Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 8-12, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 8 through Sept. 12, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Donnie E. Gearhart, estate and Gayle Lois Kuzemchak to Nancy R. Brassington, 375 Reynolds Avenue, $35,000.

Benner Township

Silcotek Corporation to Altoona-Blair County Development Corp, 225 Penntech Drive, $1.

Altoona-Blair County Development Corp to Silcotek Corporation, 225 Penntech Drive, $1.

Kenneth L. Spicer and Fae I. Spicer to Spicer Family Farms LLC, 146 Spicer Lane, $1.

East End Partnership, Ronald D. Matter, Allen Rex Matter, Daniel L. Mattern to Francis W. Dolan and Patricia C. Dolan, property located within the township, $301,324.

Boggs Township

Daniel W. Thompson and Dorothy J. Thompson to Robert A. Thompson, Katelyn K. Thompson and Dustin R. Thompson, 1054 Moose Run Road, $40,000.

Daniel W. Thompson and Dorothy J. Thompson to Robert A. Thompson, Katelyn K. Thompson and Dustin R. Thompson, 1124 Moose Run Road, $40,000.

College Township

Penny A. Garban Family Trust and Steve A. Garban to C. Jeffrey Goble and Bonnie M. Goble, 136 Boalsburg Road, $186,000.

Doris M. Jones to John R. Mangan, 119 Panorama Drive, $165,000.

Curtin Township

Esther Mae Askey, estate, Wayne Askey and Wayne L. Askey to Emile C. R. Weaver and Linda M. Weaver, 175 Askey Road, $570,000.

Ferguson Township

Circleville Road Partners LP to Circleville Road Partners A LP, property located along Northwick Blvd, $1.

Richard E. Grubb Testamentary Trust and Amy G. Koll to Milena M. Danneker, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $1.

Khin A. Win to Igor Yakushin and Kateryna Yakushina, 114 Meadowview Court, $555,000.

Thomas F. Songer, Johnson Farm Associates and S & A Homes Inc to Centre County Properties LLC, 401 Hawknest Road, $247,978.

S & A Homes Inc to Zhibiao Zhao and Ying Zhou, 137 Red Willow Lane, $276,001.

Gregg Township

Jeffrey E. Martin and Theda K. Martin to Dale A. Wheeland and Charity Lynn Wheeland, 110 Cooper Street, $147,900.

Harris Township

Nikolay V. Kukharev and Liya I. Kukharev to Chris Sorensen, 518 West Drive, $184,900. TOA PA IV LP to Harry A. Kauffman and Susan J. Kauffman, property located within the township, $410,291.84.

TOA PA IV LP to Jon C. Zimmerman and Candice C. Zimmerman, 110 Settlers Way, $509,865.

Howard Borough

Joseph M. Zimmerman and Deeann L. Zimmerman to Tammi M. Eddy, 238 Spearing Street, $143,000.

Huston Township

Wayne D. Hollier, estate and Phyllis E. Beatty to James L. Spicer Jr., 3850 S. Eagle Valley Road, $89,000.

Marion Township

David S. Glick Jr and Rachel F. Glick to Amos S. Glick and Ruth S. Glick, 233 High Valley Drive, $1.

Patton Township

Joseph G. Beahm Jr and Leslie A. Beahm to Melvin D. McCants and Stacy E. McCants, 688 Earl Drive, $275,000. Douglas B. Robison and Kathleen L. Robison to Yao Guo, 567 Marjorie Mae Street, $173,000.

Penn Township

Jeffrey E. Breon to Kenneth D. Lloyd Jr. and Rebecca M. Lloyd, 238 Kline Road, $150,000.

Charles E. Porter to Carson E. Boob, property located along state Route 445, $9,750.

Philipsburg Borough

Robert Cowan, estate, Robert L. Cowan, estate and Charles H. Cowan to Gary R. Thomas and Laura C. Thomas, 1330 Hale Street, $105,000.

Frank M. Hassinger and Norma G. Hassinger to Devin C. Croyle, 711 Alder Street, $70,000.

Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District to Young Men’s Christian Association of Centre County, 1309 Hale Street, $1.

