Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Aug. 25-29, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Aug. 25 through Aug. 29, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Donald R. Becker and Toni L. Jensen to Michael C. Immel and Tara L. Immel, 121 E. Curtin St., $162,000.

Benner Township

Paul F. Banach and Lisa M. Banach to Mark Aydin and Regina Aydin, 293 Meadow Flower Circle, $456,000.

BMH Properties of Louisiana LLC to James R. Pryde, 124 Cambridge Lane, $179,900.

Robert M. Kucas and Glenda A. Kucas to Robert D. Eyerman and Caroline M. Eyerman, property on Buffalo Run Road, $53,000.

College Township

Brandall Investments LP to Vincent J. Reynolds to 121 Matilda Avenue, $304,000.

Donald E. Benner to Joseph A. Williams and Rose S. Williams, 116 Wellington Drive, $265,500.

Lesleigh Anne Roberts and William C. Hastie and William C. Hastie, 122 Panorama Drive, $1.

Ferguson Township

Kun Chang Yu to Maher Hasan Felemban, 134 Gala Drive, $220,000.

Paul M. Simenson to Timothy D. O’Rorke and Karen A. O’Rorke, 1898 Ayrshire Way, $200,000.

Glen S. Kuhns and Jennifer A. Dill Kuhns to Donald Jermusyk and Bernadette Jermusyk, 281 Treetops Drive, $540,000.

Gary P. Bamat and Janet A. Bamat to Hanglong Zhu and Hangjuan Zhu, 1874 Autumnwood Drive, $352,000.

Sue Ellen Haug to Thomas J. O’Grady and Brandy Karl, 2235 Charleston Drive, $329,900.

John A. Daley, also known as John Daley, and Katherine M. Daley , also known as Katherine Daley, to Eric R. Swenson and Patrick Latimer, 1430 Linn St., $204,000.

Edward P. Subler to Robert A. Lies II and Joan T. Lies, 2465 Circleville Road, $315,000.

Andrew R. Wess and Miranda Wess to Andrew R. Wess and Miranda Wess, 2504 Prairie Rose Lane, $1.

John W. and Margaret R. Demaria Revocable Living Trust and Todd Costello to Mary K. Ray Agnew, 3291 Shellers Bend, $285,000.

John William J. Powell and Bree A. Powell to Nittany Valley Farms, Inc, 3101 Shellers Bend, $169,500.

Dawn L. Harpster, Harold W. Harpster, Ronald J. Gilligan and Mary Lou Gilligan to Ronald J. Gilligan and Mary Lou Gilligan, 3769 W. Whitehall Road, $1.

Robert H. Schmidt and Stephanie L. Schmidt to Gary A. Smith and Seriashia J. Chatters, 1826 Cambridge Lane, $179,900.

Gregg Township

Paul T. Berkobin to John T. Spargo and Erica K. Husser, 150 Reeder Road, $224,900.

Haines Township

Grenville K. Strother, also known as Greenville K. Strother and Nancy L. Strother to Scott M. Dennison and Shari K. Edelson, 129 W. Aaron Drive, $149,000.

Federal National Mortgage Associates and Fannie Mae to Joel M. Kauffman, 129 Tattletown Road, $42,500.

Harris Township

James R. Weaver and Patricia E. Weaver to Ryan C. Ayres and Billie Jo Ayres, 104 Willowbrook Drive, $269,900.

Elizabeth A. Gladfelter, also known as Elizabeth A. Evert and John A. Gladfelter to Karin B. Graham, 121 Honeysuckle Drive, $147,000.

Samuel Hartman and Elizabeth F. Hartman to Elizabeth F. Hartman, 116 Honeysuckle Drive, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Robert H. Morrell and Carol E. Morrell, property in the township, $320,557.11.

TOA PA IV LP to John F. Marshall and Helen M. Marshall, property in the township, $406,799.42.

Joseph D. Mattioli Jr. to Glen S. Kuhns and Jennifer A. Dill Kuhns, property in the township, $323,000.

Howard Borough

Miles Township

Patton Township

Barry J. Bram and Laura N. Perry to Matthew T. Barone and Annahelen C. Barone, 104 White Birch Road, $262,900. Paul J. Carozzoni, by sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 532 Kristina Circle, $305,000.

Benjamin F. Evans III to Xianrong Zhang, 4 Fredericksburg Court, $134,200.

James L. Wade and Linda V. Wade to Steven W. Garner, 360 Ghaner Drive, $199,500.

Galina A. Khmelkova to William R. Schmalstieg and Emily L. Schmalstieg, 9 Fredericksburg Court, $125,500.

Lisa J. McLaughlin to Mark J. Roberts and Bee Yan Roberts, 2090 Mary Ellen Lane, $158,000.

Michael D. Leshock and Mary Beth Leshock to Ailan Cheng and Qiming Zhang, 201 Fernwood Court, $168,000.

Kristen M. Woodring and Geraldine A. Woodring to Perry P. Heath and C. Susan Heath, 134 Kenley Court, $195,000

Perry P. Heath and C. Susan Heath to Nittany Valley Farms, 134 Kenley Court, $212,000.

Sharon A. Rolley to Kathy Xiaofen Brown, 368 Ghaner Drive, $152,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Port Matilda Borough

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gary Wayne Shawley, 504 Brick St., $30,0000.

Potter Township

Rush Township

Helen J. Prall and J. Stanley Prall to Michael C. Williams, 1825 State St., $1.

Robert E. Ferguson and Dawn M. Ferguson to Robert E. Ferguson and Dawn M. Ferguson, property on Frank Road, $1.

Stone Valley Construction Inc. to Stone Valley Realty LLC, 132 Coaldale Road, $200,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Spring Township

Daniel R. Hawbaker, Grace S. Hawbaker, Janos Koltay and Cheryl D. Koltay to Carol E. Dillon, 120 Faust Circle, $190,000.

State College Borough

Victor H. Campbell III Revocable Trust and Victor H. Campbell, III to Stephanie Szakal, 1257 S. Garner St., $268,000.

John W. Cieply and Margaret Cieply to Edward H. Elliott Jr. and Cindy M. Elliott, 914 Bayberry Drive, $255,000.

SBW Associates, Thomas F. Songer, Frank C. Welsh Jr. and Randall A. Bachman to SBW Associates LP, 501 E. Beaver Avenue, $1.

KML Law Group PC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 1031 Saxton Drive, $1.

Marilyn S. Kramer-Haugh to State College Borough, 148 N. Barnard St., $420,000.

Emily M. Harrington and Debashis Ghosh to Jens-Uwe Guettel and Jennifer A. Boittin, 923 Metz Avenue, $305,000.

Steven R. Drago and Laura J. Drago to Robert Wells and Valerie G. Wells, 123 E. Doris Avenue, $250,000.

Leslie Lloyd to Ari Kelman and Lesley S. Kelman, 420 S. Patterson St., $700,000.

Walker Township

Kevin C. May to Joseph D. Mattioli Jr., 109 Riverstone Lane, $132,000.

Davis Ogden Clapp Revocable Trust and Davis Ogden Clapp to Joshua L. Diehl and Jessica R. Diehl, 700 Sand Ridge Road, $345,000.