Women & Investing Weekly Clarity Coaching


This weeks Weekly Clarity Coaching is coming from Deb Seaward here in our office. She has been working hard to add some coaching for women to our office, here is a taste of more to come.


Men no need to watch this one…..not!!!! Guys the ladies in our lives are far too important, lets all get coached up!


Hope this finds you well.     Hey guys, and of course ladies, what would you want your spouses, mothers, sisters and daughters to know about money? I am on a mission, from a women’s perspective, to help educate women about their futures, those often being different than men.     Women need to plan differently for to a variety of reasons. Mostly centered around longevity and demographics.    Women outlive men on average by 7 years, women often make less money than men during their career often due to child rearing, only 41% of women participate in their employers retirement plan, and the list goes on…..I am attaching a video that will give you some insight on why women need to take a different approach and really look out for our own future.


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