Find the deep well of strength within you

Go ahead; give up…if that’s the kind of stuff you are made of.  It would be easy; there would be lots of excuses you could use to justify and rationalize the decision. 

Or…accept the fact that life is not a straight path to prosperity.  There are many curves along the way.  I have heard from some who believe the current situation is more than just a curve…maybe it’s a U-turn! 

I doubt it.  We have experienced lots worse than this but how we come out of this will depend upon…whom?  It would be easy to list all sorts of people: the President, the Congress, your boss, your spouse even.  The reality: how we come out of this is up to you!  You must find it in you.  Dig down deep if you must but we each have to wake up and realize the part we play in this “dance”.  Will you choose to play your part or will you be the wall flower sitting along the side of the gym wall hoping some savior comes riding in to make it all better…to make the pain, fear and frustration go away?  That might work in fairy tale romances but it doesn’t work here in what I like to call the “real world”. 

Whether you are the boss or the employee you can help us through this time by realizing the opportunities we face, not by playing turtle and retreating inside our shell to wait out the storm.  It is times such as these from which the next set of leaders are born.  Do some research into history.  Go back to the early 80s, the last time we had to emerge from serious financial difficulties.  Search for companies started during that era.  You will see “minor” names like Microsoft.  And maybe that is your purpose in life…to start your own business…to fill an unmet need.  Find your niche…do it now!


Join me Saturday for a look down that road.  I can, I will show you how to make your dream a reality.  All it takes is the guts to pick up the phone and call me.  Remember, I started this show under the premise that we could speak confidentially.  No one need know your plans or even that it is you.  Give me that call.  Together, we can make your life a wonderful experience and likely benefit the world in the process.


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Ken Pasch, CHE

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