Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: January 27-31, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan. 27, 2014, through Jan. 31, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

John W. Holzerman and Leanne M. Holzerman to Matthew Kennedy and Renee Kennedy, 163 Exeter Lane, $185,000.

Stefan J. Cherinka and Karen E. Cherinka to John W. Holzerman and Leanne Holzerman, 125 Chicory Ave., $275,000.

Jason M. Richard to Jennifer L. Boughton, 184 Chicory Ave., $1.

Boggs Township

Stephen J. Dahm to Scott Nogler and Susan Evans-Nogler, 698 Moose Run Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Daniel L. Smith, 134 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $24,900.

College Township

Murphy Family Trust and Lee E. Murphy, trustee to Lee E. Murphy and Susan C. Murphy, 310 Matilda Ave., $1.

Stearns Boal LP to Richard H. Rider and Vicki J. Rider, 175 Meadowsweet Drive, $125,000.

Haubert/Mitchell Partners, John H. Mitchell Jr. and Maria E. Mitchell to Brandall Investments LP, 121 Matilda Ave., $68,000.

Daniel A. Faiella to Daniel A. Faiella and Kelly Marie Faiella, 326 Matilda Ave., $1.

BHL partnership, Steve Hackman Builders to Samuel C. Thompson Jr. and Becky Sue Thompson, 270 Meadowsweet Drive, $792,000.

Stearns Boal LP to Jingzhi Huang and Lily Feng, 195 Meadowsweet Drive, $126,000.

Pike Street LLC to Ald LLC, 900 Pike St., $276,842.

Marlene K. Sample and George R. Sample III to David M. Kyle and Karen Z. Kyle, No. 136, 100 Jefferson Ave., $203,000.

Frederick J. Kissinger and Richard G. Kissinger to Wilfredo Del Pilar Jr. and Sandra L. Del Pilar, 1323 Haymaker Road, $75,000.

Curtin Township

Robert A. Peters and Alicia J. Peters to Timothy R. Peters, Heather Peters, John M. Peters and Dawn Peters, Jennifer E. Latsha and Timothy Latsha, property located along Buckridge Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Stephan C. Schuster to Orfeu M. Buxton and Anne-Marie Chang, 2616 Tall Cedar Circle, $429,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Kathryn E. Salzer, 2427 Prairie Rose Lane, $321,268.

Geraldine I. Dreibelbis to Ray E. Dreibelbis, 160 Emory Lane, $1.

Richard K. Wilber and Kathryn Robison Wilber to Donald P. Goshorn and Lisa D. Goshorn, 160 Gala Drive, $210,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer, Don E. Haubert, Robert E. Poole and WPSH Associates to William Macrae and Ginger Macrae, 1158 Longfellow Lane, $150,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer, by attorney, Don E. Haubert, by attorney, Robert E. Poole and WPSH Associates to Giovanni Peter Vendemia and Marlena Marie Vendemia, 1118 Longfellow Lane, $516,470.

Terry A. Kline to Wayne Charles Kline and James Ryan Kline, 186 Dannley Drive, $1.

Bryan T. Johnson to Bryan T. Johnson and Katherine J. Johnson, 1433 N. Allen St., $1.

Gregg Township

Esther G. Zettle, estate, Fawn L. Houtz, executrix and Keith D. Zettle, executrix to Larry J. Bolton, Sandra Bolton, Ronald L. Lontz and Virginia A. Lontz, property located along Decker Valley Road, $15,000.

Louis J. Peachey and Naomi R. Peachey to Jason D. Dix and Sherry A. Dix, property located along Linkin Park Drive $132,500.

Halfmoon Township

Ruth Anne Miller and Joann Gibson to Dakota C. Sanchez and Kerri R. Sanchez, 178 Fye Road, $150,000.

Haines Township

Gary F. Pirl to Keith A. Feinour and Susanne A. Feinour, 6769 Penns Valley Road, $485,000.

Robert A. Martin and Betty L. Martin to Robert A. Martin and Betty L. Martin, property located along state Route 45, $1.

