Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 17-21, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 17, 2014, through March 21, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Sandra F. Rishel and Sandra E. Rishel to Sandra E. Rishel, 1007 Airport Road, $1.

William H. Klaban III to Ted H. Conklin and Carla Mulford Conklin, 260 N. Thomas St., $20,000.

Ted H. Conklin and Carla Mulford Conklin to Ted H. Conklin and Carla Mulford Conklin, 260 N. Thomas St., $1.

Jeanne Butler, Jeanne Dehaas and Robert A. Dehaas to Dorsey M. Houtz and Barbara E. Houtz, 1282 Pine Circle, $213,000.

Robert T. Christy, by sheriff and Robert T. Christy Jr., by sheriff to Thomas J. Harris and Janet L. Harris, 728 E. Bishop St., $86,000.

Boggs Township

Ray E. Burd Jr., estate and Linda K. Burd to Helen M. Burd, 551 Lucas Road, $1. College Township

Charles W. Bilger, Edith J. Bilger, William Auman and Kathie Auman to Charles W. Bilger, Edith J. Bilger and Raymond A. Bilger, 532 Decibel Road, $1.

Charles W. Bilger, Edith J. Bilger, Willliam Auman and Kathie Auman to William Auman and Kathie Auman, 518 Decibel Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Ralph Hastings Wood and Chin-Hui Chang Wood, also known as Chin-Hui Chang, to Ralph Hastings Wood, 1896 Huntington Lane, $1.

Dana A. Hyde to Deborah A. Hyde, 343 McBath St., $1.

Bettie S. Shawley, estate and Julie Snyder, executrix, to Bonnie Lou Wolfe, 3291 Shellers Bend, $1.

Charles R. Meck to Zachariah D. Eastman-McArthur, 114 Fairbrook Drive, $169,000.

Gregg Township

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Julia Shvenke, 107 Toolshed Lane, $35,000.

Scott D. Ilgen, Amy E. Ilgen and Kelly D. Robb to Scott D. Ilgen and Amy Ilgen, 343 Middle Road, $1.

Battaglia Properties LP to Benjamin Edward Battaglia and Patricia Battaglia, property located along Immel Road, $1.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Glenn E. Sharpe and Denise C. Sharpe, property located within the Township, $596,934.02.

Howard Township

Robert E. Probst Sr., Cynthia J Probst and Robert E. Probst to Robert E. Probst Jr., Charles F. Probst and Christine M. Prebble, 445 Confer Hollow Road, $1.

Sharon E. Glossner, estate, Michael K. Glossner, co-administrator, and Alice M. Crock, co-administrator to Lynnann Lewis, 286 Mount Eagle Road, $40,000.

Liberty Township

Robert B. Hanley to Robert G. Hanley, 123 Spring St., $14,000.

Milesburg Borough

Nicole E. Dixon, by sheriff and Michael A. Sims II to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 305 Second St.,$5,057.38.

Patton Township

Jeffrey S. McCardle and Michele V. McCardle to Joseph W. Minteer and Laura L. Minteer, 219 Morningside Circle, $310,000.

Philipsburg Borough

U. S. Bank to Joseph C. Nale, 710 Scott St., $72,000.

Claude Allen Sayers to Curtis Sayers and Craig Sayers, 612 Pauline Court, $1.

Donald L. Kelce, Donald L Kelce Sr., Shirley Kelce and Shirley J. Kelce to Donald L. Kelce Jr. and Judy L. Kelce, 427 North Sixth St., $1.

Meri L. Sagastume, by sheriff to U S Bank, 115 N. Sixth St., $4,158.34.

Port Matilda Borough

Larry Dick Lykens to Kevin G. Walker and Sally M. Walker, 302 W. Spruce Street, $150,000.

Kermit J. Graham to David S. Lykens, 301 N. High St., $20,000.

Potter Township

Esther Rudy Taylor, estate, Ester R. Rudy, estate, C. Guy Rudy, co-executor and Barbara Rudy Wilkins to Michele V. McCardle, 2851 Earlystown Road, $167,500.

Dennis Robinson and Cynthia Robinson to MMG Stables LLC, property located along Tusseyville Road, $160,000.

Ashford Manor Associates to Jonathan H. Mayer and Tounine R. Mayer, property located along Blarney Lane, $55,000.

Spring Township

Randall W. Holderman to Randall W. Holderman and Jennifer Gessey, 602 Valentine St. $1.

Eric B. Hartman and Sabrina Hartman to Christopher Taylor and Christopher C. Taylor, 165 Arbor Bluff Drive, $160,000.

Sabrina L. Weber to Natasha R. Rishel and Phillip D. Rishel, 121 S. Main St. $1.

Natasha R. Rishel and Phillip R. Rishell to Natasha R. Rishel and Phillip R. Rishel, 121 S. Main St. $1.

Sabrina L. Weber to Sabrina L. Weber, 127 S. Main St., $1.

State College Borough

Beliasov Family Trust, Alec J. Beliasov, co-trustee, and Lexi C. Beliasov, co-trustee, to Jay B. Lazorcik and Tracey J. Lazobcik, 333 S. Allen St., $249,500.

Christopher A. Strulson and Andrew Strulson to Phoenix International Investments LP, 808 Stratford Drive, $140,000.

Joan F. Lampman to Chonoming Wang and Sijie Hao, 924 Lillian Circle, $247,500.

Virginia A. Gilbert to Suvrath Mahadevan and Ana Matkovic, 509 Glenn Road, $400,000.

Karole D. Olney and Franklin B. Olney to Richard L. Johnson and Ardath N. Johnson, 945 W. Fairmount Ave., $280,000.

Taylor Township

Dolores P. Weaver, estate and Gail D. Daughenbaugh, executrix, to Rita K. Ritchey, 605 S. Mountain Road, $55,000.