Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 15-19, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 15 through Dec. 19, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Irvin A. Weaver Estate, Linda Kline, Elaine Fike, Janet Weaver-Miller and Daniel Weaver to Patrick J. Bernhard and Cristy N. Bernhard, 511 Halfmoon St., $148,000.

J. Adam Condo Estate, Kathy K. Condo and Frances Z. Condo Estate to Joshua M. Lucas and Jeana Lucas, 618 E. Linn St., $190,000.

Benner Township

Reliance Savings Bank to Joshua C. Chalfa and Elizabeth A. Plozner, 327 Meadow Flower Circle, $125,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Pamela J. Gingrich, David Gingrich, Elaine S. Muthersbaugh and Eugene Muthersbaugh to Michael E. Weaver and Michele L. Weaver, 101 W. Locust St., $138,000.

College Township

Lincoln Associates Joint Venture to J Monroe Associates LLC, property located in College Township, $1.

Niamh J. O’Leary to Robert W. Beadle, 127 Birchtree Court, $167,000.

S&A Homes Inc. to Evgeny M. Agranovskiy and Olga A. Esakova, 271 Florence Way, $347,068.

Ferguson Township

James M. California and Mary E. California to Emmanouil Chatzakis and Kalliopi Biraki, 2357 Setter Run Lane, $330,000.

Russell R. Barton and Robin H. Barton to Woody J. Maynard and Susan E. Maynard, 2522 Tara Circle, $425,000.

Ralph A. Long to Lesley A. Ward, 872 N. Allen St., $1.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 127 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 129 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Thomas F. Songer, S&A Homes Inc and Johnson Farm Associates to Centre County Properties LLC, 2452 Raven Hollow Road, $241,068.

Thomas F. Songer, S&A Homes Inc. and Johnson Farm Associates to Centre County Properties LLC, 421 Hawknest Road, $248,068.

S&A Homes Inc. to John M. Sampson and Thida Kalayasilpin, 146 Red Willow Road, $425,337.

Brent A. Craven and Emily R. Craven to Katharine P. Kile and Charles O. Kile, 2068 Pine Cliff Road, $359,000.

Steven L. Garrett to S L Garrett Living Trust and Steven L. Garrett Trustee, 151 Sycamore Drive, $1.

Daniel J. Larson to Daniel J. Larson and Tanya Furman Larson, 2525 Tara Circle, $1.

Dorothy E. Schumacher to Jeremy M. Peck and Rachelle R. Peck, 796 Tanager Drive, $230,000.

Lawrence J. McAleer and Salme Deanna McAleer to Richard A. Akers and Kimberly B. Akers, 667 Berkshire Drive, $262,000.

Haines Township

Robin L. Sweeley, William L. Sweeley and Robin L. Bartges to M&T Bank, 133 Tattletown Road, $5,586.42.

Halfmoon Township

Donald W. Barger to Donald W. Barger and Lucia F. Barger, property located along Smith Road, $1.

Donald W. Barger to Donald W. Barger and Lucia F. Barger, 481 Smith Road, $1.

Harris Township

Michael R. Gabrovsek to Michael R. Gabrovsek and Susan Traynor, 1312 Andover Drive, $1.

Bruce J. Rutter and Jacqueline M. Rutter to Brian A. Spencer and Maria Spencer, 220 S. Academy St., $380,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Claudia L. Gulley, 117 Settlers Way, $388,719.23.

TOA PA IV LP to Keith R. Ellmann and Sandra A. Ellmann, 330 Beacon Circle, $421,395.71.

Douglas R. Henry to Douglas R. Henry and Elizabeth A. Crisfield, 110 Chambers Alley, $1.

Raymond E. Clouser and Joyce L. Clouser to Kayla M. Horner, 803 Boal Ave., $137,900.

Yvonne M. Riley and Christopher Riley to Carrie L. Friday and James E. Friday Jr., 810 Hemlock St., $199,900.

