Public Records

Real Estate Transactions: April 27-May 1, 2015

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 27 through May 1, 2015 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Akinyokunbo O. Obiri and Cherie R. Obiri to Anthony R. Rosselli and Julie K. Good, 1327 Joanna Drive, $324,900.

Peter C. Bittner and Meri L. Bittner, formerly known as Meri Johnson, to Peter C. Bittner and Meri L. Bittner, 611 N. Spring St., $1.

Holly A. Wilson and Thomas J. Wilson to Holly A. Wilson, 623 E. Bishop St., $1.

Connie L. Houser, formerly known as Connie L. McCoy, to Connie L. Houser, 456 E. High St., $1.

James D. Kustanbauter and Bonnie K. Kustanbauter to Andrew J. Martin and Jessica Martin, 512 E. Logan St., $153,350.

John P. Jones to Richard J. Miller and Jennifer E. Miller, 305 Robin Road, $286,500.

Benner Township

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Eldred Chappell Properties LLC, 338 Aster Ave., $70,000.

Connie L. Houser, formerly known as Connie L. Houser-McCoy, to Connie L. Houser, property located along Ross Hill Lane, $1.

Sandra J. Moyer to Sandra J. Moyer and Aaron M. Moyer, 1052 Purdue Mountain Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Samuel S. Boorse Jr., also known as S.S. Boorse Jr., also known as Samuel S. Boorse Estate, and Marian E. Boorse to John A. Strittmatter and Mary J. Strittmatter, 1206 Pine Glen Road, $25,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Ruth Z. Boyer to Ennis W. Wagner and Nancy F. Wagner, 103 Williams St., $160,000.

College Township

Hoke Trust, Jeffrey B. Hoke and Nancy E. Walk to James E. Hoke, William E. Hoke, Nancy E. Walk, Thomas E. Hoke and Jeffrey B. Hoke, 142 October Drive, $1.

Shawn W. Herncane and Nicole E. Herncane to Dianmin Jiang, 2125 E. College Ave., Suite 202, $215,000.

William P. Brainard and Peggy A. Rowzer to James E. Smith II and Virginia L. Smith, 133 Oakwood Drive, $330,960.

R. L. Kelley to Lorene F. Stitzer, 100 Jefferson Ave., Suite 126, $205,000.

Dianmin Jiang and Shuying Jiang to Kaihao Qian and Jingmin Mao, 130 Lincoln Ave., $190,500.

Roderick Blair Beazer and Rebecca Hulet Beazer to Nicholas D. Jones, 2432 Lexington Circle, $205,000.

Stefanie L. Yeager to Kevin R. Ryan, 129 Birchtree Court, $167,450.

Brandall Investments LP to Jeffrey P. Berda and Jessica L. Berda, 265 Jay Lane, $290,000.

Darren J. Wagner, also known as Darren John Wagner, and Heather E. Wagner, also known as Heather Barnes Wagner, to Jonathan R. Clark and Christina Y. Clark, 433 Norle St., $396,000.

Jeffrey P. Berda and Jessica L. Berda to Richard A. Deluca and Stephanie M. Homan, 2497 Buchenhorst Road, $193,200.

Edward A. McKeon and Neng Magan to William T. Deger and Gwendolyn K. Deger, 108 Buchanan Ave., $217,500.

Ferguson Township

Joshua D. Cleck and Courtney M. Cleck to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 2301 Saratoga Drive, $367,500.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Benjamin E. Kuchta and Sarah J. Kuchta, 2301 Saratoga Drive, $367,500.

Adam R. Bartley and Ashley E. Bartley to William J. Lippert and Brianne E. Lippert, 744 Tanager Drive, $232,000.

Robert R. Carpenter and Joann I. Carpenter to Jason T. Arnold and Tarah N. Arnold, 2260 Red Oak Lane, $432,000.

Clifton M. Gilson and Lisa D. Gilson to Park Hills West Homeowners Association Inc., 1707 Cambridge Drive, $1.

Effie D. Jenks Estate and H. Amos Goodall to Mark C. Krauss and Nancy K. Krauss, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $280,000.

Ruby F. Newman Estate and Barbara N. Weber to Mary E. Lemmons, 155 Deepwood Drive, $179,000.

Ok-Hi Lee to Robert A. Johnson and Rachel L. Johnson, 1638 S. Cherry Hill Road, $251,000.

Gilbert Hendricks III and Valerie J. Hendricks to Jordan D. Towart and Zoe S. Towart, 2452 Autumnwood Drive, $308,600.

Thomas G. Poole and Anne K. Ard to Robert T. Wilson and Melissa R. Wilson, 378 Cogan Circle, $266,000.

Berks Homes LLC to Stanley E. Jensen, 127 Rushcliffe St., $369,670.

Robert B. Hazelton and Janice K. Hazelton to Terri L. Cravener and Brian D. King, 406 Bearer Brook Drive, $205,000.

Gregg Township

Derek L. Auman Estate and Brittany M. Homan to Brittany M. Homan, property located alon Grenoble Road, $127,500.

Halfmoon Township

John C. Ewing and Joann O. Ewing to Grayden Matthew Smith and Holly N. Smith, 815 Loveville Road, $219,900.

Michael J. Petkac and Tracey E. Patkac, now known as Tracey E. Turner, to Terry A. Bowersox and Jennifer N. Bowersox, 12 MacIntosh Court, $285,000.

Harris Township

Brandon P. Ream Estate and Samantha A. Ream to Samantha A. Ream, Gary P. Ream and Rebecca J. Ream, 678 Rosslyn Road, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Ryan Scot Duncan and Gabriela Duncan, 318 Beacon Circle, $483,708.77.

