Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: May 27-30, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 27, 2014, through May 30, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds in Bellefonte.

Bellefonte Borough Mark D. Mital and Denise E. Mital to Nicklaus A. Giacobe and Lisa K. Giacobe, 1306 Laura Lane, $325,000.

Mary A. Shoemaker, estate and Curtis J. Willar to Douglas A. Johnson and Sharon A. Johnson, 541 E. Linn St., $160,000.

Barbara Gettig to Chris Jabco and Beatrice Jabco, 722 E. Bishop St., $110,000.

College Township Ian J. Nalepa and Shuchi K. Nalepa to Christopher C. Caskey, 319 First Ave., $200,000.

Deborah Ashley Temkin, also known as Deborah Temkin Cahill, and Bryan Jeffery Cahill to Tanan Cheng, 185 Wiltree Court, $272,500.

Gerald N. Knoppers and Laura L. Knoppers to Christopher G. England and Jennifer E. Graham-Engeland, 199 Aberdeen Lane, $509,000.

John S. Bischoff, estate and Elizabeth McClintic to Elizabeth McClintic, Bruce C. Bischoff, Diane B. Gemberling and Gretchen B. Thompson, 1236 Edward St., $1. Ferguson Township Galen G. McWilliams and Kathy M McWilliams to Stanley E. Latta and Debra L. Latta, 3222 Shellers Bend, $380,000.

Arlene Eminhizer Rider to Debra S. Hamilton and Steven E. Hamilton, 1397 Curtin St., $1. Jennifer E Graham-Engeland, Jennifer E. Graham and Christopher S. Engeland to Peter M. Nelsona nd Anna M. Nelson, 120 Meadowhawk Lane, $307,000.

Brian Keith Doster and Sharon June Doster to David J. Murosky, 132 E. Pine Grove Road, $164,400.

Galen E. Dreibelbis and Galen E & Nancy J Dreibelbis Family to Galen E & Nancy J. Dreibelbis, 265 Blue Course Drive, $1.

John R. Kovalchik and Joan E. Kovalchik to Michael W. Bortiatynski and Jacqueline M. Bortiatynski, 200 Lois Lane, $72,500.

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer and S & A Homes Inc to Shanhai Ge and Li Xue, 2462 Raven Hollow Trail, $295,224.

Michael S. Falk and Anne Falk to Ralph W. Fulkers and Jean M. Rupert-Folkers, 260 Treetops drive, $975,000. Halfmoon Township Margaret R. Boal and Allen L. Boal to Lucas S. Simonetti and Michelle L. Simonetti, 38 Molly Lane, $260,000. Haines Township Donald F. Wolfe and Nancy M. Wolfe to Betty L. Roush, Diana M. Miller, Stanley F. Wolfe and Scott A Wolfe, 504 Wolfe Road, $1.Harris Township Lois A. Hassinger to Adam M. Lynch, 135 Lee Ave., $135,000.

Felicia Dionisio and Brian J. Hetzman to William P. Brainard and Peggy Ann Rowzer-Brainard, 904 Outer Drive $280,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Charles B Graham and Kristen L. Holzwarth, 115 Settlers Way, $392,246.46.

Howard Borough Robert D. Confer to Scott R. Fravel, property on Walnut Street, $12,000.

Liberty Township Courter Irrevocable Grantor Trust and Marilyn H. Wright to Joseph D. Brickley and Vanessa G Brickley, 151 N. Kunes St., $215,000.

Charles A Masden and Shirley M. Masden to Michael Vernon Wise, property on Brickley Drive, $20,000.

Marion Township

Marion Ridge Investments LP to Samuel J Glick and Sadie S. Glick, 2674 Jacksonville Road, $1. Millheim Borough David Lee Klaue and Sharon Ann Klaue to David Lee Klaue, 144 W. Main St., $1.

Mary Ann Hostetler and David L. Klaue to Grandview of PA LLC, 144 W. Main St., $1.

Patton Township Susan L. Weaver to Golden Pund, LLC, 606 E Oakwood Ave., $206,500.

Haubert Homes Inc. to Paul M. Andersona nd Deborah A Anderson, property within the township, $65,000. Michael T. Hughes and Parvathy N. Hughes to Michael T. Hughes, 158 Skytop Lane, $1.

Wendell L. Williams and Ella J. Williams to Curtis W. Kunes and Jacquelyn S. Kunes, 319 Patton Lane, $137,500.

