Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 29 through Oct. 3, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Andrew O. McElhinny and Virginia C. McElhinny to U S Bank, 339 E. Bishop Street, $10,497.32.

Robert J. Hohn and Barbara C. Hohn to Jamie S. Kessinger and Lisa A. Kessinger, 330 E. High Street, $165,000.

Benner Township

Joseph V. McKenna Living Trust, Linda M. McKenna Living Trust, Joseph V. McKenna and Linda M. McKenna to Nittany Valley Farms Inc., 133 Dorchester lane, $167,900.

Barry W. King and Jenny King to Barry W. King, Amy Lynne Wittman and Scott D. King, 1479 Valley View Road, $1.

Michael L. Mussett and Kathryn A. Mussett to Gregory D. Wertz and Pamela K. Wertz, 220 Reichenbaugh Lane, $250,000.

Boggs Township

Chryseia Brennan, Christina G. Holloway and Charles E. Quinby to William B. Bryan Jr. and Sandra J. Bryan, 624 Little March Creek Road, $185,000.

Daniel W. Thompson and Dorothy J. Thompson to Daniel A. Thompson, 1182 Moose Run Road, $1.

Nancy L. Grimm and Nancy L. Dixon to Nancy L. Dixon, 619 Pine Alley, $1.

Cora L. Miller to Ryan S. Miller and Leslie A. Miller, 459 Fetzertown Road, $144,000.

College Township

Max McClintic, Gary McClintic and Fred McClintic to James T. Nguyen and Kelly L. Nguyen, 800 Henszey Street, $179,000.

Barry F. Gilmore and Elizabeth A. Gilmore to Anne S. Barbour, 298 Wiltree Court, $273,900.

Jaime J. Saona and Carolyn J. Saona to Yong Qi Xu and Lei Xu, 1337 Haymaker Road, $439,000.

Christopher S. Cox and Kristin M. Cox to Kristin M. Cox, 526 Gerald Street, $1.

Richard F. Delozier and Jennifer L. Delozier to Ronald S. Pristash and Cynthia R. Pristash, 182 Gaslight Circle, $350,000.

John L. Elder and Kathleen L. Elder to Rhian L. Davis and Christina M. Diaz, 1608 Elizabeth Road, $212,500.

Hao Wang and Heng Xu to Santhosh Girirajan, 115 Winchester Court, $214,000.

Ferguson Township

Michael Wilson and Kimberly Wilson to Judith A. Hite, 2372 Raven Hollow Road, $239,000.

Johnson Farm Associates, Thomas F. Songer and S & A Homes Inc. to Peter J. Rembiesa, 330 Hawknest Road, $266,345.

Berks Homes LLC to Harry R. Jones and Joanne Jones, 139 Rushcliffe Street, $309,120.28.

Friedrich J. Krausser to Marilyn Kramer-Haugh, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $285,000.

Gregg Township

Esther Zettle, estate, Fawn L. Houtz and Keith D. Zettle to Nittany Valley Farms Inc. 967 Upper Georges Valley Road, $360,000.

Haines Township

C. Edward Martin and Mary A. Martin to C. Edward Martin and Mary A. Martin, property located along East Street, $1.

Harris Township

Nathan D. Bayletts to David R. Glicini and Jane C. Teeple, 1902 Bayletts Lane, $132,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Robert W. Baker and Vonda J. Baker, 114 Settlers Way, $469,987.

TOA PA IV LP to Leslie M. Kavelak and Nancy K. Kavelak, property located within the township, $304,667.13.

Miles Township

Frank Morris Kaufmann, Connie Lee Kaufmann, Connie Lee Cadigan, John Cadigan, John Henry Kaufmann, Eric Scott Kaufmann, Carol Evelyn Brelsford, Deborah Carol Garner, Heather, Garner, Deborah Carol Libby, Barry L. Libby, David Frank Garner, Laurel Jeanne Kaufmann, Karen Lynn Kaufmann, Karl Frank Kaufmann, Kenneth John Kaufmann, Sharon Elizabeth Garner, Sharon Elizabeth Ulrich, Stephen Creston Garner, Steven Creston Garner and Dorothy L. Kaufmann to Carol Evelyn Brelsford, 7015 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Carol Evelyn Brelsford to Henry L. Kanagy and Rebecca S. Kanagy, 7015 Brush Valley Road, $160,000.

Patton Township

Juris G. Draguns and Marie Draguns to Nittany Valley Farms Inc., 407 Sylvan Drive, $212,000. William S. Brockman and Ann W. Copeland to Ann W. Copeland, 595 Melissa Lane, $1.

