Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 5-9, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Jan.5, through Jan. 9, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Richard E. Swope Estate and Barbara J. Davidson to Karen L. Grieb, 467 E. Bishop St., $32,000.

Benner Township

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Thomas C. Shaffer and Susan L. Shaffer, property located in Benner Township, $217,045.

Boggs Township

Ralph P. Robinson Estate, Keith E. Regel, Sally J. Regel, Robert W. Robinson, Carol Ann Smook Kruger and Richard N. Robinson to Theodore J. Young and Helen E. Young, 276 Leathers Camp Road, $1.

Theodore J. Young and Helen E. Young to Theodore J. Young and Helen E. Young, 276 Leathers Camp Road, $1.

Clair D. Burd to Jason M. Burd and Kathleen A. Burd, 852 Moose Run Road, $68,500.

College Township

Nevin P. King and Audra Schaeffer, now known as Audra King, to Gail P. Gwynn, 203 Creekside Drive, $174,000.

Collins O. Airhihenbuwa and Angele M. Kingue to Collins O. Airhihenbuwa and Angele M. Kingue, 1331 Shamrock Ave., $1.

Thomas D. Knepley and Phoebe S. Knepley to Huijun Shen and Chaoxing Liu, 107 Winchester Court, $217,000.

David A. Pecht, Katie V. Pecht, Randall E. Haubert and Linda Haubert to Gregory Michael Koehle and Molly Kristin Koehle, 1347 Haymaker Road, $403,781.

Arris Solutions Inc. to Decibel Partners LP, 2760 Carolean Industrial Drive, $2,900,000.

Pamela B. Milholland to Craig E. Morrow, 122 Asbury Lane, $290,000.

Ferguson Township

Freda M. Barto to Aaron L. Barto, 1736 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

Matthew W. Brown to Matthew W. Brown and Lauren Brown, 245 Science Park Court, $10.

Gregg Township

David A. Rider and Lori W. Rider to Dawn M. Bowersox and Harold Bowersox, 434 Brush Mountain Road, $265,000.

Halfmoon Township

Richard A. Graham and Darlene M. Graham to Fidel Castillo and Reyna Castillo, 1915 Halfmoon Valley Road, $155,000.

Freda M. Barto to Aaron L. Barto, 2111 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

Freda M. Barto to Aaron L. Barto, property located along Marengo Road, $1.

Daniel J. Sokoloski and Joane R. Stoneberg to Cameron L. Davidson and Kaleena J. Davidson, 135 Roland Drive, $331,000.

Harris Township

Alexander Klippel and Melina Czymoniewicz-Klippel to Peggy A. Johnson, 618 S. Academy St., $350,000.

Stephanie A. Shields and Lewis Jillings to Stephanie A. Shields, 1691 W. Branch Road, $1.

Anthony J. Sanfilippo and Mary Kate Sanfilippo to Naomi C. McNulty and Erin C. McNulty, 1478 Brush Valley Road, $185,000.

TOA PA IV LP to James S. Carr and Janet M. Carr, 244 Plymouth Circle, $300,539.57

Milesburg Borough

John A. Baker and Cynthia L. Baker to Steven L. Stem and Lisa A. Stem, 303 Depot St., $27,500.

Millheim Borough

Garbruth Group to Roberta P. Seymour, 159 E. Main St., $102,500.

Patton Township

Reed McCormick to Scott L. Lucchesi, 5461 W. Buffalo Run Road, $12,500.

Scott L. Lucchesi to Scott L. Lucchesi, 5461 W. Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Dennis S. Gouran and Marilyn K. Gouran to Nevin King and Audra King, 538 Brittany Drive, $315,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Richard G. Smay II, Tina M. Smay and Tina Sinclair to James D. Bacon and Ann E. Bacon, 515 N. 11th St., $87,000.

Rush Township

Ellis Heritage Properties LLC to JR Land Company Inc., property located along Rush St., $1,600,000.

Matthew T. Foster to F & K Realty LLC, 518 Walnut St., $1.

Snow Shoe Borough

Stephen D. Murgas and Cathleen J. Murgas to Dillon J. Schall, 212 E. Sycamore St., $130,000.

Ray A. Biggans to Jacob Lee Biggans, 218 W. Olive St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Debbie A. Mottin, formerly known as Debbie A. Jacobs, and Daniel P. Mottin to Michael L. Cramer and Wendy S. Cramer, 264 Gorton Road, $224,000.

Jess Durham, Michael Rehrer and Paula Rehrer to Kurt L. McKinney and Bridget M. McKinney, 126 Summit Road, $35,000.

Ray A. Biggans to Jacob Lee Biggans, 224 Water Trough Road, $1.

Spring Township

Eric R. Tomeo and Heather J. Tomeo to Justin C. Cain, 640 Fairview St., $146,000.

Ellen M. Maaskant to Joshua R. Angstadt and Julie A. Angstadt, 605 Valentine St., $135,000.

Walker Township

Helen B. Harter, Keith E. Harter, Tim A. Harter and Diane Harter Settle to Helen B. Harter, 2828 Zion Road, $1.

Tami M. Pooler to Nancy M. Bowser, 414 Stony Pointe Drive, $199,900.

William S. Smoyer Irrevocable Grantor Trust and Michael D. Smoyer, Trustee, to Michael D. Smoyer, 134 Lisk St., $1.

Micahel D. Smoyer and Deborah S. Smoyer to Michael D. Smoyer and Deborah S. Smoyer, 134 Lisk St., $1.

Worth Township

Connie J. Dwyer, Melissa A. Loner and Dale E. Beck to Dale E. Beck, 8355 Eagle Valley Road, $1.