Moshannon Valley Young Men’s Christian and Young Men’s Christian Association of Centre County to Young Men’s Christian Association of Centre County, 1309 Hale Street, $1.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Heather M. Halsey, 214 S. Centre Street, $80,000.

Potter Township

David Hugh Woodring and Tammy N. Woodring to David H. Woodring, 102 Potters View Lane, $1.

Eugene F. Lingle and Josefa R. Lingle to Kirk A. Smith, property located along Boal Gap Road, $24,100.

Rush Township

Shirley J. Malasky and Gary S. Malasky to Gary S. Malasky, 2374 Port Matilda Highway, $1.

Cindy L. Mann, estate, Cynthia L. Corrigan, estate, Cynthia Lou Corrigan, estate and Jason W. Arroyo to Lisa M. Carey, 218 State Street, $112,000.

Donna R. Shaw to Stacy L. Yoder, 139 Ernestville Road, $112,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rena Nastase to Rena Nastase, 114 W. Olive Street, $1.

Rena Nastase to Rena Nastase, 114 W. Olive Street, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Margaret M. Biggans, estate, Margaret Marie Biggans, estate and Robert A. Biggans to Natasha J. Dudish, 519 Clarence Road, $45,000.

Spring Township

Robert J. Marquardt to Matthew J. McCarthy and Patricia-Anne McCarthy, 98 Landon Drive, $314,000.

Pedro Humberton Dager and Pedro H. Dager to Maochun Michael Ye and Qian Zhang, 111 Lingwood Court, 4130,000. Randy L. Schreffler and Ester P. Schreffler to Michael D. Cassick and Tarra L. Cassick, 133 Obsidian Court, $242,000.

Brett Butterworth and Danielle C. Butterworth, also known as, Danielle C. Hengst to Rani L. Poague, 133 Forge Road, $139,000.

Daniel E. Busichio to Paul Kerr and Teri Kerr, 1056 W. Springfield Drive, $192,000.

State College Borough

Alexay A. Kozhevnikov and Ludmila Y. Kozhevnikova to Christopher A. Paveglio and Amanda B. Paveglio, 1024 Greenfield Circle, $224,000.

Joseph W. Pulsney and Karen L. Pulsney to Matthew K. Pulsney, 710 S. Atherton Street, $1.

Matthew J. Watson and Sarah E. Watson to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 110 W. Doris Avenue, $228,000.

Weischert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Susan R. Neubauer, 110 West Doris Avenue, $224,000.

Mayra Villatoro Heckman to Matthew James Heckman, 304 West Prospect Avenue, $1.

Jackson J. Spielvogel and Mary Diane Spielvogel to John Christian Spielvogel and Laura Tracy Spielvogel, 432 West Fairmount Avenue, $1.

George A. Lesieutre and Anne J. Lesieutre to Nicolai M. Volland and Chang Tan, 949 Robin Road, $660,000.

Union Township

Howard A. Bush and Dorothy Bush to James E. Cowher Jr. and Jennifer L. Cowher, 180 Cedar Brook Lane, $1.

Cynthia M. Taylor, James R. Taylor, Jeffrey D. Miles, Lisa M. Miles, Penny L. Burkett and Dale E. Burkett to JCM Realty Group LLC, property located within the township, $1.

Unionville Borough

Claude N. Confer II and Patricia J. Confer to Claude N. Confer III and Raymond E. Confer, 281 Main Street, $1.

Walker Township

Alma C. Rider Income only trust, Karen Lou Rider and Gary Lynn Rider to Murmac Farms LLC, 2532 Zion Road, $1,300,000.

John H. R. Englert Sr., estate and Stacey M. Englert to Joshua Englert and Megan Englert, 118 Pine Street, $1.

Patricia A. Keller to Ulyana Trynovich, 170 Lorinda Lane, $299,000.

Martha Grimaldi to Wesley A. Evey and Erika L. Evey, property located along Walizer Road, $40,000.

David R. Markle to Kathryn Laurel Markle and Alyssa Bethany Markle, 439 Heritage Lane, $1.

Worth Township

Barbara J. Daughenbaugh and Barbara J. Woodring to Barbara J. Daughenbaugh and Warren E. Daughenbaugh, 167 Fetzer Lane, $1.