Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Dec. 22-24, 2014

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Dec. 22 through Dec. 24, 2014 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Daniel P. Quigley to Margaret L. Rougeux, 359 S. Allegheny St., $149,900.

Mark A. Bonta to Mark A. Bonta and Luz Medina Bonta, 409 W. High St., $1.

Benner Township

Grove Park Associates Inc. to David C. Bracken and Ruth G. Bracken, 186 Teasel Way, $345,000.

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Tina A. Clarkson, 183 Aster Ave., $357,000.

College Township

Chad W. Tursi and Michele L. Tursi to Brandon M. Craft and Nicole L. Craft, 300 Dover Circle, $1.

Scott R. Judy to Peter K. Woods and Misty A. Woods, 145 Mitch Ave., $188,900.

S & A Homes Inc. to Steven A. Haas and Ariana M. Mikulski, 158 Florence Way, $419,489.

William M. Peacock, Nancy M. Peacock and Mary-Frances Gregory to Arthur J. Curtze, 454 W. Whitehall Road, $325,000.

Ferguson Township

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 114 Rushcliffe St., $29,700.

Harold Jonathan Bowersox, Dawn M. Feltenberger, Dawn Michelle Bowersox and Rita S. Wasson to 1438 WC LLC, 1438 W. College Ave., $1.

S & A Homes Inc. to Jeffrey Charles Rockwell and Salima Kulsum Rockwell, 148 Red Willow Road, $414,698.

Gero K. Yerka to Alyshia A. Baer, 613 Kansa Ave., $147,000.

Gregg Township

William Allison Birch, Lurana Allison Birch Trust, Oppenheimer Trust Co of Delaware, Betty Wolff Van Meulen, Sigrid Wolff, Sigrid Wolff Cole, Robin L. Allison, William Garth Allison and Lisa Abeles-Allison to Mill Dam Farm Limited Partnership, property located in Gregg Township, $635,000.

Halfmoon Township

Relks Trust 1, Erica Schimmel Trustee and Linda F. Schimmel Trustee to Linda F. Schimmel, 235 Shanelly Drive, $1.

Marion Township

Jonas S. Esch, Mary Z. Esch, Elam R. Stoltzfus and Susanna L. Stoltzfus to Elam R. Stoltzfus and Susanna L. Stoltzfus, property located along Jacksonville Road, $1.

Jonas S. Esch, Mary Z. Esch, Elam R. Stoltzfus and Susanna L. Stoltzfus to Jonas S. Esch and Mary Z. Esch, 4624 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Miles Township

Andrew R. Moyer and Ashley R. Moyer to Ivan K. Beiler and Miriam B. Beiler, 111 Smullton Road, $95,000.

Patton Township

Thomas A. McClary to Glenn J. Dry and Elena M. Deluca, 209 Glenndale Drive, $285,000.

Conor J. McPeake and Jacqueline A. McPeake to Matthew J. Hillegass, 307 Fernwood Court, $169,000.

Kevin P. Mullen to Shravya Mukka and Vinay Krishna Tharigopula, 763 Oakwood Ave., $198,040.

John Edward Glantz and Nance S-D Glantz to DMP Northern Tier LP, property located along Norma Mae Circle, $485,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Dustin L. Shaw and Casey J. Shaw, formerly known as Casey J. Elensky, to Douglas G. Walker, 1417 E. Presqueisle St., $68,300.

Virginia L. Millward to Joshua J. Smitchko, 102 Berkley St., $137,200.

Port Matilda Borough

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County and Tri-County Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Raymond Eisenhuth and Melissa Eisenhuth, 203 S. Main St., $57,354.

Potter Township

Donald F. Hege and Ann Hege Hughes to Fred A. Stover and Jeanne Y. Stover, 110 Hege Lane, $96,000.

Terry L. Harter and Marilyn L. Harter to Scott P. Balboni and Sandra D. Balboni, property located in Potter Township, $100,000.

Spring Township

Warren McMullen, also known as Warren J. McMullen, to David A. Hass and Lindsey Hass, 228 N. Main St., $132,000.

Charles E. Young and Karen A. Young to Matthew E. Young and Courtenay M. Young, 153 Clemens Lane, $140,000.

Tina A. Clarkson to Jennifer L. Adams and Mark A. Keller, 151 Farmington Lane, $260,000.

State College Borough

Ralph W. Way and Kamilla Way to Andrew S. Way, 1881 S. Allen St., $1.

Ralph W. Way and Kamilla Way to Ericka Way Ahn and James J. Ahn, 1887 S. Allen St., $1.

William J. Janowski to William J. Janowski Trustee of William J. Janowski Trust, 522 E. College Ave., $1.

Lai Desmond Wong, also known as Desmond Wong, and Nancy F. Wong to Lai Desmond Wong and Nancy F. Wong Trustees of Wong Family Trust, 403 S. Allen St., $1.

Herman J. Koenig and Nicholas T. Ancona to Xiaogong Zhao and Lei Zhao, 300 Pugh St., $465,000.

Mary Catherine Kennedy and Harry E. Kennedy to Mary Catherine Kennedy, 220 E. McCormick Ave., $1.

Ralph W. Way and Kamilla Way to John T. Holobinko and Andrea R. Boito, 1855 S. Allen St., $85,000.

Carrie L. Spanger, now known as Carrie L. Miller, Jeffrey D. Miller and Elizabeth C. Spangler to Elizabeth G. Shirey, 136 Sunrise Terrace, $187,000.

Walker Township

Jason Wolfe and Wei-Shin Lai to Otto C. Herr and L. Rochelle Herr, 179 Jefferson Circle, $275,000.