Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 20-24, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 20 through April 24, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Manuel Gooding and Victoria J. Gooding to Beatriz M. Osterried, 421 E. Bishop St., $1.

Judy S. Haranin to Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 614 E. Howard St., $750,000.

Anne E. Haranin Estate, Judy S. Haranin and Constance H. Davis to Brian B. Witmer and Nancy M. Witmer, 348 E. Bishop St., $650,000.

Benner Township

Lynette B. Rossman, formerly known as Lynette B. Reynolds, and Mark P. Rossman to Lynette B. Rossman and Mark P. Rossman, 938 Valley View Road, $1.

Kendall A. Krebs to Jenna L. Micsky, 180 Dorchester Lane, $202,000.

Boggs Township

Michael Brandon Buscher and Mikaela Rodriguez Buscher to Erica Donn Dickie and David Garcia, property located along Lucas Road, $164,900.

Centre Hall Borough

Patrick Ciarrocchi and Katie Ciarrocchi to Stephanie C. Crawford, 112 Manor Road, $164,900.

Amelia A. Seaton to Jerald C. Egelhoff and Linda L. Egelhoff, 128 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $83,000.

College Township

Richard H. Rider and Vicki J. Rider to Thomas J. Chavara and Lisa A. Chavara, 130 Mossey Glen Road, $1.

Stearns Boal LP to Gregory S. Brown and Colleen J. Brown, 145 Mountain Laurel Drive, $92,500.

Stefania F. Hipp, now known as Stefania F. Rhoades, and Ronald D. Hipp to Vincent J. Scavone and Michele M. Scavone, 439 Norle St., $460,000.

Curtin Township

Ralph E. Eisenhart II and Kathleen L. Eisenhart to Michael W. Smith and Rebecca A. Plesic, property located along Buckridge Road, $14,000.

Ferguson Township

Xiangfen Zhou to Debra D. Rosenberry and Daniel C. Rosenberry, 147 Gala Drive, $204,500.

Andrew Webb to Anthony L. Stauffer and Lori A. Stauffer, 178 Ridge Road, $575,000.

Circleville Road Partnership C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 117 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Circleville Road Partnership C LP to Berks Homes LLC, 115 Rushcliffe St., $23,100.

Berks Homes LLC to Walter Cedeno, Sara E. Cedeno and Waleska M. Cedeno, 396 Havershire Blvd., $303,903.60.

Evelyn Smith Trust and Brian K. Smith to Leanne S. Wendell, 1211 Circleville Road, $1.

Kuo-Chuan Yeh and Huei-Mei Chang to Bangzhi Liu and Yi Zhang, 1894 Autumnwood Drive, $330,000.

John H. Farr and Ana J. Farr to John Farr, 697 Wiltshire Drive, $1.

Katharine M. Kingera to Karen Burton Horstman and Mark V. Horstman, 119 Washington Place, $223,500.

Ethel R. Leach to Ethel R. Leach and Raymond J. Leach, 337 Madison St., $85,000.

Gregg Township

Travis V. Weaver and Marie A. Weaver to Travis V. Weaver, 630 Upper Georges Valley Road, $1.

Haines Township

Karen L. Cook to Karen Lee Cook Irrevocable Trust, 1106 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Sally J. Cook Estate and Karen L. Cook to Robin L. Johnson, 1106 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Travis V. Weaver and Marie A. Weaver to Travis V. Weaver, property located along state Route 45, $1.

Harris Township

Alexander F. Borys and Anne K. Borys to Arden W. Holland and Mary J. Holland, 182 Beacon Circle, $330,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Ryan J. Givens and Stacy T. Givens, 164 Plymouth Circle, $349,090.

TOA PA IV LP to Edward C. Pitchford and Shelby J. Pitchford, 253 Beacon Circle, $475,051.86.

Howard Borough

US Bank to Dana Lee Martin and Bonita M. Martin, 126 Maple St., $62,000.

Huston Township

Linden S. Miles and Hazel G. Miles to David B. Knepp and Judith R. Knepp, property located along Shultz Hollow Road, $4,000.

Cathy L. Moore to Rachel L. Zimmerman and Adam M. Moore, 1205 Bald Eagle St., $1.

Milesburg Borough

Jedediah Tumbleson to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 311 Turnpike St., $6,260.46.

Millheim Borough

Toni B. Meyer, also known as Toni W. Meyer, and Miriam Elizabeth Forsythe to Charles Steffen and Carolyn Steffen, 111 W. Main St., $70,000.

Patton Township

Dean T. Spanos and Linda A. Spanos to Thomas J. Sharpe Jr., 5186 W. Buffalo Run Road, $159,000.

Pittsburgh Pooh Company to MF Erie LLC, 1910 N. Atherton St., $1.

Pittsburgh Pooh Company to Win-Sc LLC, 1924 N. Atherton St., 2,850,000.

MF Erie LLC to Win-Sc LLC, 1910 N. Atherton St., $1.

Susan J. Zimmerman to John D. Fleisch, 169 Tradition Drive, $294,000.

Penn Township

Kenneth L. Teaman, Sharon E. Teaman, Donna J. Gardner and Lori A. Cummings to Watersedge on Tunnel Road LLC, 333 Tunnel Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Benevolent Protective Order of Elks to James E. Bumbarger and Jeannette C. Bumbarger, property located in Philipsburg, $20,000.

Potter Township

Brian B. Wisner and Janice E. Wisner to Brian B. Wisner, 135 Coulter Lane, $1.

Sally Louise Swanger Estate and Russell L. Swanger to Russell L. Swanger, 2147 Earlystown Road, $1.

Howard W. Dashem and Jessica J. Dashem to Michael P. Marquardt, 2658 Earlystown Road, $685,000.

Rush Township

Ida J. Watt to Matthew L. Moore and Natalie L. Moore, property located along Ichabod Lane, $1.

Todd Marino and Amanda L. Marino to Richard A. Nybeck and Lyndsay N. Nybeck, property located along Casanova Road, $42,000.

James Croyle to Shawn G. Dauberman and Amber R. Baker, 1697 Black Moshannon Road, $130,000.

Spring Township

Neil A. Crihfield and Aimee L. Crihfield to Charles Bourque and Renee Bourque, 215 Whitetail Drive, $250,000.

Steven M. Miller and Donna F. Miller to Timothy D. Kessling and Kaitlin V. Pyle, 181 Thomas Lane, $177,500.

State College Borough

Thomas A. Jennison to Thomas A. Jennison Revocable Trust and Thomas A. Jennison, 240 Woodland Drive, $1.

Judy S. Haranin to R&A Rentals Beaver Twin Apartments LLC, 611 E. Beaver Ave., $1,700,000.

Catherine C. Tomczuk to Leland G. Engel and Renata S. Engel, 1085 Saxton Drive, $302,500.

Jessica L. Ames-Passmore, now known as Jessica Lyn Ames, to Lucas J. Passmore, 1411 Pugh St., $1.

Dennis Lamb and Patricia R. Skrentny-Lamb to Katharine M. Kingera, 526 Nimitz Ave., $300,000.

Kathleen M. Delano to William B. Malcom and Diana W. Malcom, 229 Ellen Ave., $266,000.

Helen B. Kloss to Dorothy T. Fry and Scott Fry, 940 Hart Circle, $179,000.

William R. Schmalstieg and Emily L. Schmalstieg to Jogender Singh and Dolly Singh, 222 W. Beaver Ave., $174,500.

Walker Township

Ralph Heflin Jr. and Alisha Heflin to Robert E. Connolly, 115 Nolan Lane, $111,500.