Last week & this week â“ wow!

Quick note today to recap last week’s show and give you a preview of Saturday’s show this week.

Last week, Geoff Brugler from Appalachian Outdoors offered great insight into the award his company recently received from SNEWS: 2010 Retailer of the Year in the category of “Growth of Outdoor Sports”. “Being in business 35 years sure had its ups and downs but it feels great to win this award”, said Geoff.  For those that missed the show, here are some of the topical highlights we addressed that are the hallmarks of Appalachian Outdoors: Mission, Culture, Integrity, Lifetime value for customers and suppliers, Staff Communication, Organization Policies and Training, and Marketing.  His bottom-line: put people at the top.   How much training do you offer your staff?  As evidence of his commitment to his staff and customers Geoff says they average 25-30 mandatory clinics for his staff each year.  Tough to compete with folks that do it right…

This week, we continue to discuss the people with whom we work by discussing “P.I.T.A.”, a book by Bob Orndorff and Dulin Clark.  See if you can guess what the acronym stands for.  Actually, it has a double meaning and the 2nd one we will address on Saturday is likely significantly more important than the 1st.  However, many of us will instantly be able to picture lots of people with whom we have worked based upon the first, and likely easier to decipher, meaning.  Join us Saturday for a fun and lively discussion and please don’t blush at the words we might use once or twice.

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