Failure will never stand in the way of success if you learn from it.

Do you believe the title is true?  Are you willing to learn from your failures?  Too many people fail and then wallow in that failure for the rest of their lives.  DON’T!  There is only one thing we get to fully control: our thoughts.  Use that control to learn from your failures.

One of the key pieces of our Ki Visions Leader Development series is teaching people to Grow Forward.  To master this skill you must learn from yesterday, look to tomorrow, but be successful today!  On “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!”, we have been concentrating on helping you grow through your self-imposed limitations by learning from your past.  Failures should be learning experiences and classified as mistakes or MISTAKES.  MISTAKES are real problems and must be avoided.  Because we are human “mistakes” are natural.  What do you think separates the two?  Give me a call during the show this Saturday and give me your input – 814-272-9700.

Because of past mistakes or in some cases MISTAKES, the negative attitude that seems to pervade the country currently is normal for the problems we face.  However, we must not allow these issues to unravel the basic fabric of our society.  We have always been fighters and do not give up during tough times.  It is up to you and me to ensure we continue this basic tenet of our society.  Are you doing your part?  Are you working to strengthen your life, your business, your attitude to ensure we come out of this current mess much stronger than when we went in?  One of my goals is to help the entire human race advance to the next level of human maturity: Interdependence.  Most people are currently at a much more basic level – either Dependence (not good) or Independence (just ok).  In order for our society to continue to progress I believe it is vital that we realize we can no longer consider ourselves “isolated islands”.  We all are dependent, in many ways, on others.  The danger: we sit back and allow others to do for us, to provide for us, to take care of us without contributing our time and our talent in our chosen profession.  A huge MISTAKE!  I hope you recognize these dangers – if not, give me a call during the show and we can discuss.  A prime reason we are in such trouble is because we have become complacent.  Many of those who contribute their time and talent assume others are taking their roles seriously; with an eye toward this Interdependent mindset.  We cannot allow this complacency to continue.  We must get involved…once we ensure we have met the needs for ourselves and respective families, find something you can do to ensure our society is “on track”.  It could be in some political capacity or ______________ (what might you put in here to ensure we remain the “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave”?)  Let me know your thoughts on this.  I’ll make time for you this Saturday from 9-10AM – give me a call: 814-272-9700.

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Ken Pasch, CHE

Your Leader Coach