Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 12-16, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 12, 2014, through May 16, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Patina Homes, LLC to Gerald E. Vargo and Patricia E. Vargo, 436 E. Bishop St., $147,000.

Northwest Savings Bank to Gary Riggs and Sara Riggs, 1325 Joanna Drive, $280,000.

Louise L. Drapcho, estate, Louise M. Drapcho, Judith M. Kerschner and Rosemary E. McClusick to Brent M. Potter, 299 W. Beaver St., $95,000.

Margaret H. Rossman, estate, Margaret J. Rossman, estate, Tyson Randall and John Rossman to Kondaur Capital corporation, 425 Willowbank St., $8,602.42.

Keith R. Sauder and Katherine A. Sauder to David M. Baus and Abby R. Rupert Baus, 703 Halfmoon St., $169,000.

Benner Township

Dan McCaslin to William Kalbfleisch and Lori Kalbfleisch, 120 Buttercup Way, $360,900.

Berks Construction Co, Inc and Berks Homes to Ashley Warren and Ryan Snyder, 176 Dorchester Lane, $184,900.

Trubuild LLC to Richard Smith and Patricia Smith, property located within the township, $274,630.50.

Virginia Lee Price and Brion S. Levine to Ruthann Asche, Sherry Dawn Jackson and Martina Louise Price, 589 Valentine Hill Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Nancy L. Grimm and Todd A. Grimm to Nancy L. Grimm, 619 Pine Alley, $1.

William M. Martin to William J. Waugh and Shannon R. Waugh, 105 Heverly Lane, $250,000.

Mildred E. Johnson, Mildred E. Wagner, and Harry F. Wagner to Mildred E. Wagner and Harry F. Wagner, 1714 Moose Run Road, $1.

College Township

Carmella F. Harter to Carmella F. Harter, 120 Roosevelt Ave., $1.

William A. Gettig to Sheri A. Trine, 472 Scenery Park, $1.

Karen M Neff, estate, Glenda M. Bartley, Merle E. Neff, Marlin L. Neff and Thomas L. Neff to Cheryl Neff and Merle E. Neff, 2654 Penbrook Lane, $1.

Ferguson Township

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Shannon A. Corkery and David C. Rosenberger, 355 Johnson Road, $276,400.

Thomas F. Songer, S & A Homes Inc. and Johnson Farm Associates to Shuping Jiang and Huaming Chen, 400 Hawknest Road, $338,858.

Barton K Pursel and Erin M. Pursel, also known as, Erin C. McGrail, to William Keith Kohler, 1460 Blue Course Drive, $241,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert, Thomas F. Songer and WPSH Associates to Md Amanul Haque and Mst kamrunnahar, 2395 Longellow Court, $506,811.

Charles R. Fisher and Julie L. Fisher to John Lazos and Jessica Cook, 1221 Chestnut Ridge Drive, $390,000.

Kevin J. Thomas and Tina C. Thomas to Adam W. Lugibill, Sheila E. Carmen and Amber D. Shaw, 2380 Park Center Blvd., $215,500.

Michael E. Warner and Diana Zeiskywarner to Kevin J. Thomas and Tina C. Thomas, 2184 Autumnwood Drive, $340,000.

Halfmoon Township

Thomas D. Rodgers to Christopher D. Shue and Frances M. Shue, 278 Winesap Drive, $285,000.

Haines Township

Roy E. Eisenhuth, estate and Rick N. Dunlap to Janet H. Dunlap and Donald L. Eisenhuth, 131 Mountain Ave., $1.

Harris Township

Betty L. Kasody to Richard R. Knipe and Mary B. Knipe, 124 Ramsey Way, $650,000.

J. Garry McShea and Priscilla A. McShea to David J. Stensrud and Audrey K. Stensrud, 210 Lee Ave., $413,000.

Patton Township

Gregory M. McMurran, Cathleen M. McMurran, Kira C. Lecznar and Ryan Andrew Lecznar to Marco Ventoruzzo, 113 Alma Mater Drive, $169,000.

Gary D. Hartley and Julie A. Hartley to Ming Xiao and Shasha Xiao, 101 Whitepine Place, $255,000.

Wooded Hills to Vincent J. Romanini and Brenda J. Moore, 127 Scarlet Oak Circle, $359,000.

US Bank to Chris Wharton and Andrea Wharton, 105 White Birch Road, $207,000.

James R. Walker Living Trust, James R. Walker and Judith R. Hiltner to Barry L. Murray and Michele R. Murray, property located along Filmore Road, $24,000.

Brian B. Hill and Nikki L. Hill to Jan Petrich and Britta J. Petrich, 213 Bellvue Circle, $276,000.

