In times like theseâ¦

I’m often asked, “Ken, what is it you do?”


It’s very simple – I help good people become great leaders.


This is usually followed by, “Really?  How?”


I’m in one of those professions for which people waste time trying to guess how I keep busy all day.  Since my primary skill is communicating, and most people believe communicating involves little more than talking, lots of folks believe I’m living on the other side of the fence – you know, where the grass is obviously greener!  And frankly, I do…not because what I do is easy but because it is so rewarding. 

My parents required me to have a part-time job as I was growing up.  I think Dad had many reasons but primarily he wanted all his sons to work in restaurants so someone else could help subsidize the bazillion calories we consumed each day.  Most of these jobs were very tangible jobs – I started by delivering papers and cutting lawns.  These jobs were great because I could easily see my progress.  However, after a few months, the monotony outweighed the tangible rewards.  These zombie-like activities helped me realize how fascinating human motivation really is.  Ok, I was not some child-freak who studied human dynamics at age 12 but as I look back at the subconscious affect on my brain, it is clear how I got where I am today.


So what does this have to do with you?  A friend and I were talking the other day about how we approach our work lives.  I doubt anyone has a perfect job but in times like these, we should use the lessons learned to determine if we are truly on the right path.  Do a status check on where you are.  Are you comfortably happy with your current position?  If not, why stay where you are?  These are the times to be as introspective as possible and determine if it is time for an update.  Others, though, are doing pretty darn good and simply need to accept that fact.  If this is you, do not allow yourself to get drug into misery by those who are miserable themselves and hope to infect you.  Yes, misery DOES love company.


Since people are always in search of benchmarks employed by others, here’s mine: if I am happy 60% of the time in whatever I am doing, I am probably doing ok.  That doesn’t mean it’s ok to accept good when great is a short stroll away but it does serve as a reasonable standard by which I can measure my state of mental health.  Once I get to this 60% metric I can then concentrate on doing the best job I can. 

You have so much more locked inside you.  Use times like to your benefit.  Learn to overcome the distractions and Grow Forward into the person you were meant to be. 

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