Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: March 16-20, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 16 through March 20, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

Barry A. Auman to Sheila A. Auman, 1779 Valley View Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Edward R. Houser Jr. Estate and Beth A. Newman to Jennifer A. Bird and Ryan Newman, 820 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Timothy R. Gates and Maxine C. Gates to Maxine C. Gates, 131 Bomboy Road, $1.

Brandi J. Chronister, now known as Brandi J. Bartley, to Brandi J. Bartley and Kerry J. Bartley, 615 Pine Alley, $1.

Daniel P. Cramer and Lori L. Cramer to Leonard C. Korman and Leanne G. Vance, 205 Sayers Road, $194,000.

College Township

Vivian Phan and Henry Pham to Kenneth C. Kane and Ann M. Kane, 131 Lincoln Ave., $177,500.

Ryan T. Ohlson and Melinda R. Ohlson to John R. Apperson Jr., 124 Oakmont Road, $262,000.

Ryan J. Becker and Kevin J. Becker to Jason Szotak and Danny C. Saville, 315 Bottorf Drive, $157,900.

State College Properties LLC to 1031 State College Properties LP, 1031 E. College Ave., $1,000,000.

W2007 Equity Inns Realty LLC to Arc Hospitality Portfolio I Owner LLC, 1101 E. College Ave., $12,471,935.

R. Riggs V. Griffith and Gloria W. Griffith to Cynthia K. Reeder and Steven P. Kamen, 116 Abbott Lane, $445,000.

Ferguson Township

Amelia Romaniec to Amelia Romaniec Funded Revocable Trust and Amelia Romaniec, 185 E. Chestnut St., $1.

Terence N. O’Heron and Carolyn S. O’Heron to Bin Gu and Biqin Xie, 2275 Charleston Drive, $379,900.

Paul W. Kloss and Lou Ann Kloss to Andrew H. Chang, 680 Tanager Drive, $360,000.

Elaine M. Witter to Mark T. Lachendro and Jennifer G. Lachendro, 685 Berkshire Drive, $338,000.

Gregg Township

Asher Lucas Group LLC to Christopher A. Witter and Cindy S. Witter, 127 Heckman Cemetery Road, $47,900.

Halfmoon Township

Morgan C. Shope and Randall Shope to Morgan C. Shope, 1765 Halfmoon Valley Road, $1.

Lisa M. Brown and Richard L. Brown II to Raelene L. Mellott and Steven V. Mellott Jr., 2874 Halfmoon Valley Road, $68,000.

Judi L. Weissinger and Seth Hartman to Judi Weissinger Family Trust and Judi Weissinger, 176 Doe Drive, $1.

Francis John McVay and Joan Ann McVay to Patrick J. Hillard, 485 Sawmill Road, $178,000.

Harris Township

Joan Nessler to Deirdri A. Fishel, 308 Shrineview Ave., $230,000.

Steven D. Mesko and Stefanie C. Mesko to Emil L. Cunningham and Tiffany A. Cunningham, 220 Mary Elizabeth St., $209,475.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Christopher S. Heinz and Charlette J. Heinz, 1066 Rockey Ridge Drive, $479,000.

Howard Borough

Christal D. Struble to PROF-2013-S3 REO I LLC, 428 Walnut St., $5,795.59.

Huston Township

Lauren L. Skibiel and Jon Robb to Margaret L. Geyer, 252 Yeager Hollow Road, $1.

Marion Township

Robert J. Martin and Nancy R. Martin to Nancy R. Martin, 1829 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Patton Township

Gian C. Duffy to Gian C. Duffy and Susan Duffy, 114 Seymore Ave., $1.

Betty M. Mark, also known as Betty Maureen Mark, to Charles A. Farrell and Constance B. Farrell, 331 Oakwood Ave., $146,825.50.

Gray’s Woods to R. Kevin Murray and Pamela A. Murray, property located in Patton Township, $90,000.

R. Kevin Murray and Pamela A. Murray to R. Kevin Murray and Pamela A. Murray, 603 Winfield Court, $1.

Gregory A. Griffith, Patricia Griffith and Ryan G. Griffith to SCE Enterprises LLC, 103 Fernwood Court, $170,000.

Penn Township

Joseph H. Hicks and Sharon R. Hicks to Brett D. Aurand and Michelle S. Aurand, property located along Phoenix Lane, $51,500.

Philipsburg Borough

Robert A. Shoff and Peggy Jill Shoff to M. Jill Blake and Donald W. Blake, 404 E. Pine St., $1.

Port Matilda Borough

Thomas William Welling and Jean Brownlee Welling to Nathaniel M. Glunt, 109 S. High St., $134,900.

Potter Township

Centre County Pomona Grange No. 13 to Centre County Pomona Grange No. 13, property located along state Route 45, $1.

Rush Township

Elizabeth Eshle Erb, now known as Elizabeth Erb Amolsch, Christian S. Amolsch, Michael Montoro, Paula Ann Montoro, Vincent Montoro and Mary Susan Montoro to Thomas David IV and Patricia Andres-Sanmartin, 3592 Black Moshannon Road, $137,000.

Judy E. Morrow to Raymond L. Polak Jr. and Laurie Ann Polak, 185 Maple St., $108,500.

BRCL LLC, Moshannon Valley Super Bowl LLC, Andrew L. Coleman and James A. Burns to S A Challenger Inc., 141 Enterprise Drive, $20,109.63.

Ely Mantz and Kimberly D. Mantz to Gary S. Malsky, 2374 Port Matilda Highway, $750.

Gary S. Malsky to Gary S. Malsky, 2374 Port Matilda Highway, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Keith A. Stasko to Keith A. Stasko and Lori A. Stasko, 108 Borger Road, $1.

Spring Township

Mary F. Bennett to Lisa A. Forsyth, 219 Gwenned Lane, $213,000.

William P. Weaver and Pamela S. Weaver to Jason S. Fischer and Christina A. Fischer, property located in Spring Township, $1.

Jason S. Fischer and Christina A. Fischer to Jason S. Fischer and Christina A. Fischer, property located in Spring Township, $1.

William P. Weaver and Pamela S. Weaver to William P. Weaver and Pamela S. Weaver, 925 Mountain View Lane, $1.

State College Borough

Dorothy M. Sheerin Estate and Suzanne M. Colvin to Daniel P. Satalia and Matthew J. Satalia, 742 Walnut Spring Lane, $1.

Luisa A. Enriquez to Melinda L. Stuck and Michael M. Stuck, 810 Stratford Drive, $134,000.

Marc A. Curcillo and Diane L. Slifer, now known as Diane L. Slifer-Curcillo, to Marc A. Curcillo and Diane L. Slifer-Curcillo, 200 Highland Ave. No. 602, $1.

Evelyn I. Bradley to Patrick R. Booz and Ingrid Booz Moorejohn, 130 E. Lytle Ave., $202,000.

Unionville Borough

Richard R. Johnson and Lou Ann Johnson to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and US Bank, 121 Mulberry St., $5,203.76.

Worth Township

D. Jeffrey Spackman and Katherine S. Spackman to D. Jeffrey Spackman, Chad W. Spackman, Katherine S. Spackman, Beth A. Spackman, Dayton J. Spackman, Abbie E. Spackman, Eli J. Spackman and Roundtop Farms Joint Venture No. 3, 7447 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.