Hey Arrogant Condescending Realtor....Thanks for your Unprofessionalism!

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 A friend of mine introduced me to a friend of his last night at his friend's business establishment.  We had some pleasant conversation and it was mentioned that I was in real estate.  The small business owner then asked if I worked in a particular area since he wanted to open a second business in this area.

Then he described his recent meeting with a realtor whom he stumbled upon during a Sunday open house in the area.  Since he was thinking about opening a second business he is considering buying a second home so he was checking out the area.  The business man told me that the realtor wouldn't even look him in the eye never mind have a serious conversation with him.  It goes without saying that the business man was dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a baseball cap, and has two degrees from the school of hard knocks.  He left his BMW and his alligator shoes at home.  Actually, he never bought them because he was working a hundred hours a week and they are not a requirement in this guys business.  The realtor with the impressive suit and car couldn't bother to give this guy the time of day but she did offer to help him open a new business in town when he told her what he wanted to do.

 Fast forward three weeks later and the agent with the magic mojo hasn't even bothered to call the guy or return his calls.  I'm sure she is too important to be bothered with a guy in blue jeans and a pick up truck.

 So I would like to thank the arrogant, condescending realtor for her lack of follow-up and professionalism because I'm more than willing to treat this guy with respect and help him open the new business.  I won't be disappointed to earn the $20,400 commissions that will be generated by this guy in the next 90 days.  I'm really looking forward to the future referral income that I will generate by helping this small business man advance his goals in life.

Maybe I'll even buy a pair of alligator shoes or maybe not.