Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 5-9, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 5, 2014, through May 9, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Bellefonte borough, 1081B Zion Road, $750,556.01.

Robert B. Wagner, estate and Susan Pickrell to Theodore J. Ranio and Leah M. Ranio, 707 Halfmoon St., $1.

Theodore J. Ranio and Leah M. Ranio to Theodore J. Ranio and Leah M. Ranio, 707 Halfmoon St., $1.

Robert B. Wagner, estate and Susan Pickrell to Robert B. Wagner, estate and Susan Pickrell, 711 ½ Halfmoon St., $1.

Benner Township

Douglas J. Mace and Linda E Mace to Douglas J. Mace and Linda E Mace, 233 Forest Pond Lane, $1.

Douglas J. Mace and Linda E Mace to Douglas J. Mace and Linda E Mace, 233 Forest Pond Lane, $1.

Douglas J Mace and Linda E. Mace to Douglas J. Mace and Linda E Mace, property on Armagast Road, $1.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Arthur L. Entz Jr., 117 Exeter Lane, $187,995.

Eric J. Ziegler to Wells Fargo Bank, 119 Cambridge Lane, $5,805.44.

Charles T Warren Jr and Susan A. Warren to National Transfeer Services LLC, 158 Meadow Flower Circle, $288,000.

National Transfeer Services LLC to Mark C. Sherburne and Susan R. Sherburne, 158 Meadow Flower Circle, $270,000.

Boggs Township

Pauline F. Ammerman and Erin Ammerman to Erin Ammerman, 193 Ammerman Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Stanley E. Womer to Stanley E. Womer and Peggy R. Womer, 243 Viehdorfer Road, $1.

College Township

Regina Kilburn to Yellow Drake LLC, 180 Lenor Drive, $193,000.

S & A Homes Inc to Stephen W. Williamson and Kari W. Williamson, 229 Florence Way, $460,739.

Eleanor S. Hoy Revocable Trust and Janet H. Mitchell to Nicholas Y. Exarchos and Michelle L. Exarchos, 545 Elmwood St., $184,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David R. Mohler, 152 Roosevelt Ave., $135,000.

Jane I. Lucas, Bobbie L. Brown and Ritchie Brown to Wayne A Warner, II and Deidre L. Harpster, 148 Thornton Road, $137,500.

Andrew W. Garban to AC Properties Partnership, 1401 Houserville Road, $1.

William L. Elder and Jodi S. Elder to Stacy Lynn Squillario, 371 First Ave., $195,185.

Curtin Township

Norman Steiner Jr and Dolores Steiner to John W. Klingaman, 43 Front St., $32,000.

Ferguson Township

William L. Ottaviani and Bonnie L. Ottaviani to Stanley M. Gully and Jean M. Phillips, 160 Meadow Drive, $555,000,

Lisa J. Marshall and Lawrence D. Wolken to Yingzi Wuwei, 1349 Harris St., $203,000.

Sherry Durkin and Sherry Ann Cummings to Wen Li and Xiang Li, 2471 Hickory Hill Drive, $682,000.

Fredrick L. Wilson and Nancy L. Wilson to Jason Schrag and Ashley Schrag, 102 Fairbrook Drive, $179,000.

Marlisa A. Brooks to Sean Grubbs and Alicia E. Grubbs, 2388 Quail Run road, $219,900.

Halfmoon Township

Joanne M. Fisher to Michael G. Stine and Theresa L. Stine, property on Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Haines Township

Carrie Van Pelt to Allison M. Meredith, property at corner of Strawberry Alley and West St., $1.

Carol A. Kester and Charles A & Carol A Kester Revocable Trust to Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell, 211 S. Chestnut St., $1.

Harris Township

Richard W. Swank II, Gretchen E Swank and Gretchen E. Wilt to Richard W. Swank II and Gretchen E. Swank, 328 Lamp Post Lane, $1.

Huston Township

Pennsylvania State University to Kevin Brant and Margaret C Brant, 188 Jarrold Road, $350,000.

Liberty Township

Michael H. Wilson, Mary K. Wilson and Todd Matthew Jones to Susan E. Jones and Baron L. Jones, 395 Railroad St., $43,000.

Miles Township

Daniel E. Wolfe and Linda V. Wolfe to Linda V. Wolfe, 169 A Frame Drive, $1.

Daniel E. Wolfe and Linda V. Wolfe to Linda V. Wolfe, property located along Elk Creek Road, $1.

Geraldine G. Rossman to Barry G. Rossman, Steven P. Rossman, Douglas Rossman and Minette S. Homan, property north of state Route 192, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Stanley G. Robinson and Barbara J. Weaver to Barbara J. Weaver, 102 Darrell St., $1.

Millheim Borough

Shirley Y Rishel, Estate and Kevin Rishel to Kyle T. Rishel, 129 Penn Street, $35,000.

Patton Township

Paul Matthew Baronak and Jennifer Berberian to Larry C. Crawford, Jr. and Leah Zimmerman, 236 Ghaner Drive, $235,000.

Haubert Homes Inc to Thomas W. Hendricks and Amy T. Hendricks, property within the township, $65,000.

Michael G. Rearick and Kimberly D. Rearick to Kimberly D. Rearick, 3568 Circleville Road, $1.

Benjamin F. Pugh and Nancy E. Pugh to Michael J. Sheriff and Katherine Sheriff, 561 Westgate Drive, $325,000.

Potter Township

Shawn A Luse and Kimberly S. Luse to Shawn A Luse, 116 Emery Road, $1.

Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to David D. Lingle, property on Pepper Ridge Drive, $59,000.

Brian C. Vanada, Harry C. Vanada and Barbara D. Vanada to Scott R. Bubb and Mary Ann L. Bubb, 104 Heisey Drive, $169,000.

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania to Matthew Allegretto and Lauren Allegretto, 2712 Lower Brush Valley Road, $175,000.

Rush Township

Equity Trust Company, Robert John Langton IRA and Robert John Langton to Michelle R. Thompson, 508 Kinkead St., $60,400.

Harold J. Folmar and Florence M. Folmar to Harold R. Folmar, Richard L. Folmar and Randy A. Folmar, 124 Peterson Drive, $1.

Teresa Morris and Antonia C. Zawisa to Antonia C. Zawisa, 131 Terry St., $1.

Spring Township

David M. Mishock and Debra A Mishock to Christine T. Spearly, property at corner of College Avenue and Logan Avenue, $22,000.

Dennis C. Brooks, Dennis Brooks Deborah K. Brooks and Debbie Brooks to Willow Brooke LLC, 360 Weaver Hill Road, $1.

Gene A. Martz and Bonna J. Steindl to Gene A. Martz, Chad R. Stahlman and Derek Stahlman, 114 Bilger Ave., $1.

Arlie L. Michaels, estate and Judith Salch to Michael McDermott II and Jessica Dills, 1143 S. Main St., $85,000.

State College Borough

Martin Hoffman to Polaris Realty LLC, 255 E. Beaver St., $135,000.

Nadine R Kofman to Michael S. Schneider and Wendy J. Schneider, 706 Sunset Road, $360,000.

Union Township

Steven J. Schreffler and Lindsey Schreffler to Jenna K. Kling and Aaron M. Ciambotti, 541 Bush Hollow Road, $144,250.

Walker Township

Maureen E. Kearns to Mary H. Myers, 600 Mountain Stone Road, $143,075.

John W. Robison and Diane G. Robison, and Diane K. Guthrie to Suzanne Bienert, 359 Meadow Lane, $150,000.