Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 2-5, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 2-5, 2014, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds in Bellefonte.

Bellefonte Borough

Kay R. Zinsner, estate, Charles Zinsner III and Julie Marko to Ian P. Sheakoski, 624 E. Curtin St., $157,000.

Benner Township

Frank Davis and Lynn Davis to Margaret W. Ekdahl, 279 Fultons Run Road, $174,000.

Boggs Township

Centre Hall Borough

Madeline M. Weaver to Cathy Lynn Benner, 128 E. Allison St., $70,000.

College Township

Scott Alan Corl estate, Scott A. Corl estate, and Caitlyn Nicole Corl to Jai N. Zwolak and Mariia Marleena Reini-Zwolak, 2625 Penbroom Lane, $168,500.

Seda Sahakian to Horacio Perez-Blanco, Teresa L. Shock, Jonathan M. Perez-Blanco and Marcos E. Perez-Blanco, 189 Birchtree Court, $164,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Joseph A. Murrell and Morgan K. Murrell, 165 McCann Drive, $408,900.

Willow Acre LLC to CCCA LLC, 2560 Clyde Ave., $410,000.

Ferguson Township

Ellen J. Dannin to Robert J. Baillie, 168 E. North Hills Place, $155,702. Thomas F. Songer, S & A Homes Inc. and Johnson Farms Associates to Michael J. McNees, 360 Hawknest Road, $360,000.

Kathryn E. McGeary, estate, and Christine A. Clark to Gary P. Bamat and Janet A. Bamat, 3291 Shellers Bend, $275,000. Wilda Elder Hosterman Trust, Karl F. Hosterman and Karen Hosterman-Sabel to Charles E. Carter III, 1367 N. Allen St., $200,000.

Haines Township

Dennis L. Price and Dennis Price to Evelyne M. Noel, 146 Water Gap Road, $189,900.

Harris Township

Deborah A. Bellody to Wafa Istambouli Noble and Sara Rebecca Noble, 3805 S. Atherton St., $222,500.

Howard Borough

Matthew R. Burkholder and Dawn M. Burkholder to Ronald W. Aurand and Katie A. Aurand, property on Spearing St., $183,000.

Liberty Township

Randy P. Brungard to Randy P. Brungard and Paul R. Brungard, 192 N. Beach St., $1.

Marion Township

Stephen L. Lachat and Melissa D. Lachat, also known as Melissa Lachat, to Melissa D. Lachat, 950 Nittany Ridge Road, $1.

Miles Township

Helen C. Royer estate, and Deborah M. R. Strouse to Hope P. Miller, Deborah M. R. Strouse and Leroy Royer, property on state Route 192, $1.

Ruben J. Echemendia and Janet M. Echemendia to Janet M. Echemendia Revocable Trust, Ruben J. Echemendia and Janet M. Echemendia, 107 Piccadilly Road, $10. Odete Faria-Santos and Odete Ribeiro to Tiejun Zhang and Xiaohuan Liu, 104 Fernwood Court, $126,000.

Timothy C. Brennan to Nicholas R. Savereno and Stephanie E. Savereno, 437 Weymouth Circle, $206,000.

Rush Township

Thad M. Francisco and Nicole R. Francisco to Dustin E. Swisher and Kayla E. Swisher, 501 Walnut St., $125,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Gregory M. Rees and Diana J. Rees to Jonathan G. Rees, 556 E. Sycamore Road, $1.

Spring Township

John D. Roberts to Matthew J. Hill and Maryellen B. Hill, 610 Willowbank St., $87,500.

Mary Jo Boldin to Mary Jo Boldin and Sara P. Fletcher, 2009 Zion Road, $1.

Paul E. Bier and Anna C. Bier to Robert C. Fryer Jr. and Andrea L. Buchan, 209 Gwenedd Lane, $219,500.

Robert A. Cowher, by sheriff, Robert A. Cowher Jr., by sheriff, and Christine Cowher, by sheriff, also known as Christine A. Simon-Cowher, to US Bank, 140 Lee St., $3,945.31.

State College Borough

Jeff Stachowski to Nittany Valley Farms Inc., 719 S. Pugh St., $265,000.

Metropolitan of State College LP to Metropolitan of State College LP, 400 W. College Ave., $1.

Heather M. Bullock and Don D. Bullock to Kelly M. Bennett, 912 Hart Circle, $180,000.

Ruth R. Etters to Paula Horlacher, 315 E. Hamilton Ave., $1.

Dolores T. D. Simpson, Delores Theresa Dudley, Dolores Simpson Rose, Delores Simpson Rose and Arthur William Rose to David T. Anderson and Chizuruoke C. Anderson, 1127 Smithfield Circle, $249,000.

Milena M. Danneker to Andrew P. Full, 425 Homan Ave., $275,000.

Union Township

Walker Township

Zion United Church of Christ, Eugene T. Miller and Justin Patterson to Bryan J. Shuey and Stephanie A. Shuey, 2777 Zion Road, $182,900.

Lawrence Burichin, Darlene Burichin, Andrew R. Colton and Kathleen A. Colton to Glenn A. Strouse and Rebekah M. Strouse, 593 Forest Ave., $174,900.

Lois J. Moyer Revocable Trust, Lois J. Moyer and Glenn M. Moyer to Nittany Valley Farms, Inc, 393 Nilson Road, $1.