Clifford L. Wurster and Doris M. Wurster to Samuel J. Wint and Bonnie L. Wint, 198 Honors Lane, $335,000.

Samuel F. Lego and Andrea K. Lego to Thomas M. Stock and Colleen A Stock, 301 Oakwood Ave., $159,900.

Penn Township

Samuel T. Meyer to Samuel T. Meyer and Elaine V. Meyer, 204 Summer Mountain Road, $1.

Daniel D. Shreckengast to Daniel D. Shreckengast and Joyce L ynn Shreckengast, 110 Windy Hill Lane, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Harmon Thomas Hartshorne, Aaron Tiracorda and Harmon T. Hartshorner, estate to Brenda L. Blake, 202 S. Second St., $15,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Keith R. Hess, by sheriff to First National Bank Of PA, property located along Front Street, $5,940.92.

Potter Township

Grace Burris, Donald L. Burris, Ronald E. Burris and Vickie L. Gordon to Grace Burris, 2165 Upper Brush Valley Road, $1.

Jeffrey C. Haas and Wendy L. Haas to Brooke E. Holdren and Amanda G C Holdren, 159 Weaver Hill Road, $319,000.

Rush Township

Susan K. Kolbe, Theodore E. Kolbe Jr., and Mary C. Shedlock to Scott Etters, 311 Kinkead St., $75,500.

Bank of America to Pasquale Romano and Jennifer Romano, 1630 State St., $7,000.

LR and RF Associates to TWL Realty, LLC, 1535 Port Matilda Highway, $246,500.

Cathy Ann Williams, Karen Kay Woodrow, Jeffrey Woodrow and George Scott Sudik to Casey L. Williams, 401 Jesse St., $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Amy St. Clair, by sheriff, to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 211 N. Moshannon Ave., $4,913.53.

Edward G. Hall to Elizabeth Miller, property located along Olive Street, $5,000.

Snow Shoe Township

J. Dennis McLaughlin and Patricia A. McLaughlin to J. Dennis McLaughlin and Patricia A. McLaughlin, property located along Old Side Road, $1.

Diane M. McCrea and Heather L. Colwell to Nicholas P. Koleno II and Tammy Jo Koleno, 900 Preston St.t, $190,000.

Spring Township

US Bank to Middle Farm Partnership, 1222 Doruss Drive, $1.

Melissa L. Bard to Jarred M. Himes, 140 Farmington Lane, $240,000.

Eva C. Frantz, estate and Jeanne A. Stewart to Morris L. Houser and Kathleen P. Houser, 123 Locust St., $152,000.

Joanne Roadarmel to Curtis B. Loesch and Kari A. Shivery, 1336 Zion Road, $177,900.

Loesch Construction Inc. to Adam Thomas Butters and Jennifer Diane Butters, 180 Jonathan Lane, $216,500.

State College Borough

Robert A. Brand estate and Karen E. Blair to Karen E. Blair, 411 Arbor Way, $1.

Anita T. Fogel and Linda J. Pesce to Causeway Rentals, LLC, 220 Ellen Ave., $195,000.

US Bank to Scott J. Carts and Jodi S. Carts, 180 Legion Lane, $158,000.

S. Paul Mazza Jr. and Maralyn J. Mazza to Maralyn J. Mazza, 410 S. Atherton St., $1.

Maralyn J. Mazza to S. Paul Mazza III, 410 S. Atherton St.t, $1.

L. George Lang and Grace Ann Lang to Thomas J. Waite and Julie D. Waite, 626 Glenn Road, $299,000.

Ronni R. Tibbott and Cynthia L. Tibbott to Melanie E. Harris, 941 Hart Circle, $174,900.

Charles A. Frey Jr. and Kimberly D. Frey to Jacqueline Q Phillips, 1014 S. Atherton St., $147,000.

Thomas E. Zeiders and Carol A. Zeiders to Nittany Houses LP, 608 E. Beaver Avenue, $229,900.

Union Township

Cynthia M. Taylor and James R. Taylor to Jeffrey D. Miles, 172 Spotts Road, $100,000.

Penny L. Burkett and Dale E. Burkett to Jeffrey D. Miles, 172 Spotts Road, $100,000.

Walker Township Samuel T. Brezler and Lucy A. Brezler to Brandon A Byers and Holly A. Byers, 106 Sue St., $164,900.

John J. Moore estate and Jill A. Burd to Marlisa A. Brooks, 210 Pebble Lane, $136,900.

Market Place Unlimited LLC to Ronald L. Chronister and Tammy M. Chronister, property located along Marie Lane, $36,000.

Mary Elizabeth Schmotzer and Mathias G. Schmotzer to Timothy B. Graham and Melissa J. Graham, 325 Nittany Valley Drive, $177,000.