Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: June 2-6, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 2, 2014, through June 6, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Christine M. Van Horn and Mark J. Van Horn to Ronald Lee Sheetz, 619 N. Allegheny St., $140,000.

Conor Nelson and Bridget Nelson to Grant B. Littke, 313 Curtin St., $273,000.

Cecil G Weaver Bank of New York Mellon, 263 N. Thomas St., $4,395.76.

Benner Township

James C Swartzell and Nancy Ann Swartzell to Marvin H. Hall and Joyce E. Hall, 480 Rock Road, $330,000.

PNC Bank to Sean P. Harris, 1337 Valley View Road, $275,000.

Ronald D. Mattern, Allen Rex Mattern, Daniel L. Mattern and East End Partnership to James C. Swartzell and Nancy A. Swartzell, property within the township, $309,166.04.

Burnside Township

Mary Lou Carlin, Robert Paul Carlin, Marilynn L. Spear to Mary Lou Carlin, Robert Paul Carlin, Pamela Ann Carlin, David Leslie Spear and Marilynn L. Spear, 133 Carlin Lane, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Robert A. Dobson and Carol A. Dobson to Robert A. Dobson and Glenda J. Thompson, 127 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $1.

Larry A. Brown, estate and Connie B. Mell to Frank C. Downie and Kathianne M. Downie, 107 W. Ridge St., $155,000.

College Township

E Norene Ritchey to Tamara S. Biddle, 180 Spring St., $129,900.

S & A Homes Inc. to William Zeruth and Jill A. Zeruth, 243 Florence Way, $429,000.

John G. Cocolin and Lisa A. Cocolin to John G. Cocolin, 560 Balmoral Circle, $1.

Robert A. Heidrich and Kristina M. Heidrich to Michael P. Hume and Christie J. Hume,. 221 Warrick St., $250,000.

Frederick J. Kissinger and Richard G. Kissinger to David A. Pecht and Randall E. Haubert, 1347 Haymaker Road, $75,000.

Carol Ann Lassman, Nancy Ann Swartzell and Robert Michael Kucas to Addison L. Bartlett, 139 Meadow Lane, $157,000.

Paul D. Minear and Nicole M. Allamon-Nimear to Lisa R. Clapper, 107 Quincy Ave., $186,900.

Eleanor S. Hoy Revocable Trust, Janet H. Mitchell, Nicholas Y Esarchos, Michelle L. Exarchos and Nicholas Y Exarchos andMichelle L. Exarchos, 545 Elmwood St., $1.

Larry Roeshot and Rita Roeshot to Wallace C. Snipes and Mitra Z. Snipes, 1815 Ballybunion Drive, $635,000.

Sowko Irrevocable Granto Trust and Michael N. Sowko to John M. Mason and Michelle R. Mason, 114 Wellington Drive, $240,000.

Emma Baiz, Emma Bryant and Joseph Bryant to Thomas Seth Kauffman, 124 Oakwood Drive, $160,000. Hilda Rhule to Mary Ellen Wirth, 135 Panoama Drive, $196,501.

Ashley A Miller and Dale E Miller, Frank T. Gaudaghino and Lisa M. Guadagnino, 100 Jefferson Avenue, $201,500.

Curtin Township

Rodney E. McMurtrie and Sandra L. McMurtrie to Philip Armstrong, Lester Armstron and Lester C. Herman, 611 Bear Ridge Road, $92,000.

Ferguson Township

Dorothy L. Crater to Chenning Lin, 2244 Bristol Ave., $233,500.

Nellis G. Boyle, estate and Elizabeth M. Taylor to Joanne G. Dick, 3291 Shellers Bend, $268,000. Edmond J. Micucci and Florann M. Micucci to Salvatore J. Mazzotta and Elaine Mazzotta, 260 Plainfield Drive, $184,900.

Kathryn L. Schu and Calder Daenzer to Lynn T. Chesnut and Betty L. Chesnut, 1747 Manor Court, $252,100.

June L. Barnard to Don L Hall, II and Marlene L. Hall, 1231 E. Park Hills Ave., $211,500. Catherine Dunlap Miller to Michael C. Miller to ICS Property LLC, 3100 Research Drive, $950,000.

Chryseia M. Brennan, Chryseia Brennan and Charles E. Quinby to Diane Lichtman, 1460 Blue Course Drive, $242,000. Tracey Burgard Noviello and Tracey L. Burgard to Tracey Burgard Noviello and Michael A. Noviello, 233 Val Verda Drive, $1.

Douglas Glen Parrillo and Alicia Alizabet Drais-Parrillo to Amy Smart and Barbara Long, 2294 Roylen Circle, $261,950.

Kathleen M Curran, also known as, Kathleen M. Renaud and Andrew J. Renaud to Joshua L. Smith, 2414 Autumnwood Drive, $281,000.

Gregg Township

Sandra L. Leedy to Commonwealth of Pa Dept of Transportation, property within the township, $1.

F. David Hosterman to Commonwealth of Pa Dept of Transportation, property within the township, $1.

Russell A Wolfe and Wanda C. Wolfe to Commonwealth of Pa Dept of Transportation, property within the township, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Mark M. Luellen and Beth A Luellen to George C Stine III and Nancy L. Stine, 13 Macintosh Court, $310,000.

Jon M. Oatley and Melissa J. Oatley to Richard Hubler and Briana Wisor, 3161 Halfmoon Valley Road, $395,000.

Harris Township

Colleen L. O’Brien and William J. O’Brien to Dustin G. Case and Elizabeth J. Case, 101 Norwich Blvd., $1.