John E. Graham and Carol L. Graham to 1608 Woodledge Circle LLC, $235,000.

William R. Zeruth and Jill A. Zeruth to Brendan Joliet and Danielle Joliet, 161 McKivison St., $273,000.

Stanley E. Latta and Debra L. Latta to Devang Parikh and Hiral Parieh, 210 Brothers Court, $500,000.

Wooded Hills to Paris R. Von Lockette, Jr and Niki T. Dickerson Von Lockette, 117 Scarlet Oak Circle, $365,000.

James S Hileman III and Joanie Renee Hileman to Mark A. Eveleth and Rebecca S Eveleth, 2053 Mary Ellen Lane, $155,000.

Jeffrey M. Urbanski and Heidi L. Urbanski to Joshua A. Feldman and Jacqueline A. Mogle, 118 E. Clearview Ave., $241,000.

Francis H. Brown Income Only Trust and Susan C. Murphy to Susan C. Murphy and Anna R. Coleman, 506 E. Hillside Ave., $1.

Adam Kurland, Ronald Seidman and Andrea Seidman to Phoenix Internation Investments LP, 646C Oakwood Ave., $200,000.

Dustin G. Case and Elizabeth J. Case to James W Meinecke, III and Megan P. Meinecke, 114 Brynwood Drive, $1. Penn Township Mark S. Weaver and Carla D. Weaver to Paul D. Hanko and Melissa V Hanko, 272 Elk Creek Road, $138,500.

Philipsburg Borough Shawn H. Timblin and Theresa M. Timlin, also known as, Theresa M. Hazel to Shawn H. Timblin, 338 North 9th St., $1.

Port Matilda Borough

Mannino Properties Inc to MCPC Properties LLC, 105 E. Plan Road, $70,000.

Potter Township Page L. Gaddis and Anne L. Gaddis to Page L. Gaddis and Anne L. Gaddis, 146 Sand Mountain Road, $1.

Grace Burris to Jason Muthersbaugh and Brandy Muthersbaugh, 2165 Upper Brush Valley Road, $91,000.

Rush Township Judy E. Morrow to John F. Peters andLorena T. Peters, property at the corner of Maple Street and State Street, $4,000.

Snow Shoe Township Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 2004 Clarence Road, $1. Spring Township Joseph S. Conklin, Dana M. Conklin and Joseph Conklin to Joseph Conklin, 108 Melanie Lane, $1.

State College Borough Barbara G. Bird to Russell B. Frank and Han A. Wingate, 864 N. Allen St., $314,000.

Mary Jane Ishler, estate, H. Richard Ishler Jr. and Barbara Janowsky to George David Haushalter and Elizabeth G. Haushalter, 712 Holmes St., $490,00.

Jason T. Hoffman and Melanie Prue-Hoffman to Jason T. Hoffman, Gretchen Sylvester and Joshua Hoffman, 242 Nimitz Ave., $1.

Kit Kinsports and Stephen F. Ross to Frans J. G. Padt and Adriana G. Van Hell, 412 W. Fairmont Ave., $594,000.

Curtis D. Runyan and Jennifer K. Balch to Eugene C. Morgan and Kari L. Morgan, 314 Adams Ave., $590,000.

Barbara B. Bingaman and Paul R. Bingaman to Kazuhiko Kawasaki and Mizuho Kawasaki, 1000 Greenfield Circle, $223,100.

Margaret E. Cohen and Matthew J. Adams to Mary Mujek and Stephen Ross, 667 Franklin St., $445,000.

Jeffrey R. Tully and Shane P. Tully to John J. Fitzgerald and Patricia J. Fitzgerald, 803 Stratford Drive, $144,000.

Matthew J. Milner and Lauren J. Cator to Lauren Perrotti and Geoffrey L. Halberstaut Jr., 905 Walnut St., $224,000.

Taylor Township James F. Cupp to Susan M. Weaver, Jimmie D. Cupp and Bryan Joseph Cupp, property on state Route 220, $50,000.

Walker Township

Market Place Unlimited LLC to Matthew B. Watson and Julie L. Watson, property on Marie Lane, $37,000. Worth Township Blair E. Warrender Jr. and Marilyn R. Warrender to Mark Andrew Warrender, James B. Warrender and Brian K. Warrender, 1257 Reese Hollow Road, $1.

Liberty Gun Club of Wayne Inc to Corey M. Foster and Tessa J. Gaines, 8256 S. Eagle Valley Road, $60,000.