Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 6-10, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Oct. 6, through Oct. 10, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

John J. Hoffman Jr., Patrick J. Hoffman and Alicia A. Hoffman to Patrick J. Hoffman, 207 E. Logan Street, $1.

Carl L. Boone and Carol A. Boone to Kelly S. Morgante, 1262 Pine Circle, $195,000.

Boggs Township

Daniel W. Thompson, Dorothy J. Thompson and Robert A. Thompson to Robert A. Thompson, Katelyn K. Thompson and Dustin R. Thompson, 1360 Circle Road, $1.

College Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Jayce C. Bell and Elizabeth W. Bell, 134 McCann Drive, $390,831.

Ferguson Township

Timothy J. Scharf and Melissa E. Scharf to Jeffrey T. Kerr and Jessica H. Kerr, 367 Farmstead Lane, $369,900. Richard A. Karten and Gwen L. Karten, also known as Gwenn L. Karten to Brian Heberle and Jennifer Heberle, 119 S. Butz Street, $180,000.

Peggy J. Deibler to Peggy J. Deibler, 3040 W. Pine Grove Road, $1. Peggy J. Deibler to Pennsylvania State University, 3040 W. Pine Grove Road, $800,000. Johnson Farm Associates to Stonebridge Housing LP, property located along Bristol Avenue, $522,000.

Robin L. Taranto also known as Robin L. Rocco and Michael T. Taranto to Richard B. Bugden and Katherine V. Bugden, 616 Old Farm Lane, $257,500.

Heidi J. Kruesi-Miller and Charles E. Miller Jr. to Mark D. McLaren and Pamela A. McLaren, 220 Treetops Drive, $134,000.

Halfmoon Township

James Walker Trust, Gail Walker Trust, James E. Walker and Jayme S. Walker, also known as Jayme S. Holcomb to James E. Walker, 3392 Marengo Road, $1.

Haines Township

David N. Hostetler and Elizabeth Y. Hostetler to Marlin G. Fultz Sr. and Karen L. Fultz, 125 Cottage Court Drive, $90,000.

Harris Township

William M. Updegraff Jr. and Stella M. Updegraff to Russell R. Barton and Robin H. Barton, 2054 Earlystown Road, $419,000.

Anthony P. Desiderio and Kathleen Marie Desiderio to Anthony P. and Kathleen Marie Desiderio, Anthony P. Desiderio and Kathleen Marie Desiderio, 133 Settlers Way, $1.

Amy Ruth Hulek and Richard Hulek to Jonathon E. Waltz and Lauren J. Waltz, 142 Old Boalsburg Road, $130,000.

Richard R. Knipe and Mary B. Knipe to Brian James Coffey, 907 Kay Street, $347,000.

Huston Township

Jacqueline Barner, Frank Guillard, Paul Guillard, Karl Guillard, Janine Guillard, Jon Guilldard and Genya Bannon to Richard D. Thomas, property located along Beaver Road, $272,500.

Wanita M. Weller, also known as Wanita M. Dreibelbis and Donald Dreibelbis to Nicholas C. Wellar, property located along Whetstone Run, $20,000.

Ralph V. Staus and Rebecca G. Staus to George E. Donley Jr., property located along Silverdale Road, $20,000.

Miles Township

Debra R. Talbot, Stephen R. Talbot, Gregory K. Lingle, and Annette L. Lingle, also known as, Annette L. Lingler to Ray A. Lingle and Lena M. Lingle, 112 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Millheim Borough

Marian L. Dunklebarger, estate, and Eddie Lynn Dunklebarger to Stanley Jay Kowalchick and Mary M. Kowalchick, 219 E. Main Street, $114,000.

Patton Township

Jean D. Hawthorne to Philip M. Spangler and Susan T. Sanders, 13 N. Barkway Lane, $180,000. Fulton Bank to Candace L. Price and Patrick Pabian, 244 Leawood Lane, $256,200.

Adam J. Murray to Jo-Ann Cohn, 371 West Clearview Avenue, $172,000.

Penn Township

Trevor W. Meyer and Marilyn R. Walker, also known as Marilyn R. Meyer to Christopher M. Wenda and Emily M. Wenda, property located along Orndorf Road, $55,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Ronald V. Smith, Mary S. Smith, Karen Louise Bossert and Thomas H. Bossert to Sarah M. Carr, 428 South 2nd Street, $46,000.

Potter Township

Daniel J. Boob and Isabell T. Boob to Laurel M. Frymyer and Sonja Brobeck, 107 Wayne Road, $150,000.

Rush Township

Aaron L. Thompson and Bethany M. Thompson, also known as Bethany M. Burns to Aaron L. Thompson and Bethany M. Thompson, 160 Merryman Lane, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Kevin M. Kobularcik and Cora E. Kobularcik to Kevin M. Kobularcik, 107 Chestnut Road, $1.

J. Dennis McLaughlin and Patricia A. McLaughlin to Michael A. Franek and Josephine Franek, property located along Old Side Road, $53,000.

Spring Township

Centre County Industry Dev. Corp. to Janche Partners, property located along East Rolling Ridge Drive, $225,000.

Ricardo Veruete and Ellen L. Veruete to Kierra L. Veruete and Tyler M. Drapcho, property located along Wiltshire Drive, $30,000.

Robert M. Schreffler Sr. and Mary Jane Schreffler to Robert E. Resides and Belinda A. Resides, 404 Wiltshire Drive, $214,000.

Charles C. Kilgus and Judith A. Giannini to Suzanne E. Russell, 131 Kathryn Drive, $166,000.

Samuel A. Morgante and Kelly S. Morgante to James T. Uhring and Elise A. Uhring, 915 Blanchard Street, $385,000.

Paul T. Berkobin to Richard A. Weiss and Kristie A. Henry-Weiss, 177 First Avenue, $200,000.

State College Borough

Michael A. Roussell and Emily A. Roussell to Gregory A. Phillips and Jacqueline Q. Phillips, 1113 S. Atherton Street, $166,000.

Walker Township

Zion Associates to Alma C. Rider Income only Trust, Karen Lou Rider and Gary Lynn Rider, property located within the township, $186,900.

Robert E. Resides and Belinda A. Resides to Robert M. Schreffler Sr. and Mary J. Schreffler, 111 Roaring Run Lane, $320,000.