Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 7-11, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 7, 2014, through April 11, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Lawrence Rider and Anna Mary Rider to Chris A. Rossman and Barbara L. Rossman, 113 Bishop St., $83,000.

Jon E. Peterson and Deborah L. Peterson to National Residential Nominee Services, 1023 Airport Road, $228,000.

National Residential Nominee Ser vice to Matthew D. Vonada, 1023 Airport Road, $228,000.

Aimee T. Persic and Eric V. Persic to Gerald R. Wert and Debra A. Wert, 106 Lewis St., $230,000.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Russell R. Crowe Jr. and Diane M. Crowe, property located within the township, $203,125.

Jane E. Zeigler to Reliance Savings Bank and Reliance Bank, 327 Meadow Flower Circle, $1.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Joseph A. Buffone Jr. and Andrea K Buffone, 206 Amberleigh Lane, $170,200.

Boggs Township

Alea V. Kiffer to Calvin H. Kiffer and Janet F. Hall, 511 Kifer Road, $1.

College Township

David M. Bowden and Rebecca L. Bowden to Rebecca L. Bowden, 104 Birchtree Court, $1.

Pinehurst Homes Inc. to Anna M. Morrison, 125 Fernleaf Court, $107,500.

Skyward Investments LTD and Skyward Investment LTD to Edward G. Maxwell, 1705 E. Trout Road, $300,000.

Ferguson Township

Nancy Joan Bergstrom, estate and Jeffrey John Bergstrom to David L. Lowery and Shujuan Jin, 1632 S. Cherry Hill Road, $218,000.

Gary L. Grunthaner and Mary L. Grunthaner to Megan Grunthaner Cathcart, 1413 Harris St., $1.

Amy S. Elliott to William E. Boone and Michela Centinari, 1647 Dogwood Circle, $330,500.

Namsoon Jung and Eun Mo Huh to Amy S. Elliott, 2137 Quail Run Road, $216,000.

Gregg Township

Scott D. Ilgen and Amy E. Ilgen to Jacob E. Beiler and Esther R. Beiler, 343 Middle Road, $900,000.

Halfmoon Township

Shirley A. Burns, estate and Renee M. Fogel- Anders, executrix, to Renee M. Fogel-Anders and George M. Anders, 68 Crow Drive, $1.

Harry E. Whitehill, Mary M. Whitehill, William S. Shuey, Deborah J. Shuey and Oak Leaf Joint Venture to Robert L. Campbell and April M. Campbell, property located along William Lane, $180,000.

Harris Township

Robert L. Oberheim and Dona K. Oberheim to Nicolas P. Boyle, Mary B. Boyle, Vivian H. Baumer and Debbie A. Boyle, 130 Farm Lane, $415,000.

Michael A. Davis and Pamela A. Davis to Michael A. Davis, 644 W. Main St., $1.

Diane M. Dixon to Wiley D. Sittler and Judith A. Weaver, 115 Hazel St., $184,000.

Liberty Township

Paris G. Sauder Sr. and Lois D. Sauder to Glenn A. Sauder Sr. and Glenn A. Sauder Jr., 105 Big Run Road, $1.

Chris E. Garman and Log Building Maintenance and Restoration to Landen Dewayne Lose, Dewayne Charles Lose and Annette Lea Lose, 111 Eagles Nest Road, $40,000.

Marion Township

Robert A. Pacella, Sherri E. Pacella, Sherri A. Ebeling and Dana Pacella to Federal National Mortgage Association, 200 Winchester Lane, $371,731.

Henry W. Weight Jr. to Henry W. Weight and Vonda M. Weight, property located along Sunset Drive, $1.

Miles Township

Leon R. Stoltzfus and Fannie K. Stoltzfus to Leon R. Stoltzfus and Fannie K. Stoltzfus, property located along Rockville Road, $1.

Leon R. Stoltzfus and Fannie K. Stoltzfus to Leon R. Stoltzfus and Fannie K. Stoltzfus, 143 Rockville Road, $1.

Patton Township

Brian R. Rose to Jeffrey S. McCardle, 1616 Regina Circle, $192,000.

Stephen E. Goldstein and Kim D. Goldstein to Colin D. Reasinger, 1520 Woodledge Circle, $245,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Alfred Frank Pandolfi and Andrea Lee Pandolfi, 1750 Woodledge Drive, $502,040.

