Do not wait â“ the time will never be âœjust rightâ

Doom and gloom!  Must be time to crawl in our shells and ride out the storm, yes?  NO!  This is the perfect time to take a good look at where you are and then decide where you want to be.  And don’t let anyone else tell you where you should be.  This has to be a personal decision.  You may have important people in your life who rely on you to make good decisions but the best decisions come from deep inside you.  If you truly care for them, you will make good decisions for you and them. Then, decide how you will get from here to there…one way?  Develop your list of questions and then call Coaches Corner, Saturday Morning Street Smarts.  The 3 coaches, Tim Rogers with his show “Ask the Realtor” (8-9 AM), or Paul Nichols with his show “It’s Your Money” (10-Noon), or yours truly, Ken Pasch with my show “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!” (9-10 AM).  We do our best to help you make the decisions that are best for your life, your circumstances, and your needs.   Specifically, I want to help make Monday something you look forward to and I won’t rest until this happens for all of you!  That’s my commitment.  All we need from you – work with us!

The show this week should be a great one.  At the request of a listener, I will “resurrect” Pasch’s Posse; the portion of the show where we look at how to make good decisions by understanding how people are motivated.  Not from an emotional perspective, not from a “gee that SOUNDS right?!” perspective but from a realistic understanding of human motivation.

I will also offer some good insight into trusting your gut on making good decisions.

I have focused on the subjective side of decision making for awhile now.  I have offered that you should learn to be the artist, working in the medium of your choice.  My medium is people and what motivates them.  Our guest this week is a true artist – Ken Hull – author of “Going Local” and a self taught artist.  I can’t wait for that portion of the show!  I hope you enjoy and learn the value of unlocking your potential by unleashing the artist inside you.

Talk to you Saturday!

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Ken Pasch, CHE

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