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I’ve been getting a number of inquiries lately that read something like this: “Ken, there are a number of “coaches” out there – seems like everyone wants to be a coach!  You keep telling us you’re a leader coach but I don’t think I understand the difference in what you do versus someone who calls themselves a ‘life coach’.  Can you explain?”

Absolutely – I help good people become great leaders – of organizations.  Most of these organizations are businesses but not all.  Some are professional associations and the like.  I’m not a ‘life coach’ and so it would be unfair for me to categorize them based upon my limited understanding of what they do.  As I understand it, life coaches concentrate on helping individuals live to their full potential.  And therein lies the confusion between the two professions.  The prime difference: I concentrate on growing your business.

This explanation of what I do should help.
Human capital is the catalyst that releases the value that resides in all other resources. Without a properly chosen, informed, trained, equipped, led, measured, and motivated staff all other capital formations, both tangible and intangible, sit idle and fail to generate value. People matter. 

The challenge: unlike other resources which can be efficiently managed, people must be effectively led.  Plus, most businesses today rely on talent that is not easily replaceable or interchangeable. The proper employment of human capital should be a top level concern for every executive, because the business strategy itself may be at risk if human capital is not led effectively.

The problem: most of the training received by executives at all levels, whether formal or informal, has been focused on the rigors of the managerial role with little regard paid to the leader role.  Leadership has been poorly defined and is frequently misunderstood.  The reason is simple: most leader development programs focus on what a leader is and not how to be a great leader.  This has caused C-suite executives to be concerned about the value of such training.

The solution: the Ki Visions leader development series (i.e. “Living With the Consequences”) shows good executives how to become great leaders.  Through training targeted to specific organizational needs and ongoing consultation with our leader coaches, we help optimize the value of human capital.  Bottom line: We help leaders understand how to properly employ this vital form of capital.

The process:  Using the Ki Visions leader development series as the baseline we then target the work we do to the organization we are helping.  One component of the value of any service is cost but in order for me to determine the cost and estimate how long it will take, I typically observe operations in progress (both at the plant and executive level), survey key members of the staff (both written and verbal), and discuss these findings with one or more of the senior executives.  This allows me to determine the primary target areas and who on my staff will be most effective in helping optimize the value of the organization’s human capital. 

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