Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 24-28, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 24, 2014, through March 28, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Mary Boyle and Andre Fedor, 318 E. Bishop St., $59,000.

Brian C. Miller and Janine C. Miller to Donald R. McKenzie Jr. and Joanne E. McKenzie, 502 E. Curtin St., $326,500.

Terri Reese to Aaron P. Ranio and Abigail M. Ranio, 1220 Fairview Drive, $202,000.

Benner Township

Chad R. Caprio to Josef C. Miller, 153 Buffalo Run Road, $159,900.

David G. Benner and Cathy L. Benner to David G. Benner, 519 Valley View Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Amanda L. Gray and Justin A. Gray to Anthony W. Stover and Tabatha R. Gardner, 1159 Runville Road, $161,000.

Steven M. Williams to Joseph J. Williams, property located along Runville Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Harvey H. Redcay and Sharon L. Redcay to George S. Trimpey and Tracy A. Trimpey, property located along Sycamore Drive, $9,000.

Helen L. Probst, estate and Darlene K. Fanning, executrix, to Cody J. Croyle and Britney R. Gambocurta, 150 Hilltop Drive, $133,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Tara D. Palaski to William W. Baney Jr., 133 E. Church St., $139,900.

Ricky L. Hartley and Connie R. Hartley to Omar I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed, 130 Manor Road, $150,000.

Mark A. Fisher, Amanda J. Mohoney, Amanda J. Fisher and Amanda J. Mahoney to Eric D. Kirsch and Sierra M. Kirsch, 105 E. Allison St., $144,000.

College Township

Michael A. Wolford to VBK Properties LLC, 548 Pike St., $160,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Sheng Liu and Yue Jiao, 157 McCann Drive, $375,079.

Sarah A. Metz and Ellen G. Bryant to Joshua L. Wede and Anna Cinzia Squicciarini, 3300 S. Atherton St., $335,000.

Justin B. Jacobson, Gretchen U. Schrock and Gretchen U.Schrock-Jacobson to Kayla R. Bracken, 104 Matthew Circle, $237,000.

H. Wesley Reitz and Carol F. Reitz to David W. Spears, Judith L. Spears, James F. Book and Lorraine M. Book, 133 Quincy Ave., $187,750.

Ferguson Township

Flavia J. Lucas to Ashwath Kumar C. Puttaswamygowda and Nivedita Nagachar, 1947 Harvest Circle, $197,000.

David J. Dolbin and Carolyn A. Dolbin to David J. Dolbin and Carolyn A. Dolbin, 100 Jakes Lane, $1.

Mark W. Meredith to Joseph Allen Lecouvre, 750 W. Aaron Drive, $207,000.

Vanessa A. Kreashko to Kathleen A. Patnode, 14 Penny Lane, $195,392. Austin J. Shanfelter and Pamela R. Shanfelter to Meghan R. Shanfelter, 3221 Shellers Bend, $1.

Gang Ning and Xintian Zheng to Daniel Rivera and Michele Rivera, 624 Devonshire Drive, $300,000.

Barry J. Hollock and Sherry L. Hollock to Barry J & Sherry L. Hollock Joint Trust, 3222 Shellers Bend, $1.

Deborah A. Hyde to Marjorie N. Hall, 343 McBath St., $1. Gregg Township

Lance Schreffler to Steven P. Lange and Anna C. Lange, 173 Blue Ball Road, $225,000.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to John R. Graham and Carol L. Graham, property located within the Township, $526,066.44.

Howard Borough

Gary L. Clymer and Gloria A. Clymer to Robert O. Pearce, 117 W. Main Street, $145,000.

Aaron P. Ranio and Abby M. Ranio to Gary L. Clymer and Gloria A. Clymer, 125 Lakeview Drive, $153,000.

Liberty Township

Ashley C. Gardner to Ashley C. Gardner and Pearl J. Gardner, 124 Evergreen Road, $1.

Miles Township

Darrel R. Zaccagni and Norma L. Zaccagni to David Esh and Martha Esh, property located along state Route 880, $19,900.

Milesburg Borough

Valarie J. Pepple and Gary W. Pepple to Terry L. Baugher and Barbara A. Baugher, 128 Railroad St., $130,000.

