Are you painting your dream?

All great leaders realize that to lead people, they must have a dream of where they are leading those people.  Painting that dream becomes a lifetime of work and success. 

Have you dreamt your dream?  For that is the starting point.

Of all the things I do in my leader development company, Ki Visions, I most enjoy coaching people.  The first task between me and the person I have the opportunity to coach is to find the dream.  We then commit to having the discipline to work through each piece that will make the dream a reality.  Do you have the discipline to make your dream come true?  If you are that entrepreneur who wants to be fully successful, contact me.  We can make your dream a reality. 

Last week on Unlock Your Full Potential…Today! We responded to some listeners who wanted to know what we did at Ki Visions.  This week, again in response to requests from listeners, we will explore why we started the show and how it has grown over the years.

My dream: help as many good people as possible become great leaders.  I’m talking in the range of 1,000,000 leaders by the time the good Lord calls me home.  The main challenge: communicating the message as succinctly and clearly as I possibly can.  That is why I use this blog and the radio show in addition to the work we do directly with companies and other organizations – to convey that message. 

For a long time I assumed that EVERYONE understood the value of leadership.  Over time, I came to my senses as I realized that leadership has become an overused buzzword resulting in too few people knowing what it really is.  Because of this realization I had to add an entire segment to my leader development series called, “Become the Boss You Always Wanted.”

Find your dream.  Then, dig deep, especially during the tough days, and commit to the discipline to fulfill that dream.  I’m here to help when you are ready.

Join me this and every Saturday morning at 9AM for "Unlock Your Full  Potential… Today!”, the radio talk show that helps you learn to lead by example…by focusing on Life, Leadership, and Motivation in the Workplace.   Our unique show allows you to call in and address any/all workplace issues – confidentially – we even have a segment named Speaking Confidentially – when you call, don’t name names, instead let’s work on and resolve the issues or questions you have.  Unlock Your Full Potential…Today! is part of Coaches Corner, Saturday Morning Street Smarts, on Newstalk Radio, WBLF, 970 AM.  Call in or send an Instant Message during the show: 814-272-9700 is the “On Air Live” studio number & WBLF970 is our IM address; send me an email anytime: ; or simply respond to this blog! At Ki Visions, we help good people become great business leaders by helping them unlock and engage the entrepreneurial spirit.  – ready to take the journey?  Visit our website:


Ken Pasch, CHE, CLC

Your Leader/Business Growth Coach