Richard J. Mesley and Vickie R. Mesley to Danielle N. Hoover, 115 Alma Mater Drive, $210,000.

Katherine H. Young, estate and Rosalie Y. Laramore to Patrick W. Shannon and Kathleen D. Shannon, 365 Oakwood Avenue, $225,000.

Gregory D. Wertz and Pamela K. Wertz to Stephanie Graboski, 526 Briarwood Lane, $179,900.

Larry W. Garvin to Theodore E. Glusko, Agatha S. Glusko and Katie S. Glusko, 112-H Alma Mater Court, $225,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County to Marlene E. Cole, 149 Woodycrest Street, $121,438.34.

Philipsburg Borough

James R. Williamson and Eunice A. Williamson to James B. Stiver and Cynthia D. Stiver, 428 N. Front Street, $1.

Port Matilda Borough

MCPC Properties LLC to David S. Lykens, 105 West Plank Road, $101,000. First National Bank of PA to Scott A. Flory and Natasha M. Flory, property located along West Front Street, $55,000.

Potter Township

David D. Lingle and Brenda Lingle to Jeffrey A. Hanlon and Heather D. Hanlon, 298 Pepper Ridge Drive, $280,000.

Rush Township

Philip R. Thomas and Brenda L. Thomas to U.S. Bank, 475 S. Centre Street, $4,825.60. Patrick A. Hurtack to Donald E. Abrino and Helen S. Abrino, 168 Ernestville Road, $32,500.

Barry L. Lannen Sr. and Sarah B. Lannen to Kalli E. Sones, 3631 Casanova Road, $58,000.

Sherry Lynn Flick and Steven Flick to C & E Enterprises, property located along Moshannon Street, $29,000.

Bobbi K. Straka, George Straka and Patricia Straka to Terry D. heichel and Madeline L. Heichel, property located along Kepp Road, $1,500.

Phillipsburg-Osceola Area School District to Commonwealth of PA Dept. of Transportation, property located within the township, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

David Geroge Konachik and Patricia W. Konachik to Tara Lee Guenot, property located along Clarence Road, $125.

Spring Township

J W M Associates to Rockstar Real Estate LLC, 121 W. College Avenue, $1.

Jamie M. Knapil to Mark A. Torretti, Lynn D. Torretti and Gina M. Torretti, 101 Skyview Drive, $177,000.

Marie E. Cassady to Sara E. Dittmann, 116 Locust Street, $159,000.

Donald R. Hyde to Melissa M. Spicer, 309 Park Avenue, $69,900.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Christopher Peters and Lana Peters, 218 Danielle Drive, $111,800.

William F. Nadolsky III, Jennifer J. Nadolsky and Debra C. Immel to William L. Shaffer and Amanda McKinley, 644 Pleasant View Blvd., $144,000.

Clear Prop of Central Pennsylvania LLC to Mark A. Noel and Holly M. Kitko, 142 Rosehill Drive, $234,000.

Eric G. Folmar and Kimberly L. Miller-Folmar to Matthew L. Jones, 116 Gwenedd Court, $218,500.

JAWIII LLC to Gary L. Oden Jr. and Katarina Oden, 184 Wiltshire Drive, $291,000.

State College Borough

Jerome Williams and Lillian Williams to Karen L. Shelly, 612 E. Beaver Avenue, $209,000.

James Kasper to Nathan B. Piekielek and Alison K. Cattani, 221 Nimitz Avenue, $262,000.

Donna L. Conway to Arun Seshadri, 129 W. Prospect Avenue, $450,000.

Michael Gustine, David L. Gustine and Diane Gustine to Sandra A. Kline, 618 Southgate Drive, $1.

Katherine Suzanne Lindeburg, Michael R. Lindeburg, Michael Robert Lindeburg, Elizabeth J. Lindeburg and Elizabeth Johns Lindeburg to Felix DiFiore and Ann DiFiore, 614 E. Foster Avenue, $287,000.

Taylor Township

Harold A. Ficke and Jane Galgoci to James R. Leigey and Dori Sunday, 220 Pavlic Lane, $311,500.

Unionville Borough

Willilam B. Bryan Jr. and Sandra J. Bryan to Sheri L. Davis, 371 Apple Street, $164,000.

Walker Township

William W. Vanorden II to William E. Gerber and Chelsea A. Gerber, 127 Cherry Drive, $233,000.

Worth Township

David P. Moore and Penny E. Moore to David P. Moore, 441 S. Mountain Road, $1.

Harman E. Crawford and Laverne S. Crawford to Glenn L. Myers and Suzanne E. Myers, property located along Shadydell Road, $1.