Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: February 3-7, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Feb. 3, 2014, through Feb. 7, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Northwest Savings Bank to Knupp Family Revocable Trust, Richard W. Knupp Sr., and Joann L. Knupp, trustee, 121 N. Allegheny St., $132,000.

Michelle Packer to Jessica Cummins, 406 E. Lamb St., $110,000.

Dale R. Dixon to Dale R. Dixon and Cynthia A. Dixon, 134 Collins Ave., $1.

Terri M. Holderman and Randall W. Holderman to Ruthann H. Long and Jacqueline A. Hahn, 429 E. Bishop St., $235,000.

Benner Township

Mary Elizabeth Rhoads, estate, also known as Mary E. Rhoads, estate, Harry E. Poorman and Pamela L. Gilbert to Gregory A. Roan, 101 Spring Creek Road, $1.

Solsiree Del Moral to Bellefonte Management LLC, 175 Dorchester Lane,$155,000.

College Township

Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht to Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht, 223 Elm St., $1.

Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht to Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht, 600 Elmwood St., $1.

Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht to Dennis A. Gioia and Judith L. Albrecht, 608 Elmwood St., $1.

Gladys E. McMahon to Equity Trust Company, 128 Oak Lane, $117,000.

Benner Associates to Christ Community Church of State College, 1145 Benner Pike, $1,100,000.

Ferguson Township

Joseph E. Fredley and Deborah S. Fredley to Timothy C. Brennan and Jamie L. Brennan, 1272 Avebury Circle, $360,000.

Tracy Family Trust and Patricia M. Tracy, trustee, to Doris L. Mackenzie, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $290,000.

Gregg Township

Glenn L. Wolfe, estate and E. Allene Wolfe, executrix, to Glenn L. Wolfe Family Trust, property located along Blue Ball Road, $1.

Harris Township

Thomas L. Meade to Gina K. Bellissimo, 1129 Kathryn St., $1.

Liberty Township

Robert E. Rau and Martha Rau to Andrew Wertz and Tricia Wertz, property located along Eagles Nest Road, $17,000.

Howard M. Peters and Sally Brown Peters to Emma Peters Butler and Elmer E. Peters, property located along Ridge Runner Road, $1.

Marion Township

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Megan J. Daubert and Matthew A. Daubert, 140 Coyote Lane, $220,000.

Patton Township

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to Lindon T. Kwock and Mailene E. Kwock, 282 Timberton Circle, $695,000.

Penn Township

William A. Pencak, estate and Marcus W. Parker to Brosi Bradley, 116 Weaver Ave., $131,300.

Maria Cristina Shroyer and Maria C. Hewitt to Maria Cristina Shroyer and Craig Alan Shryoer, 120 Weaver Ave., $10.

Philipsburg Borough

Donita Considine to HBS Real Estate LLC, 211 N. Ninth St., $18,000.

Potter Township

Timothy M. Green and Kathaleen J. Green to Bradley A. Swope and Michelle D. Swope, 149 Sunrise Drive, $321,997.50.

Rush Township

Susan G. Barron, by agent, to Franklin L. Green, property located along Phoenix Road, $1.

Alberta A. Dixon to Eugene A. Dixon, 133 Railroad St., $1.

Dorothy Marie Krupa to David A. Mitchell, property located along Coaldale Road, $1.

Robert W. Wrye Jr. and Robert L. Wrye Jr. to Clearfield Hospital, property located along Moshannon Street, $447,760.

Snow Shoe Township

Nancy E. Leary to Nancy E. Leary and Shannon Welsh, property located along Long Beard Road, $1.

Spring Township

Erin O’Leary-Rallis, also known as Erin O’Leary, Daniel Ryan, Mara Ryan and Two Weeks Four Geeks to WREP Associates and J. W. M. Associates, 121 W. College Ave., $375,000.

Cynthia A. Walker and Cynthia A. Dixon to Dale R. Dixon and Cynthia A. Dixon, 930 W. Water St., $1.

Jessica A. Little-Hitchings, by sheriff, to Jersey Shore State Bank, 118 S. Harrison Road, $9,503.72.

Dorothy M. Walker, by agent, to Erin M. Vonada and Matthew W. Deibler, 625 Jacksonville Road, $178,000.

State College Borough

Walter A. Koltun and Catherine A. Koltun to Walter A. Koltun, Debra Marie Maclellan, Catherine A. Koltun and Alex J. Koltun, 140 S. Patterson St., $1.

Taylor Township

Joseph S. Mannino, David Vanderloop, Brian Mannino and Brian M. Mannino to David Vanderloop, property located along Stewart Lane, $16,000.

Walker Township

Daniel J. Brooks and Joan E. Brooks to David F. Stoltzfus and Rachel B. Stoltzfus, 124 Brooks Lane, $417,500.