Howard Township

Nancy D. Ward, by sheriff, Gerald N. Ward, by sheriff and Gerald Ward, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 355 Bomboy Road, $3,650.25

Liberty Township

Whitetail Mountain Forest to Michael K. Hills and Susan E. Hills, 340 Whitetail Mountain Forest Road, $41,500.

Paul Thompson, Paul D. Thompson, Mary Lou Thompson and Mary L. Thompson to Mark R. Gall and Erica L. Gall, 745 Schenks Grove Road, $189,500.

Miles Township

Paul K. Fisher and Lydia E. Fisher to Benuel S. King and Ruth Ann King, 277 Back Road, $20,000.

Benuel S. King and Ruth Ann King to Benuel S. King and Ruth Ann King, 277 Back Road, $1.

Paul K. Fisher and Lydia E. Fisher to Paul K. Fisher and Lydia E. Fisher, 167 Beiler Drive, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Patrick E. Davidson to Gregory A. Resides, 200 Darrell St., $189,900.

Patton Township

Frieda M. Holt to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 151 Woodpecker Lane, $1.

Eric K. Dare and Caitlin B. Dare to Eric K. Dare and Caitlin B. Dare, 286 Michael Road, $1.

David H. Rosenberg and Susan B. Rosenberg to Phoenix International Investments LP, 737 Oakwood Ave., $215,000.

Dennis S. Meteny and Beth J. Meteny to J. Gary Augustson, 272 Varsity Lane, $405,000.

Matthew D. Kennedy and Renee K. Kennedy to Paul S. Roberts and Leslie A. Roberts, 2015 Mary Ellen Lane, $151,000.

Lezzer Capital Resources Inc. to Marquis Estate Development LLC, 131 Cherry Tree Lane, $250,000.

Kris A. McDonough, Kenneth McDonough and Denice McDonough to William Shawn Cooke, 297 Ghaner Drive, $215,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Timothy B. Dunlap and Beth A. Dunlap to Cynthia D. Stiver, property located along Douglas Street Extension, $1.

David W. Cramer and Sandra L. Cramer to John M. Gummo, 517 N. Ninth St., $60,000.

Rush Township

Donald A. Singleton and Elizabeth A. Singleton to John W. Sherwood and Melodee S. Sherwood, property located along Mallard Road, $8,000.

Susan Irene Harchak to Leslie E. Silver, Judith I. Silver, Robert T. Gretzler and Elizabeth W. B. Gretzler, property located along Teaberry Drive, $42,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Robert D. King and Kimberly J. King to Jeremy J. Lucas and Sheri R. Lucas, 211 Ferds Road, $135,000.

Glenn O Hawbaker Inc. to Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., 496 W. Sycamore Road, $1.

Spring Township

Dean E. Hoy and Diana R. Hoy to Timothy L. Moyer and Amber N. Moyer, 338 S. Harrison Road, $169,400.

Carl E. Hill to Joseph J. Souchick and Jessica Leigh Souchick, 205 N. Vanessa Drive, $169,000.

Christian K. Shaffer and Rorey B. Shaffer to James C. Raynor Jr. and Jenna M. Raynor, 164 Arbor Bluff Drive, $149,000.

State College Borough

Lisa M. Shellenberger to Russell A. Knight and Georgiann M. Knight, 125 S. Hills Ave., $164,000.

Union Township

Daniel E. Hockenbury and Erin Veneziano to Christopher J. Snare and Tiara L. Snare, 2159 S. Eagle Valley Road, $129,900.

Walker Township

Joseph Fred Berry and Darlene M. Berry to Darwin J. Clemens and Bridget L. Clemens, 113 Chestnut St., $45,000.

Terence L. Riley and Linda M. Riley to Tyler D. Keck, 999 Nittany Valley Drive, $157,000.

Samuel A. McNichol and Carol L. McNichol to Zebulon H. McNichol and Renee L. McNichol, 501 Wilson Farm Lane, $1.

Christopher A. Ross and Colleen F. Ross to Household Realty Corporation, 247 Meadow Lane, $7,536.95.

Worth Township

Kent Becker and Robin Becker to Bradley Benoit, 844 Beckwith Road, $250,000.