Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 31-April 4, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 31, 2014, through April 4, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Danny D. Lame and Megan T. Lame to Eric W. Davy and Kathryn E. Fonash, 420 N. Wilson St., $205,000.

Karen Kuebler to Richard R. Boccadoro, 1138 Centre St. $130,000.

Neil A. Henry and Laurie Henry to Zachary J. Stimely, 1175 Centre St., $190,000.

Benner Township

Robert N. Mueller Jr., by sheriff, Christina L. Mueller, by sheriff and Robert N. Mueller, by sheriff, to Federal National Mor tgage Association, 1361 Valley View Road, $7,063.68.

Boggs Township

Jason R. Buckley and April E. Buckley to April E. Buckley, 112 Richmond Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Jonathan D. Fletcher and Karen Fletcher to Matthew J. Andrulonis, 213 W. Church St., $159,900.

College Township

Roy Douglas Beman, Carol Anne Beman and Linda Marie Beman to Michael R. Robison and Rebecca P. Robison, 227 Elm St., $320,000.

Brian A. Sharpless to Devon M. Bordi and Peter L. Bordi Jr., 305 Goldfinch Drive, $221,000.

James W. Meineckie III and Megan F. Meinecke to David C. Benson and Lisa M. Benson, 130 Scenery Court, $265,000.

Ruth Evelyn Dunkelberger to Lisa M. Campbell, 1215 Edward St., $1.

Ruth E. Dunkelberger to Lisa Campbell, 1214 Charles St., $1.

Curtin Township

Daniel H. Crider to Dale E. Leer, 76 Buckridge Road, $5,500.

Ferguson Township

Mary A. McDermott, estate, Thomas J. McDermott, executor, and Mary Beth Hallberg, executrix, to John A. Ireland, 750 Tanager Drive, $229,900.

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer and S & A Homes Inc. to Xiaoxing Wang and Yanjun Hu, 2463 Raven Hollow Road, $304,909.

Audry A. Deallo, estate and Todd H. Delallo, executor, to Christopher M. Laird and Marie J. Laird, 819 Science Park Road, $222,651.

Craig Minow and Doreen Lewis Minow to Scott P. Mitchell and Pamela A. Mitchell, 162 Gala Drive, $210,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert, by attorney, Thomas F. Songer, by attorney, and WPSH Associates to Bryan W. Miller and Alyson D. Miller, 1117 Longfellow Lane, $473,201.

Jinrong Chen and Wei Ban to Xianrong Zhang and Shuzhi Zhang, 3030 Wells Terrace, $325,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert and WPSH Associates to Larry W. Fry and Lynn R. Fry, 1097 Longfellow Lane, $450,000.

Kenneth J. Davis and Dana L. Davis to Neyda M. Abreu-Schienke and Erich W. Schienki, 120 Sunday Drive, $292,500.

Gregg Township Guy E. Zerby, estate, Justin Kreps, co-executor, and Sandra Stauffer, coexecutrix, to Justin Kreps, 4412 Penns Valley Road, $5,500.

Haines Township Donald W. Hosterman and Barbara D. Hosterman to Kevin E. Weaver and Kaylynne M. Weaver, 343 W. Aaron Square, $60,000.

Harris Township

Ruth E. Dunkelberger to Edwin W. Dunkelberger Jr., property located along Brush Valley Road, $1.

Ruth E. Dunkelberger to Edwin W. Dunkelberger Jr., 1475 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Howard Township

Kenneth F. Hinton to Kenneth F. Hinton and Kyle F. Hinton, 2675 Old 220 Road, $1.

Marion Township

Timothy P. Dillon and Carol E. Dillon to John R. Dillon II, Barbara L. Saulsbury and Casey S. Dillon, 2493 Jacksonville Road, $200,000.

Miles Township

Daniel Y. Smucker and Elam K. Smucker to Daniel Y. Smucker and Annie L. Smucker, 150 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Charles A. Burke and Edward A. Burke to Karen Moton, Charles A. Burke and Edward A. Burke, property located along state Route 880, $1.

Millheim Borough

Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County, Thomas Rembacz, George E. Friend and Business Development Associates to Centre Square Investment Trust, 129 E. Main St., $5,300.

Centre Square Investment Trust and Matthew J. Dunleavy, trustee, to Mauro L. Ortiz, 129 E. Main St., $22,000.

Patton Township

Howard James Campbell and Patrice Diane Campbell to John Harlim and Leonie S. Vachon, 101 Pantops Parade, $492,000.

Lorlei L. Makowiec to Zachary M. Lorber and Megan R. Lorber, 106 Harvard Road, $187,500.

Kimberli J. Fleck to Jason J. Clevenger and Stephanie G. Clevenger, 157 Ghaner Drive, $194,900.

Cynthia J. Kane, by agent, and Cynthia Jean Kane, by agent, to Michael J. McCamley and Lorraine A. McCamley, 1863 Park Forest Ave., $181,000.

Robert A. Denner and Ann M. Denner to Justin W. Bushner and Kayla I. Bushner, 164 Garret Way, $257,000.

Barbara Woolley, Barbara Hughes and Barbara Hughes Lebiedzik to Bruce T. Bigatel and Martha L. Carothers, 1108 Fox Hill Road, $659,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Mark C. Kelly, by sheriff and Emily M. Kelly, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, trustee for Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, 328 N. Ninth St., $4,144.18.

Peas and Carrots LLC to Amanda L. Nelson, 1201 E. Pine St., $98,500.

Kenneth J. Schirling and Anna M. Schirling to Kevin Peacock and Sarah Peacock, 305 E. Pine St., $94,000.

Potter Township

Patric W. McClenahan and Debra B. McClenahan to Jeremiah J. McClenahan and Mindy L. McClenahan, 619 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Rush Township

Wayne H. Jones and Pamela A. Jones to Nancy Hamaty, 325 Walker St., $75,000.

Shirley J. Matier to Francis A. Matier Jr., property located along Spike Island Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Victoria M. Koleno to Victoria M. Koleno and Martin L. Koleno Jr., 120 Hickory Road, $1.

Spring Township

Edward E. Race and Fallon M. Race to Andrew M. Gearhart and Victoria A. Gearhart, 211 Melanie Lane, $168,500.

Ernest L. Boone to Ernest L. Boone and Victoria L. Boone, 1256 E. College Ave., $1.

U. S. Bank to Middle Farm Partnership, 1222 Doruss Drive, $95,000.

State College Borough

Mohamed Magdy Taha and Lydia M Rohm to Pratibha Vakharia, 200 Highland Ave., $1.

Michael A. Kipp to Michael A. Kipp and Lynn M. Kipp, 745 Thomas St., $1.

Michael Masgood Arjmand, James Arjmand, Monica Mitra Arjmand, Monica Z. Snipes, Mitra Zhaleh Snipes and Wallace C. Snipes to Xiaoye You and Hsiao Hui Yang, 730 Southgate Drive, $132,000.

JMARJ LP to Nicola J. McCarthy, 916 Southgate Drive, $125,500.

David S. Reed and Stephanie A. Wilkinson to Terry L. Parker, 1394 Penfield Road, $225,000.

Union Township

Holly C. Serface to Justin E. Cooper and Janelle L. Cooper, 1187 Rattlesnake Pike, $129,000.

Walker Township

Ned E. Deitrich Jr. to Randy T. Hoover and Carole A. Hoover, 475 Walizer Road, $330,000.

Andrew T. Ripka and Lucretia M. Ripka to Jason D. Roan and Danielle N. Hann, 676 Nittany Valley Drive, $189,900.