Weekly Clarity Coaching 2-15-11 / Important Note from Financial Abundance

“Well, I’ve never heard of that.”  I’ve heard this statement through the years and have always thought it to be a mix of arrogance and ignorance.  “Well…what else, my friend, in this massive universe have you not heard of?”  It’s interesting how many times the late Mr. Murray must have heard this question from interviewers about his best selling book in the month before passing away.


I just finished reading this fascinating book last weekend and it, almost precisely, encourages the academic method of investing that we have been advocating for years in our practice and in our coaching content.  Upon finishing the book, I immediately ordered a case and have been handing out to close friends, family and clients as I believe this to be the best financial primer for anyone that seriously wants to take control of their financial future.  This book was recently #1 on the Wall Street Journal’s Hardcover Business Best Seller Category and is now listed on my website as the number one book under recommended reading.  At a total of 70 pages you could devour it over lunch.


Here's a clip from ABC's Nightline that recently aired about Gordon Murray.  It’s a six minute video and is worth every minute.


If you haven’t gotten your hands on it, here’s the link to buy it from or you can stop by the office and pick one up.


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