Are you measuring the cost or the gain?

Guess what?  Coaches Corner is syndicated!  You can now listen to Saturday Morning Street Smarts not just in the Happy Valley region but also during your travels through Chambersburg and the Northern Maryland area near Hagerstown and Frederick.  Very exciting news and I think it speaks to the value we bring to our listeners through the magic of the airwaves. 

Our focus this week will center on our Penny Wise and Pound Foolish show segment.  We will highlight a current Penny Wise and Pound Foolish idea that might swamp a group that is often thought to be a competitor to those of us who provide business growth consulting: the multiple Small Business Development Centers around the country.  These centers are anything but competitors.  We each serve a vital niche in ensuring the businesses of this great country continue to thrive and prosper.  That is the ultimate goal of business.  Secondarily, businesses provide jobs which allow for the collection of tax revenues which fund various programs.  Even this great capitalist realizes some of these programs are vital to the maintenance of this great land.  The key for our legislators should be a justification for the collection of taxes from hard working taxpayers like you.  I believe this justification should start with a determination of the return we get for the money they spend.  What a novel idea!  Actually, for those in business, it is an everyday practice.  I wish our government officials spent our money as though it was their money. 

The Small Business Development Center’s are slated to come under the budget cutter’s scalpel, again.  It appears the cuts will not be “trimming the fat” but “cutting to the bone”.  I think this is a huge mistake.  Did you know that SBDC programs result in $7 in new tax revenues collected for every $1 spent?  Now that’s a return on investment even Warren Buffett would envy!

Join Heather Fennessey (Director of the PSU SBDC) and me for a lively discussion on the topic, how it affects you, and what you can do about it.

I believe it will also help you understand how to make better decisions for your organization.  My advice: cost is important, gain is vital.

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Ken Pasch, CHE, CLC

Your Leader/Business Growth Coach