Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 10-14, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 10, 2014, through March 14, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Hugh D. Roberts, 262 Aster Ave. $74,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Lisa D. Brooks, 202 Amberleigh Lane, $172,260.

Trubuild LLC to R. Thomas Berner and Paulette L. Berner, property located within the Township, $427,916.75.

Centre Hall Borough

Richard Elwood Fuller and Diane C. Fuller to Richard Elwood Fuller, 207 W. Church St. $1.

College Township

William D. Knisely to William D. Knisely and Becky R. Trate, 1801 Puddintown Road, $1.

Daniel A. Piper to Derek S. Henderlong and A. Celeste Henderlong, 174 Independence Ave., $188,000.

Clarke O. Warner, estate and Jackson Beatty Warner to Donald B. Houtz and Toniann Houtz, 140 Villa Crest Drive, $161,662.75.

Stearns Boal LP to Hal D. White and Brooke A. White, property located along Holly Ridge Drive $165,000.

Curtin Township

Peter B. Alterio, Wendy K. Mitchell, also known as Wendy K. Brungard, and Jeffrey A. Brungard to Bryan J. Alterio, 24 Yeager Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Gail L. Booker to Marjorie N. Hall, 343 McBath St., $1.

Gregg Township

U. S. Bank to Robert D. Hadley and Jennifer L. Hadley, 165 Labrador Lane, $189,299.

Halfmoon Township

Thomas G. Wilson Jr., executor, Patricia L. Burn, co-executrix and Diane M. Trullinger, co-executrix to Patricia L. Burns and Diane M. Trullinger, 3627 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Becky R. Trate to Becky R. Trate and William D. Knisely, 61 Cedar Ridge Drive, $1.

Harris Township

Karen Lee Schuckman and Charles Mark Davis to Carol L. Glaskin, 121 Glory Way, $387,500.

Howard Borough

Federal National Mortgage Association to Aurora Commercial Corporation and Aurora Bank, 477 Walnut St., $1.

Aurora Bank to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, 477 Walnut St., $1.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to KSB Real Estate LLC, 477 Walnut St., $39,000.

Howard Township

Daniel W. Bryan Sr. to Sandra L. Confer, 775 Howard Divide Road, $1.

Huston Township

Ronald E. Houtz to Shawn M. Switzer and Megan S. Switzer, property located along Mudlick Road, $27,500.

Miles Township

Charles A. Burke to Charles A. Burke and Edward A. Burke, property located along state Route 880, $1.

Millheim Borough

John R. Miller Jr, estate, John R. Miller III, co-executor and Jayne E. Miller, co-executrix to Patricia A. Wolfe, 103 Park Road, $97,500.

Patton Township

Kingsbury Irrevocable Grantor Trust and David E. Kingsbury, trustee, to Jeff C. D’Angelo and Holly J. D’Angelo, 1983 Park Forest Ave., $250,000.

Thomas E. Carbonneau to James Lawrence Herriott, Pamela Elaine Herriott and Hannah Laine Herriott, 131-D Alma Mater Court, $231,000.

Laurie Schoonhoven to Daniel P. Jordan and Diane Allen Jordan, 874 Galen Drive, $175,000.

Barette Shearrill to Nancy R. Calvario, 328 Ghaner Drive, $153,000.

Penn Township

Donald R. Jones Sr. and Mary L. Jones to Donald E. Jones and Debra A. Jones, 224 Poe Valley Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Timothy L. Bainey Jr. and Nikki G. Bainey to Joseph R. Mercier, 120 S. Centre St., $160,000.

Steven Beri and Margaux Beri to John W. Dixon and Deborah K. Dixon, 207 S. 9th St., $99,500.

Haley M. Irwin to Teresa L. Irwin, 1515 Presqueisle St.,$1. Haley M. Irwin to Teresa L. Irwin, 212 Halfmoon St., $1. Potter Township

Fred A. Strouse, by attorney to Larry J. Kuhns and Marianne W. Kuhns, 162 Tusseyview Lane, $365,000.

Rush Township

Jeffery R. Baughman and Daina L. Baughman to William L. Kehler, III, 211 Smith St., $175,000.

Shirley A. Rudy to John S. Rudy, Patti A. Souders and Kimberly A. Wolf, property located along Ponderosa Drive $1.

Shirley A. Rudy to Arthur W. Rudy, 173 Slate St., $1

Snow Shoe Township

Michael Talapa to Wilson Fisher, property located within the Township, $1.

Spring Township

Michael W. O’Brien, Kristin M. Ardire and Kristin M. O’Brien to Mark D. Wieand and Carla A. Wieand, 101 Greenbrook Drive, $170,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Michael W. O’Brien and Kristin M. O’Brien, 120 Chapel Hill Circle, $247,000.

State College Borough

Gus T. Nichols, Elaine Nichols and Nick Klaras to James Scourtis and Tina Anne Scourtis, 734 W. Beaver Ave., $350,000.

Taylor Township Mannino Properties Inc. to Franklin W. Wetzel Sr, 222 Nearhoof Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Dennis F. Coslo and Cynthia L. Coslo to Christen Lynne Smith, Shelby Leigh Sharp-Ewing, Jason Benjamin Coslo and Nichole Suzanne Rearick, 1051 E. Springfield Drive, $1.

Mark Skojec and Taryn Skojec to National Residential Nominee Services, 217 Dunkle Road, $245,000.

Richard L. Wilson and Nancy J. Wilson to Jonathan H. Lindstrom and Rachel A. Lindstrom, 205 Chadham Court, $131,000. National Residential Nominee Services to Troy M. Solt and Kayla A. Solt, 217 Dunkle Road, $245,000.

William C. Dietrich to Sharlene M. Nolan and Frank D. Nolan, property located along Nittany Valley Drive, $1.

Worth Township

Kenneth W. Youngblood, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 1840 Sunnyside Hollow Road, $21,000.