Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 9-13, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 9 through March 13, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Nancy E. Betz Estate, Mildred L. Fetzer and Michelle Steiger to Barbara J. Bair and Bonnie J. Rossman, 987 Tanney St., $150,000.

College Township

BXAL Inc. to Independence Place Homeowners Association, property located along Independence Ave., $1.

Eric J. Porterfield to Wilhelm J. Kogelmann IV, 701 Elmwood St., $185,000.

Barry K. Kroeker and Susan L. Kroeker to Thomas A. Stoy and Shelby J. Stoy, 173 Creekside Drive, $208,500.

Kerry Gayle Weissmann and Gabrielle Weissmann to Kerry Gayle Weissmann, Gabrielle Weissmann and Kerry Gayle Weissmann, Custodian for Hana Weissmann, 156 Limerock Terrace, $1.

William B. Grab and Kathleen P. Grab to John B. Smeltzer and Susan M. Smeltzer, 184 Birchtree Court, $180,000.

Curtin Township

Christopher K. Chronister and Katie Ann Acierno to Keith M. Chronister, 76 Little Buckridge Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

S&A Homes Inc. to Adam J. Delozier and Ali M. Delozier, 150 Red Willow Road, $355,925.

Ronald W. Kauffman and Bonnie D. Kauffman, also known as Bonita D. Kauffman, to Ronald W. Kauffman and Bonita D. Kauffman, 297 Pine Grove Road, $1.

Circleville Road Partners C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 150 Rushcliffe St., $29,700.

Benedict Alexander Estate and Georgette A. Richie to Benedict A. Richie, 274 Deepwood Drive, $1.

Berks Homes LLC to James L. Wade and Linda Vanessa Wade, 138 Rushcliffe St., $344.022.

Merle L. Eyer to Merle L. Eyer and Melanie A. Melius, 734 S. Nixon Road, $1.

Carol L. Packard to Richard J. Burkett and Sepideh Kashani, 231 Treetops Drive, $133,000.

Aaron T. Roan to David C. Gibbons and Laura A. Gibbons, 170 Treetops Drive, $95,000.

Gregg Township

Michael A. Glasgow and Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County to Wesley A. Miller and Donna J. Miller, property located along Water Street, $1,000.

Michael A. Glasgow and Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County to Wesley A. Miller and Donna J. Miller, 125 Water St., $21,000.

Halfmoon Township

Scott P. Balboni to Teague Willits-Kelley and Billie S. Willits, 140 Lone Pine Road, $475,000.

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania to Trubuild LLC, 90 Buffalo Lane, $115,000.

Frederick R. Battaglia and Sara Beth M. Battaglia to Sara Beth M. Battaglia, 90 Lutz Lane, $1.

Christian Fishel and Deirdri Fishel to Christian Fishel, 3171 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Harris Township

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Steven M. Bodner and Gwen M. Bodner, 141 Derek Drive, $80,000.

Charles Berry and Elizabeth Berry to 3606 Atherton Partnership, 3624 S. Atherton St., $260,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Annette Callahan, 193 Plymouth Circle, $308,394.66.

TOA PA IV LP to David Kaduke and Beverly A. Kaduke, 242 Plymouth Circle, $433,072.37.

Howard Township

Tina M. Spaulding and Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County to David M. Shultz and Jerie Lynn Shultz, 158 E. Dowdy Hole Road, $9,000.

Huston Township

Randolph C. Shawley and Cindy L. Shawley to Victor C. Holderman, 500 Beaver Road, $149,000.

Liberty Township

Jodi L. Styers and Michael S. Styers to Jodi L. Styers, 110 N. Kunes St., $1.

Milesburg Borough

EH Pooled 213 LP to Travis L. Stem, 406 Front St., $12,000.

Patton Township

Patrick M. McKinney and Kimberly Hope McKinney to Matthew S. Heinz and Theresa M. Heinz, 113 Manhasset Drive, $690,000.

Nicholas Kokus and Kathleen Kokus to Tara S. Campbell, 215 Amblewood Way, $195,500.

Carl M. Fisher and Gay L. Fisher to Daniel J. Shepard and Briana A. Shepard, 110 Harvard Road, $176,000.

Daniel A. Greenberg and Katherine Bialka to Christian M. Alves and Brianne E. Alves, 237 Oakwood Ave., $161,500.

Kevin P. Mullen and James B. Mullen to Kevin P. Mullen, 712 Cornwall Road, $1.

Port Matilda Borough

Dallas K. Lykens Estate and Betsy E. Lykens to Buck M. Gates, 104 W. Plank Road, $87,000.

Potter Township

Roger F. Snyder and Janice B. Snyder to Christopher R. Snyder, 144 Grow Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Melvin James Sharpless to Melvin James Sharpless, Linda Tamol, Larry Sharp and Kathy Bermel, 616 Oak St., $1.

Jennifer L. Primeau and Tax Claim Bureau of Centre County to Daniel H. Hummel and Amelia D. Hummel, 518 State St., $3,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

Wayne F. Miller to Franklin American Mortgage Company, 109 E. Sunset Ave., $5,544.23.

Snow Shoe Township

Vernon S. Wallace and Ann M. Wallace to Daniel C. Johnson and Emily K. Johnson, 1507 W. Sycamore Road, $90,000.

Spring Township

EH Pooled Investments LP to Marquis Estate Development LLC, 371 Lower Coleville Road, $37,775.

Virginia B. W. Johnson to Hammered Dreams LLC, 623 Fairview St., $50,850.

Lois M. Musser Estate, Donna R. Taylor, James C. Musser and Leon D. Musser to Marc E. McMullin and Margaret H. McMullin, 1105 W. Springfield Drive, $301,000.

State College Borough

Brandon P. Ream Estate, Gary P. Ream and Samantha A. Ream to Kelsey L. Ream, 1221 S. Garner St., $246,450.

Gary W. Zuckerman and Janet Thoele Zuckerman to Richard Grant, 224 Ridge Ave., $548,000.

Daniel Rivera and Michele Rivera to Heather E. Fennessey, 219 S. Patterson St., $262,000.

David T. Wilson Estate and Joan M. Wilson to Joan M. Wilson, 415 S. Atherton St., $1.

Barbara P. Marder to Barbara P. Marder and Susanne Marder Pincus, 1332 S. Pugh St., $1.

Taylor Township

Jesse M. Sprankle Estate and Calvin Stewart Jr. to Kevin Ross, 10844 S. Eagle Valley Road, $30,000.

Walker Township

Nathan L. Billings and Barbara A. Billings to Mark E. Shuey and Janet C. Shuey, 128 Marie Lane, $275,000.

Raymond B. Lowe and Brandy L. Lowe to Daniel S. King and Mary Anna King, 510 Hublersburg Road, $192,000.