Puck Off bottle opener a unique product

Puck Off Opener By Pond Hockey Brewing Co. combines a hockey puck and bottle opener.
Puck Off Opener By Pond Hockey Brewing Co. combines a hockey puck and bottle opener. Submitted photo

Kyle and Keith Jordan know hockey and beer is a great combination.

They are, after all, home brewers and lifelong hockey fans. They also played for the Penn State hockey team.

It’s still surprising to them, however, that no one had ever invented what they did — a game-regulation hockey puck modified to be a bottle opener. They call it a Puck Off Opener, and it’s proved to be popular among hockey fans who enjoy an ice-cold beer.

“We looked at a puck one day and said, ‘this would be cool,’ ” Kyle Jordan said.

“There’s nothing quite like what we’re doing,” his brother added. “We searched for quite a bit and thought someone else should be doing it, and no one else was. We were kind of shocked by that, so we decided we had to do it.”

The brothers formed the Pond Hockey Brewing Co. in 2013 to launch the Puck Off Opener.

“It was a little trial and error,” Kyle Jordan said. “We had to figure out how to do this, and one of our teammates is in the machining industry. Our connections came together to get things started.”

They didn’t know how good their idea was, so they started small.

“We stocked up friends and people we knew in the hockey community,” Keith Jordan said. “We played hockey our whole lives and reached out to people we knew from playing and did a presale kind of thing. Everyone loved it, and we thought maybe we should do this on a larger scale.”

They run the company from State College, and the pucks are manufactured in Canada.

The brothers have sold about 10,000 Puck Off Openers in a little more than a year. Most of the pucks have been sold outside Centre County, but they’re exploring local opportunities.

“We’re looking into working with Penn State, and we have a guy interested in them as a promotional item,” Keith Jordan said.

The Puck Off Openers have also been custom-made to be sold by the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ontario Hockey League’s London Knights. The pucks have also been custom-made to be sold at Wayne Gretzky’s Toronto, a restaurant co-owned by the NHL Hall of Famer, and for retired NHL enforcer George Parros’ company, Violent Gentlemen.

“I never expected to supply the Penguins or Wayne Gretzky for his restaurant,” Kyle Jordan said. “He was my idol growing up.”

They’re also working on other products to possibly launch in 2015.

Like any good hockey player who has a teammate with a great shot, however, they know where there bread and butter is.

“We weren’t sure how big it would get, and we still aren’t,” Keith Jordan said. “Every step of the way we make sure we gauge reactions and we push it a little further. It’s worked so far.”