TOA PA IV LP to Ronald C. Eckenroth and Laurie Olson Eckenroth, 112 Plymouth Circle, $295,146.50.

Marian B. Jones Estate, Harold L. Long and James M. Rayback to Harold L. Long, 209 E. Main St., $1.

John A. Winter to Raymond Anthony Marcon and Sarah A. Marcon, 311 Montclair Lane, $285,000.

Andrew D. Leway and Susan R. Leway to Fritz C. Kessler and Loretta J.B. Kessler, 1596 Brush Valley Road, $257,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Raymond D. Faczan and Linda Faczan, 114 Plymouth Circle, $307,305.

Howard Borough

David Patterson and Janet Patterson to Paul J. Fisher, 470 Walnut St., $185,000.

Marion Township

Bryan R. Swistock and Kimberly A. Swistock to James Robert Watson and Lori Ann Shope, 350 Caprio Lane, $360,000.

Willard S. Truckenmiller and Joann Truckenmiller to Adam T. Gosa and Madelyn J. Gosa, 124 School House Drive, $109,000.

Milesburg Borough

David George Miller and Linda K. Miller to Larry E. Beahm and Priscilla R. Beahm, 402 A Centre St., $169,900.

Patton Township

Jason T. Arnold and Tarah Arnold to Matthew P. Shineman and Rebecca P. Shineman, 598 Devonshire Drive, $272,000.

Julie K. Good to Kolin D. Good, 1538 Woodledge Drive, $1.

Curtis N. Kimble and Molly S. Kimble to Darrell N. Kimble, 1925 Fairwood Lane, $1.

M&T Bank to Scott Lucchesi and Christopher Faris, 15 Coventry Lane, $185,000.

Betty J. Fatula Estate, Mark D. Fatula, Debra L. Dreher and William F. Fatula Jr. to Mary J. Bellman and Rolando Simon-Gomez, 457 Sierra Lane, $229,000.

Lucas A. Laudadio and Jin Kyung Laudadio to Joseph W. Breston, 130 Clemson Court, $238,500.

Mary K. Mierley Estate, Jennifer Dalessio and David L. Mierley to Mintao Xie, 2054 Mary Ellen Lane, $166,000.

Robert B. Donaldson Jr. and Janet R. Donaldson to Jamie McClintock Brenner and Daniel Brenner, 218 Canterbury Drive, $249,900.

Barry K. Slagle and Patricia H. Slagle to Jason S. Bargender and Yana Y. Bargender, 1516 Woodledge Circle, $218,000.

John B. Lazos to Matthew J. Mangarella, 646 Galen Drive, $173,000.

Charles C. Seighman and Julie A. Seighman to Dustin S. Shetler and Ashleigh B. Shetler, property located in Patton Township, $150,000.

Payvand Ventures LP to James K. Fawley and Tracy A. Fawley, 2079 Mary Ellen Lane, $159,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Leroy H. Cowfer, Rosalea M. Cowfer, now known as Rosalea M. Harvey, and Charles A. Harvey Jr. to Adam M. Gable and Jamie L. Hall, 702 Scott St., $164,500.

Potter Township

Jeremy M. Peck and Rachelle R. Peck to Andrew S. Walker, 194 Old Fort Road, $129,900.

Rush Township

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Pasquale Romanao Jr. and William Woerner, 278 Moshannon St., $13,000.

Matthew L. Moore and Natalie L. Moore to Joseph Shirk and Robyn Shirk, property located along Ichabod Lane, $12,000.

Velma Hanslovan to Steven M. Kozak and Cynthia L. Kozak, 212 B St., $18,000.

Snow Shoe Township

David A. McCullough and Deanene E. McCullough to John A. Nastase, 717 E. Sycamore Road, $51,000.

Bernard J. Auker to Burning Glen Hunting Club, 305 Snow Shoe Mountain Road, $10,000.

Frederick W. Tumbleson and Yvonne M. Tumbleson to Frederick W. Tumbleson and Yvonne M. Tumbleson, 647 W. Sycamore Road, $1.

Robert G. Patishnock to Michael J. Yeaney and Jackie M. Yeaney, 257 Hickory Road, $1,000.

Spring Township

Aaron T. Spring and Kendra G. Spring to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 463 Blanchard St., $65,000.

Witherite Property Management Inc. to Allen P. Steele, 222 Bilger Ave., $115,000.

Heather L. Boyer and Stewart Boyer to Jacob M. Lemon and Katherine Lemon, 1005 Halfmoon St., $151,000.

State College Borough

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Michael J. Spinazzola, 1031 Saxton Drive, $175,000.

Eva R. Pettingill Estate and Patricia A. Lockhart to Patricia A. Lockhart, 816 W. College Ave., $1.

Nancy K. Luke and Kaivan D. Munshi to Nancy K. Luke, 232 S. Patterson St., $1.

Sandra E. Gleason to Thomas R. Davis and Joanne H. Davis, 315 W. Park Ave., $415,000.

Unionville Borough

Morgann E. McAfee formerly known as Morgann Stephenson to Morgann E. McAfee and Brian McAfee, 180 Chestnut St., $1.

Michael S. Coppola and Heather M. Coppola to Richard K. Hall II and Pamela J. Hall, 240 W. Union St., $63,000.

Helen R. Witherite Estate, Carol A. Cohick, Jennie L. Struble, David G. Witherite and Martha J. Witherite to Martha J. Witherite, 2851 Chestnut Grove Road, $447,264.36.

Walker Township

Daniel E. O’Neill and Joy L. O’Neill to Aaron D. Scott and Eileen M. Scott, 141 Jefferson Circle, $306,000.