Have you learned to dance in the rain?

Humans are driven by a number of motivators; we each have our own package of those things that move us toward pleasure and away from pain.  One of the most necessary and at the same time most damaging of these motivators is fear.  In these economic times many look for “floating debris” to cling to believing it will offer survival.   In our haste, we often mistakenly cling to an anchor instead of a lifeboat.  Learn to dance in the rain and profit by it.

The brain teaser I will offer on Unlock Your Full Potential...Today! this Saturday at 10AM on WBLF 970AM and FM Talk 103.7 reveals a key weakness in our ability to separate lifeboats from anchors.  Some claim we’re in the worst recession since the Great Depression – is that true?  Just because someone makes a claim like this doesn’t make it true.  What metrics are you using to validate this claim?   Plus, Green Shoots has become the word of the day; it is intended to describe our current economic situation.  Let’s assume these Green Shoots are an indication that the recession is coming to a close.  If so, what’s the cause?  I’ll offer 3 possible causes: 1) The Stimulus package.  2) The normal course of a capitalistic system 3) something else.  What do you think?  Well our politicians are claiming it’s the stimulus; now these are the same politicians who told us that if the stimulus was passed unemployment wouldn’t rise above 8%.  I think unemployment hit 9.4% recently but that’s another topic for another day.  So what portion of the $787 Billion stimulus has been spent?  Only $43 Billion or 5% of the total.  With all the urgency to pass the bill – even to the point that most of our representatives didn’t even read it before voting on it – why are we still suffering through this mess of a recession without having spent the money?  Green Shoots or not, the key is: when we put our fate in someone else’s hands, we Live With the Consequences.  Make your own consequences, good or bad and do NOT let fear drive you to bad decisions.    

Whether business or politics, it’s up to us to make things happen.  I’ll address two client issues on the show this week.  The first was a result of fear that incapacitated a very creative business owner.  He had incredible ideas…but usually didn’t turn them into reality.  Our coaching helped him realize his purpose would go unfulfilled if he didn’t act on his better ideas.  Overcoming his fear allowed him to become more positive in his outlook which impacted the people he was able to attract to his business: both customers and employees.  He learned to embrace the value of functional conflict which increased the risks he took and the gains he reaped.  His whole persona became that of a true leader, someone others desired to follow.  Together, their work led to success. 

Fear makes us do crazy stuff but when rough times are looked at with an eye toward opportunity, we can make good things happen.

You have it in you…but it requires you to look at things with the willingness to explore, the desire to seek out the truth – just because we WANT something to be true does not make it true…and it takes all of us…we are only as strong as the weakest link…don’t be that weak link!  Contribute to the experiment…find your gift…use your gift…to the best of your ability.  You have more in you than you know…… and I’m here to help – have a business you want to grow, contact me – .

I’ll close with an excerpt from “ Staying the Course”, By BJ Gallagher (with some editorial liberties taken):

Our journey of life is about progress, not perfection.  You have some grand purpose for which you should work to do one thing 100% better but it's also a matter of doing a few things 1% better each day.  Progress is evolutionary not revolutionary, and most days we measure our progress in inches, not miles.  What matters most is showing up for your life whether you feel like it or not.  Ask yourself, "What two or three little things can I do today that would allow me to Grow Forward?"  You'll be amazed at how much distance you can cover by taking it in increments.  The little things add up; the inches turn to miles; and we string together our efforts like so many pearls. Before long, look what you have - a whole strand!  Ah... beautiful.

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