Felix L. Lukezic to Zvi R Shapiro and Alexandra Shapiro, 531 Hillside Ave., $181,500.

Federated Home and Mortgage Company Inc., , Alexander G. Gregory estate and Natasha Lowell, executrix to Toftrees Acquisition LLC, property located along Toftrees Avenue, $80,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Northwest Savings Bank to Jodie L. Stamm, 446 Water St., $30,000.

Potter Township

Michael Roy Dunklebarger, Jacqueline K. Dunklebarger, Jeremy M. Dunklebarger, Janinie D. Brayshaw, Janine D. Dunklebarger and Jason A. Dunklebarger to Michael R. Dunklebarger and Jacqueline K. Dunklebarger, 127 Slack Lane, $1.

Rush Township

David A. Danko and Tanya L. Danko to Jeffery R. Baughman and Daina L. Baughman, 155 Rick St., $240,000.

Bradley Lynn Siegfried and Katie Siegfried to Justin Kopchik, property located along Old Turnpike Road, $1.

David E. Colley and Diane Colley to Virginia R. Colley and Betty Ann Mantz, 204 Game Reserve Road, $1.

Nicholas Shirokey and Mary Jean Shirokey to John Miller, 3108 Tyrone Pike, $14,000.

Hamer Family Revocable Trust, Lionel Clayton Hamer, Lionel C. Hamer and Christine Hamer to Lionel Clayton Hamer and Christine H. Hamer, property located along the Tyrone Pike, $1.

Nicholas Shirokey, Mary Jean Shirokey, Lionel Clayton Hamer, Lionel C. Hamer, by attorney, and Christine H. Hamer to John Miller, property located along the Tyrone Pike, $36,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Chess Master LLC, 130 Little Spike Road, $12,500.

Snow Shoe Township

Michael Harry Preslovich and Michael H. Preslovich to Joseph P. Preslovich, property located along Birch Run Road, $1.

Michael H. Preslovich and Constance Preslovich to Mary T. Smith, property located along West Sycamore Road, $1.

Michael H. Preslovich and Constance Preslovich to Joseph P. Preslovich, 111 Gunsallus Road, $1.

Michael H. Preslovich and Constance Preslovich to Ann E. Michael, Mary T. Smith and Joseph P. Preslovich, property located along West Sycamore Road, $1.

State College Borough

Carol L. Lang to Carol L. Lang and Paul R. Lang, 1202 Westerly Parkway, $1.

Paul R. Herbert, Michele M. Herbert and Gregory R. Herbert to Kathleen A. Gehoski, 1395 University Drive, $243,000.

Rae Anderson, Theresea Anderson, Daniel R. Anderson and Autumn R. Anderson to William Elliot Butler and Maryann Elizabeth Gashi-Butler, 403 S. Allen St., $303,000.

Rae Anderson, Theresea Anderson and Daniel R. Anderson to William Elliot Butler and Maryann Elizabeth Gashi-Butler, 403 S. Allen St., $7,000.

Frans Padt, Janet Van Hell and Adriana G. Van Hell to Frans Padt and Adriana G. Van Hell, 311 S. Sparks St., $1.

Olga T. Gray by attorney to Richard Jay Row Jr. and Richard Joseph Row, 244 Ridge Ave., $237,900.

Taylor Township

James Cupp, James F. Cupp, Ramona Cupp, by attorney, and Ramona L. Cupp, by attorney, to James F. Cupp, property located along state Route 220, $1.

Union Township

Ralph Dickel and Ralph Eugene Dickel to Ralph Eugene Dickel and Carolyn L. Dickel, 1456 Dix Run Road, $1.

James E. Brant and Juanita L. Brant to Arthur G. Brant, Melissa M. Brant and James C. Brant, property located along South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Walker Township

Christopher M. Sigler and Amy S. Thul-Sigler to Christopher M. Sigler and Amy S. Thul-Sigler, 303 Chadham Court, $1.

Worth Township

Danny R. Weaver and Donna J. Weaver to Daniel Cory Weaver, 2971 Upper Flat Rock Road, $1.

Denise M. McKee and Robert McKee to Denise M. Mckee, 160 Huckleberry Hill, $1.