Through the difficulties, keep focused on one thing: your goal!

There is a battle raging – actually there are a couple battles raging – I want to talk about the battle between the “doom-and-gloomers” and the “Pollyannas”.  Neither have it right.  Times are tough and our problems will not be…cannot be…fixed overnight but they can be fixed.  We face a long, difficult struggle to recover from the economic climate within which we find ourselves.  This is not the time for you to sit on the sidelines and watch.  All of us must be engaged, must be involved, in the solution.  As we have heard some in our Administration claim, “a crisis should never go to waste.”  There are those who believe the Administration intends to use this crisis to turn us from our capitalist roots to a socialist structure.  I hope that’s not true – no socialist economy has ever prospered for long.  It sounds good!  But the results are always the same; like “handwriting on the wall” (i.e. very clear and predictable). 

At the current level of the human condition, because of the basic factors involved in human motivation, we need a system that engages the best within us while having structures in place to honestly curtail our most negative motivations.  Our structure has worked fairly well throughout most of our history.  Crises like we currently face should not go to waste, though.  As though it were the rope with which we can proverbially hang ourselves, let’s instead use the lessons being uncovered to serve as the lifeline we have been thrown; to pull us out of this morass and not allow similar future occurrences.  Some of our politicians (whether they were well intentioned or self-serving I don’t know) started us down this path.  Many of our corporate chiefs and financial “experts” continued the “festivities” and the greed-fest was extended to those who saw an opportunity to live the dream they knew they couldn’t afford. 

You may not have been involved in getting us where we are but…I’ll bet you are being impacted.  So what to do now?

Get in the game.  Ensure you are open to the reality of how we got here and take reasonable measures to protect yourself and your “nest egg”.  Do not leave this to others.  I realize you may not know the “fix” which is why you hire good coaches who do understand the intricacies of these issues.

My part in this is to ensure you are as “employable” as possible.  The best employees are entrepreneurs – whether you own the business or not – and I will do my best to help shed the light on the best path – for you – based upon your needs and desires.  That’s the purpose of “Unlock Your Full Potential…Today!”  Join me in this fight.  This is our country – our way of life – let’s make sure we are allowed to live it responsibly but to the fullest.

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Ken Pasch, CHE

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