Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 9-13, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Feb. 9 through Feb.13, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Paul D. and Helen B. Jabco Trust, Paul D. Jabco Co-Trustee, Helen B. Jabco Co-Trustee, Paul D. Jabco and Helen B. Jabco to Paul and Helen Jabco Trust, Paul D. Jabco Co-Trustee and Helen B. Jabco Co-Trustee, 114 S. Monroe St., $1.

Connie R. Shirk to Federal National Mortgage Association, 247 N. Thomas St., $4,618.07.

Samuel H. Taylor Estate, Samuel H. Taylor Jr. and Tina Taylor to Crossman Enterprise LLC, 325 E. Pike St., $25,000.

Benner Township

East End Partnership to Nittany Valley Farms Inc., property located in Benner Township, $321,953.32.

College Township

Anthony Bellotti and Ellen A. Bellotti Estate, also known as Ellen Bellotti, to Robert L. Maney and Dolores A. Maney, 208 Horizon Drive, $300,000.

Christopher A. Calkins, Pamela F. Calkins and Melanie L. Bernier to Christopher A. Calkins, Pamela F. Calkins, Melanie L. Bernier and John E. Hurst, 1689 Houserville Road, $1.

Glenn O. Miller and Karen A. Miller to Glenn O. Miller and Karen A. Miller, 874 W. Mount Nittany Road, $1.

Mark J Argiro and Karrie D. Argiro to Midwest Loan Services Inc., 1708 E. Branch Road, $13,334.90.

Joshua A. Miller and Marla A. Miller to Marla A. Miller, 131 Matilda Ave., $1.

Curtin Township

Phillip H. Diehl to Wilbur E. Stocker Jr. and Kathryn N. Stocker, property located along McClosky Road, $40,000.

Ferguson Township

Robert L. Maney and Dolores A. Maney, also known as Dolores W. Maney, to Guangqing Chi and Yunjuan Jiang, 2413 Pinehurst Drive, $427,000.

Nitterra LLC to Open Skies LLC, 2790 W. College Ave., $1,300,000.

Our Lady of Victory Parish and Mark L. Bartchak to Joseph D. Dionisio and Lois A. Dionisio, property located along West College Ave., $350,000.

Michael W. Bortiatynski and Jacqueline M. Bortiatynski to Armen D. Sahakian, 200 Lois Lane, $74,521.38.

Gregg Township

Aaron L. Clark and Stephanie S. Clark to Jason Tartalone and Tara Tartalone, 141 Stone Row Lane, $278,500.

Haines Township

Samuel M. Derugen and Patricia L. Derugen to Samuel M. Derugen, 547 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Jean Yvonne Stover and Paul F. and Jean Y. Stover Revocable Living Trust to Jean Y. Stover, 886 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Kim Haas, now known as Kim Garbrick, to Kim Garbrick, 1923 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Robert J. Hudzik and Eunice M. Hudzik to Cody J. Borigo and Jennifer Borigo, 94 Stonerow Lane, $309,300.

Harris Township

Jeffrey A. Zeiler and Jamie A. Zeiler to Jamie A. Zeiler, 1413 Estate Drive, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Steven E. Koval, 282 Beacon Circle, $483,053.

Annette B. Callahan to John R. Parks and Jennifer L. Parks, 200 Tussey Terrace Circle, $510,000.

Huston Township

Charles L. Carroll and Janet L. Carroll to Charles Leonard Carroll Revocable Trust, Janet Lannen Carroll Revocable Trust, Charles Leonard Carroll and Janet Lannan Carroll, 132 Homestead Road, $1.

Charles L. Carroll and Janet L. Carroll to Charles Leonard Carroll Revocable Trust, Janet Lannen Carroll Revocable Trust, Charles Leonard Carroll and Janet Lannan Carroll, 151 Janet Lane, $1.

Liberty Township

Serena Gregory, also known as Serena McCloskey Gregory, to Bank of America, 115 Eagles Nest Road, $9,111.62.

Daniel Hanley and Christina Hanley to Federal National Mortgage Association, 118 Kunes St., $4,184.47.

Marion Township

Jeffrey F. Hockenberry and Lauren M. Pringle to Mark Holloway and Christie M. Pace, 457 Ridge Farm Road, $204,400.

Lorna G. Shay to JP Morgan Chase Bank, property located on Shay Lane, $5,623.70.

Millheim Borough

Ann T. Docken, also known as Ann Tichinin Docken, and Robert Olaf Docken to Ann T. Docken, 185 North St., $1.

Patton Township

Austin E. Graybill to Hei Un Cheong, 646D Oakwood Ave., $207,500.

Timothy J. Gale and Tammy L. Gale to Kaleb M. Cook and Sarah E. Cook, 1238 Fox Hill Road, $199,500.

Gem Homebuilders Inc. to Evan James Harlor and Becca Joelle Harlor, 171 Sarvisberry Lane, $199,000.

Stephen J. Blake and Stephanie J. Blake to Stephen Pelletier and Julie Pelletier, 613 Wiltshire Drive, $292,000.

David Schmidt and Jennifer Schmidt to Charles T. McGrath and Julie L. McGrath, 100 Colgate Court, $750,000.

Elizabeth M. Leboffe to Alex D. Raup, 234 Amblewood Way, $212,500.

Timothy R. McCardle and Wendy S. McCardle to Tyler Anderson and Dawn Anderson, 559 Lanceshire Lane, $245,000.

Rush Township

Harry C. Johnson Jr. and Bonnie C. Johnson to Jason R. Dunn and Megan G. Dunn, property located along Ponderosa Drive, $1.

Karen A. Maus, formerly known as Karen A. Maus-McCready, and Karen Maus-McCready to Karen A. Maus, 622 Oak St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Justine A. Phillips to Justine A. Phillips and Michelle A. Montgomery, property located along Ponderosa Street, $1.

Spring Township

JFDC Land Acquisition LLC to Galina S. Kurbatov, 188 Jonathan Lane, $43,500.

State College Borough

Albert N. Daugherty to Daugherty Family Trust and Paul N. Daugherty, 260 E. McCormick Ave., $1.

Armen D. Sahakian to Daniel D. Sahakian, 456 E. Beaver Ave., $575,000.

John T. Bianco to Todd Olsen, 1020 Glenn Circle North, $187,500.

Scott Ryan Daggs and Debra Gilberg Daggs to Debra G. Daggs, 456 Homan Ave., $1.

Rodney J. Hendricks to United States Postal Service, 237 S. Fraser St., $525,000.

Union Township

Gene A. Ripka to Gary L. Vongunden and Karen Adams, 404 Hawk Lane, $114,000.

Walker Township

Stephen D. Paden and Crystal L. Paden to Crystal L. Paden, 215 Dunkle Road, $1.

Wendy Crust and William E. Crust III to Kaley E. Ely and Aaron M. Ely, 383 Hoy Road, $1.

Wendy Crust and William E. Crust III to Wendy Crust and William E. Crust III, 497 Hoy Road, $1.

Richard A. Devinney and Rebecca C. Devinney, also known as Rebecca L. Devinney, to Richard A. Devinney, 270 Forest Ave., $1.

Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell to Mount Nittany Realty Co., 102 Pike Road, $96,000.

Worth Township

Toni Jo Duchi and Steven L. Olson to Austin E. Graybill and Ashley M. Knowles, 617 Laurel Run Road, $202,500.