Liberty Township

Amber Rae Miller, Craig Miller, also known as Craig E. Miller Jr., to Craig E. Miller Jr., 125 Creek Side Lane, $1.

Miles Township

Elsie M. Fetterolf to Amos E. Stoltzfus and Edna Ruth Stoltzfus, 4631 Brush Valley Road, $130,000.

Millheim Borough

Jean E. Smith to Lori A. Fetterolf, 201 Hillcrest Ave., $150,000.

Patton Township

Brian A. Spencer and Maria Spencer to Alexander G. Woskob, 115 Picadilly Road, $635,000.

Denise A. Kozminsky and Mark E. Kozminsky to Ronald S. Dvorkin and Ellyn E. Exley, 113 Wildernest Lane, $375,000.

Heunggi Lee and Kyunghwa Lee to M&T Bank, 109 Heiskel Drive, $12,758.06.

Reed McCormick to Scott L. Lucchesi, 5461 W. Buffalo Run Road, $12,500.

Floyd E. Whitman to Anthony W. Marrara, 143 Horner Lane, $86,124.08.

Penn Township

Mary M. Shaffer Estate, Thomas C. Shaffer and Larry S. Shaffer to Ashley L. Shaffer and Nathan C. Besecker, 112 Weaver Ave., $80,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Wells Fargo Bank, 422 E. Pine St., $1.

Potter Township

Dennis L. Robinson and Cynthia E. Robinson to Timothy C. Houser, Jr., 108 Tusseyville Road, $585,000.

Betty J. Benner to Laura D. Homan, 115 Wynnewood Drive, $175,000.

Rush Township

Justin M. Mason and Angel M. Mason to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3044 Port Matilda Highway, $4,662.60.

Timothy L. Hertlein Sr. and Christine M. Hertlein to Matthew T. Foster, 518 Walnut St., $14,000.

John Wheeler and Laura Wheeler to Monica R. Bittinger, 185 Tomahawk Drive, $109,000

Snow Shoe Township

Harold R. Hetrick to Thomas H. Salisbury, 123 Rock Ridge Road, $28,500.

Barbara A. Hahn to Five Guyz Camp LLC, 132 Ponderosa Road, $25,000.

Jose A. Santiago, Mayra Santiago and Mayra Melendez to Bank of America, 910 Clarence Road, $5,114.91.

Spring Township

Allen L. Strouse to Strouse Properties LLC, property located along E. Rolling Ridge Drive, $1.

Jonathan Mortensen also known as Jonathan J. Mortensen to Brittany E. Glenn and Keith E. McGrory, 124 Danielle Drive, $177,900.

Judy S. Haranin to Henry Scott Haranin and Jane L. Haranin, 421 Valentine Hill Road, $1.

Centre Lime & Stone Company Inc. to Centre Lime & Stone Company Inc., 121 N. Harrison Road, $1.

Ronald Leroy Sager Estate and Ronald Lee Sager to Andrew M. Casper, Jessica D. Shaffer and Barbara J. Casper, 722 W. Lamb St., $120,000.

State College Borough

Bethany Inc. to Xiaogong Zhao and Lei Zhao, 458 E. College Ave., $415,000.

Temporary Housing Foundation Inc. to Joseph C. Lee and Heather M. Lee, 112 East Lytle Avenue, $170,000.

Penelope L. Sandoval, also known as Penelope L. Zuck-Sandoval, to Temporary Housing Foundation Inc., 1101 Center Lane, $157,000.

Marie C. Hardin and Gerard Joseph Kammer to Temporary Housing Foundation Inc., 151 W. Prospect Ave., $193,000.

James D. Geren and Christine A. Geren to Austin K. Heller and Allison L. Heller, 925 Grace St., $253,000.

Taylor Township

Norman A. Robison Jr. to Wells Fargo Bank, 510 Orvis Beckwith Lane, $8,887.34

Walker Township

Brian R. Hoy, Kate B. Hoy and David A. Vonada to J A 1 Rentals LLC, 151 Pike Road, $115,000.