Market Update January 27, 2011 & The Investor Dilemma

This week, Paul Nichols, the president of Financial Abundance gives a market update (as of 1-26-11) and talks about the investor dilemma. What is the investor dilemma? Well, Paul talks about that and explains how a purely academic and scientific approach to the market makes investing quite simple. We review modern portfolio theory, dissimilar price movement and that the market is efficient. Listen in and find out more about why we subscribe to an academic approach to investing and how it can help you. Financial Abundance operates under the core belief that education plus understanding leads to clarity and confidence resulting in peace of mind.

Financial Abundance, Inc is a Registered Investment Advisor based in Centre County with offices throughout Pennsylvania.


Visit Financial Abundance's website and send Paul a note about the show or a question that you would like to have answered under the "Ask the Coach" link. or 866-867-5745


Paul Nichols is the President of Financial Abundance, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor based in Central Pennsylvania with offices in State College and Lewisburg in Centre County. Please don't hesitate to call our office at 814-867-5745 or send Paul an email at  with any questions that you may have.

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