Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 22-26, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 22 through Sept. 26, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Benner Township

Robert N. Mueller Jr. and Christina L. Mueller to Federal Home National Mortgage Associates, 1351 Valley View Road, $8,168.76.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to H. Samuel Fischer and Sandra E. Fischer, 1361 Valley View Road, $124,000.

Carol M. Smith and Sue E. Lounsbury to Carol M. Smith and Sue E. Lounsbury, 1023 Seibert Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Michael R. Confer and Darlene Wolfe-Confer to Michael R. Confer and Darlene Wolfe-Confer, 1244 Runville Road, $1.

Michael R. Confer and Darlene Wolfe-Confer to Michael R. Confer and Darlene Wolfe-Confer, 1244 Runville Road, $1.

Boggs Township to Boggs Township, 1270 Runville Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

College Township

Pr Financing Limited Partnership to Nittany Centre Realty LLC and Nittany Nassim LLC, 2901 E. College Avenue, $10.

Timothy Brian Siegrist to Erin M. Dixon and John P. Dixon, 167 Hillview Avenue, $249,900.

David A. Woodring to Laura M. Vanderhook, 200 Wiltree Court, $269,900.

Curtin Township

Dale H. Eckley, Edgar H. Eckley Jr., Gregory L. Kline, Daniel E. Eckley and David O. Eckley to Jason P. Eckley, David D. Eckley, Frederick J. Eckley, Geoffrey L. Kline, Dale H. Eckley Jr. and Douglas H. Eckley, 329 Buckridge Road, $1.

Carol Yocum to Dennis K. Confer, 12 Main Street, $1.

Ferguson Township

Hangjuan Zhu to Juan Liu, 116 Gala Drive, $212,500.

Harry B. Kropp and Edward J. Legutko to Harry B. Kropp and Edward J. Legutko, 3291 Shellers Bend, $1. Thomas S. Ertsgaard and Beth W. Ertsgaard to Lisa M. Turner, 197 Val Verda Drive, $233,000.

Mary K. Ray Agnew to Vito F. Russo, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $315,000.

Haines Township

Wayne D. Benner, estate, Michael W. Benner and Steven B. Benner to Charles R. Edwards and Christal A. Edwards, property located along state Route 2018, $10,000.

Harris Township

Robert E. Prough Jr to Diana M. Prough, 212 W. Main Street, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Martin J. Fleishman and Gloria J. Fleishman, property located within the township, $424,135.90.

TOA PA IV LP to John A. Lichman and Kim Lichman, property located within the township, $463,785.84.

Howard Borough

Howard Township

Liberty Township

Milesburg Borough

Christopher M. Hartley and Sarah M. Hartley to Sarah M. Hartley, 302 Centre Street, $1.

Patton Township

Wade T. Young, Melissa A. Young and Adam M. Young to John Lincoln and Katia Hristova, 2063 Mary Ellen Lane, $143,000.

Abdulrahman Alolayan to Amirah Abdulrah Alghafis, 2011 Mary Ellen Lane, $1.

Wooded Hills to Richard A. Meyer and Nancy Y. Meyer, 141 Scarlet Oak Circle, $380,000. George Dinsmore and Kelly N. Disnmore to Kelly N. Dinsmore, 129 Beaumanor Road, $1.

Mary Ellen Iles Declaration of Trust, T. Randall Iles Declaration of Trust, Mary Ellen Iles and T. Randall Iles to Douglas N. Graham and Susan K. Graham, 120 Beaumanor Road, $222,000.

Penn Township

Rush Township

Snow Shoe Borough

James B. Cramer and Donna L. Cramer to Brett A. Butterworth and Danielle C. Butterworth, 109 S. Moshannon Avenue, $117,000.

Elizabeth A. Leigey to Mark E. Bohn Jr. and Monique Bohn, 214 W. Olive Street, $94,400.

Snow Shoe Township

Wells Fargo Bank to Dennis Shultz, 374 Spruce Road, $76,500.

Spring Township

Paul T. Berkobin to Paul T. Berkobin, 177 First Avenue, $1.

William S. Hoy Jr. and Stacey Hoy to Richard E. Newman and Carol L. Newman, 946 W. Water Street, $1.

David A. McCaslin and Linda Jean McCaslin to David A. McCaslin, 161 Cole Street, $1.

State College Borough

Mastros777 LLC to Mastros1 LLC, 916 Southgate Drive, $1.

Lisa M. Turner and Lisa M. Hohnadel to Michael DeGiorgio and Raquel Assis, 1243 Smithfield Circle, $332,000.

Michael R. Homan and Darla J. Homan to Matthew B. Royer and Kerry M. Royer, 227 Hillcrest Avenue, $280.00

Union Township

Walker Township

Household Realty Corp. to Christopher S. Mueller and Jenna R. Mueller, 247 Meadow Lane, $200,000

Jacqueline K. Ayers to Trey Wagner, 791 Snydertown Road, $123,750.