Michael A. Gates, estate and Craig M. Gates to Craig M. Gates, 805 Boalsburg Pike, $1.

Criag M. Gates and Megan M. Gates to Criag Gates Trust and Kishacoquillas Valley National Bank, 805 Boalsburg Pike, $1.

Jason A Bell and Tracy L.. Bell to Catherine I Arbogast, 324 Lawnwood Ave., $242,500.

Wilbert L. Hinds and Donna E. Garban to Patrick J. Hockey and Linda Thompson, 130 E. Main St., $225,000.

Liberty Township

Eugene A. Cox to Barbara L. Helms and Roberta L. McGhee, 117 Alley St., $12,000.

Miles Township

Ray A. Lingle and Lena M. Lingle to Debra E. Talbot and Gregory K. Lingle, 112 Madisonburg Pike, $1. Milesburg Borough

Craig R. Lucas and Sherry R. Lucas to John L. Buckwalter, Jr.and Nicole K. Buckwalter, 307 Dell St., $184,000. Patton Township

Jared Rodrigues to Michael D. Gingrich and Lisa M. Gingrich, 3115 Carnegie Drive, $79,900. Douglas Brooks and Elizabeth A Brooks to Jeffrey M. Urbanski and Heidi L. Urbanski, 548 Brittany Drive, $319,000.

Lisa H. Clapper to Bee Y Roberts and Mark J. Roberts, 2091 Mary Ellen Lane, $161,100.

Daniel W. Conway and Claire E. Katz to Andrew E. Boyce-Lewis and Suzanne M. Stevens, 637 Crandall Drive, $275,500.

Douglas P. Jowdy to Woodycrest Rentals LLC, 251 W. Clearview Ave., $122,500.

Reed McCormick, Susan V. McCormick, Rickey L. Spicer and Suzi Spicer to Kenneth L. Teaman and Carolyn B. Teaman, 140 Stoney Point Drive, $100,000.

Susan C. Murphy and Anna R. Coleman to Susan C. Murphy, 506 E. Hillside Ave., $1.

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC, Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC and S & A Homes Inc. to Royce A. Billings and Marylou K. Billings, property within the township, $404,319.

Mary M L Barrett, estate, Donald B. Barrett III and Donna F. Smith to Eric R. Swenson and Julie C. Swenson, 643 Belmont Circle, $230,000.

Andy B. Sharp, Kristen D. Stahl and Kristen Stahl Sharp to Andy B. Sharp and Kristen Stahl Sharp, 120 Wildernest Lane, $1.

Penn Township

Eudell M. Confer, estate and David Richardson to David Richardson, Robert Confer and Keith Confer, 126 Abbies Lane, $1.

Port Matilda Borough

Adam Martin Mastalski, estate and Joseph Martin Mastalski to David S. Lykens, 209 E Oak St., $30,000.

Potter Township

Philip E. Pruszko and Pauline K. Pruszko to S. Paul Mazza, III and Sue A. Mazza, 264 Strawberry Hill, $386,000.

Rush Township

Clearfield Bank & Trust Co. to Michael W. Owens and Crystal L. Owens, 453 S. Centre St., $7,000.

Fred Askey, Mary Askey, Fred D. Askey and Mar J. Askey to Fredrick D. Askey, Jr., property along B Street, $1.

Jackie L. Johns and Jackie L. Gross to Jackie L. Gross and Christopher L. Gross, 3499 Port Matilda Hwy, $1.

Tracy J. Potter and Jodie M Potter to Donald F. Heaney, 301 Enterprise Drive, $175,000.

Merlin R. Hessong and Bonnie L. Hessong to Merle Robert Hessong, Lisa M. Thompson and Lori A. Eckberg, property located Loch Lomond Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Rosewood Investors LLC to Stephen Klimsak and Marcia Klimsak, property along Fountain Road, $29,500.

Douglas S. Mann, Rhonda L. Mann, Edward A. Mann and Nanette G. Mann to Edward A. Mann and Nanette G. Mann, property along Whippoorwill Lane, $1.

Spring Township

Catherine I Arbogast to Jessica L. Hanna, 1231 E. College Avenue, $140,000.

CDG Land Acquisition LP to Vincent J. Delricco, 149 Rosehill Drive, $259,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Jonathan J. Mortensen, 124 Danielle Drive, $110,000.

M. Donald Shawver to M. Donald Shawver, 121 Oak St., $1.

Elissa S. Johnson to Elissa S. Johnson and Terri Reese, 2349 Zion Road, $1.

State College Borough

Tetyana Pudrovska and Andriv Anishkin to Benjamin J Madara Revocable Living Trust and Benjamin J. Madara, 659 Glenn Road, $373,000.

Michael S. Freeman to Beth A. Kalenak, 126 W. Marylyn Ave., $330,000.

J. Dennis McLaughlin and Patricia A. McLaughlin to Lisa M. Ferguson, property along Nectarine St., $8,000.

Michael S. Flak to Michael S. Falk and Anne Falk, 617 W. Prospect Ave., $1.

Pars Real Estate LLC to Guoxin Chen, 716E W Beaver Ave., $231,000.

Eileen Moser and Gerald F. Russell, estate to Mercator Realty LLC, 127 Sowers St., $275,000.

Angel Gonzalez to State College Community Land Trust, 910 Walnut St., $192,500.Taylor Township Tina M. Brown to Tina M. Brown, 124 Windy Hill Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Ronald D. Mattern, Allen Rex Mattern, Daniel L. Mattern, Gary G. Wilt, Gary G Wilt, II and Nittany Vista Joint Venture to Frank L. Wetzler and Dylan L. Wetzler, property located along Nilson Road, $90,000.