What Financial and Non-financial metrics are you using to know where you are and give you an idea of how to get where we want to be?

Bottom line: do you wonder where your organization fits along these issues?  W orking together and over time Ki Visions can help you become much more Efficient and Effective.  By that I mean that your business will reduce costs & make more money.  W e have helped businesses on a wide range: from the leader development program “kids” at worldwide conglomerate Johnson and Johnson to the homegrown talent of the ladies who work with Edie Binkley at Lia Sophia jewelry.  One of our biggest challenges and amazing success stories has to be the work we’ve done for the United States Air Force (USAF).  Young kids and those who have little experience in business give us lots of opportunities to excel.  But when we took on the Colonel Development Program with the USAF, I was hopeful that we could offer them something of value, something that took them to a new level.  That ain’t easy with a group that has seen combat up close and personal but I think we’ve provided very good service to all those who have hired us.  We can do the same for you!  Contact us at

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Ken Pasch, CHE, CLC

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