Patton Township

Victoria Hewitt to Schuyler James McLaughlin and Vanessa McLaughlin, 318 Amblewood Way, $1.

Zemin Su and Jing Dong to Nicole L. Scipione, 125 Clemson Court, $276,000.

Karen L. Mansfield to Thomas P. Bruce, 2005 Highland Drive, $182,000.

James F. Gingerich to Mary E. Durdines and Ira Gingerich, 1918 Weaver St., $1.

Potter Township

Robert A. Morris and Phyllis L. Morris to Dwight B. Galt III and Mary Janice Galt, 187 Hidden Lake Drive, $595,000.

Rush Township

Richard Martin to Katilin M. Zimmerman and Joshua A. Walker, 835 Tyrone Pike, $105,000.

Richard W. Kephart Sr., Harry C. Johnson Jr., and Bonnie C. Johnson to Harry C. Johnson Jr., and Bonnie C. Johnson, property located along Ponderosa Drive, $1.

Richard W. Kephart Sr., Harry C. Johnson Jr. and Bonnie C. Johnson to Richard W. Kephart Sr., property located along Ponderosa Drive, $1.

Susan G. Barron and Franklin L. Green to Brian D. Stanton and Cassandra J. Stanton, property located along Phoenix Road, $7,500.

Snow Shoe Borough

Helen Viedorfer, estate, Marilyn Butterworth, co-executrix and Kerry H. Viehdorfer, co-executor to Kerry H. Viehdorfer, 309 E. Olive St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Dana T. Tumbleson and Mary E. Tumbleson to Ronald E. Repasky, Jr. 445 Elm Road, $90,000.

Darlene M. Brown to Darlene M. Nichols, 276 Snow Shoe Mountain Forest Road, $1.

Spring Township

Audra J. Knisely to David T. Waltz and Tara R. Waltz, 161 Yarnell Lane, $154,900.

Michael A. Gates, estate and Craig M. Gates to Wendell R. Gephart and Barbara K. Simco, 302 Greens Valley Road, $15,000.

State College Borough

Debora Cheney to Erina L. Macgeorge, 530 Stony Lane, $335,000.

Nancy A. Tuana to Nancy A. Tuana and Charles E. Scott, 731 Sunset Road, $1.

Philip Fischler Hallock and Hal Hallock, executor, to Hal Hallock and Natalie I. Hallock, 201 W. Prospect Ave., $1.

Taylor Township

Linda Eardley Miller, Linda E. Miller, Linda Ann Miller and William K. Miller to Terry R. Varner and Sondra K. Varner, property along Richards Road, $79,900.

Warren L. Walk Jr., Julie M. Walk, Cynthia A. Brockett, Cindy A. Brobst, Kenneth Brockett, Russell D. Walk and Lori L. Walk to Linda Eardley Miller, 199 Wet Hole Road, $1.

Violet M. Smith, estate, Harry C. Smith, co-executor, Janet M. Bronaugh, co-executrix, and Vicki Smith, co-executrix, to Janet M. Bronaugh and Harry C. Smith, property located along Goss Road, $1.

Walker Township

William J. Ritrosky and Chrissy Ritrosky to Jason M. Kraus and Chelsea R. Kraus, 120 Jefferson Cle, $231,870.

Beth A. Simon to Lorrie A. Forsyth, 103 Riverstone Lane, $131,000.

Robert O. Pearce, Harvey P. Hanlen and Darla M. Hanlen to Ingram Oil Company Inc., 4165 Nittany Valley Drive, $113,500.

Keith A. Miller and Kimberly E. Miller to Audra J. Knisely, 208 Pebble Lane, $130,000.

Samuel B. Stoltzfus and Mary E. Stoltzfus to Jonas Z. Esh and Sally S. Esh, property located along Zook Lane, $120,000.

Worth Township

High Pines Camp Inc. to Michael E. Houseknecht and Torie L. Houseknecht, 363 High Pines Lane, $520,000.

Kathy Ann Beck, Tina Korman, Tina Padisak and Stephen Padisak to Kathy Ann Beck, Tina Padisak and Stephen Padisak, 126 E. Mountain Road, $1.