A goal is a dream with a deadlineâ¦

We’ve been talking a lot about dreams lately – do you have them?  Not the kind when you are asleep but those when you are awake.  What is it you want to be, do, have, and share?  Do you understand how much unused potential you have?  Our title for today’s post is a quote from Napoleon Hill, one of my mentors – actually he is one of the key people in my Leader Council.  I think the quote is a good definition for goals… I believe it should be the definition.  Today we’ll only cover the basic outline of the goals process but don’t worry.  In future notes we will cover this in great detail.  This post is simply to get you started thinking in the right direction.

Do you set goals and follow them to conclusion?  You may but if you are like most people, your starting point may need some work.  Your first goals should be focused on helping you become what you want to be.  A simplistic example of a “being” goal for me: I want to be optimistic.  I’ve even read studies that prove that being optimistic can help you live longer.  Plus, you will obviously be happier so… 

Let’s continue with the next step on the goals process – the item upon which most people start.  We each have roughly 25,000 – 30,000 days on this earth and we should likely do something productive with that time.  Are your goals focused on helping you find what you want to do?

This next one is becoming a taboo topic but let’s face it, we are all materialistic in some form or fashion.  Actually, I am probably the LEAST materialistic person I know but even I have sights on one or two things I want to have.  More importantly are my dreams for the intangible things I want to have and will continue to work to help secure.  For example, with my business, I want to have the satisfaction that I helped 1,000,000 good people become great leaders – how about you?  You likely have a couple you could shoot for. 

And the pinnacle achievement – what do you want to share with others?  Share is not typically mentioned in this Be, Do, Have dynamic but it is vital to helping you become all you want to be.  My business is sharing – primarily, the process on how to be a great leader that I have cultivated for so many years.  But I do have a special non-business dream I hope I am able to bring to fruition someday (more on this when it comes closer to reality).

The bottom line: be inspired to use the wonderful gifts with which you have been blessed.

And don’t be afraid to let me help you paint your dream.  Through this blog or on the radio show… as your Leader and Business Growth Coach, I am here to help.  Start reorienting your goals process so that you too can Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!

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