Investor Coach's Weekly Clarity Coaching 1-31-11

A dying former Wall Street investment banker tells the truth about investing. When people with a short time to live have something important to say, it’s usually a wise idea to listen.

Gordon Murray is that former Wall Street Executive. Together with his friend, Dan Goldie, they wrote a short, concise book on the truth about investing called "The Investment Answer."

Forget about all of the junk out there in the financial media. The information outlined in this book is what investors need to know. I thought it was interesting that Mr. Murray felt he learned more about investing in one year from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) than from his 25 years on Wall Street.

As you know, many of you who invest through me are using DFA as the underlying investment manager for your portfolios. You recognize that this philosophy and approach is considered the most prudent and disciplined way to invest. It is the technique that's based on the truths of rigorous academic research and not the Wall Street hype.


Here's the short clip from Gordon and Dan's recent appearance on Fox Business.


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